WHAT IS HEAVEN LIKE? part 2 by Roy A. Reinhold

The roadways in heaven are for walking and for vehicles. Yes, there are transportation vehicles in heaven driven by the angels, however, there is no pollution there. You might ask why are there vehicles in heaven? It is quite a ways from the throne area of God our Father in the center of the city of Zion, out to any one of the twelve gates of the city. So, if you need to go to places in paradise, it is an extensive distance and the transportation vehicles get you there in a timely manner.

At each of the twelve gates of the city, each named after one of the twelve tribes of Israel, are angels guarding the city to prevent the unprepared, access to the throne of God. Jesus our Messiah goes freely throughout the city of Zion and throughout all of paradise. He still teaches at the worship halls throughout paradise and is available to talk with and teach all the inhabitants of heaven. The ancient prophets, rabbi's, and other mature inhabitants of heaven also stand and teach the Word of God at the regional worship halls throughout paradise as well as at the grand convocation hall around the throne of God our Father. King David, Solomon, Noah, Elijah, and great expositors of the truth throughout the ages preach the Word of God. As an inhabitant of the holy city of Zion, you will have free access to all these saints of the ages. Imagine talking to Joseph the righteous about rising to second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt, or to Moses and the people of Israel who crossed the Red Sea, or to Noah about the ark. Heaven is a place where you can learn directly from the source.

Throughout the holy city of Zion are the mansions of the saints. These beautiful buildings are open to all, meaning that there are no front doors, so that anyone can come and visit. There is no need to worry, since there is no crime in heaven and no one can take anything that belongs to you. Throughout the holy city of Zion are tributaries of the river of the waters of life, alongside of which grows the trees of life. There are beautiful parks and places to sit and talk. All of heaven is spotlessly clean including the roadways. You won't need to wash your spiritual garments in heaven, they've been washed forever by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus our Messiah. You might think that with your mansion open that there might be a steady stream of visitors which would bother you, but visits are by permission of both visitor and host and are welcomed. There is much to learn and do and see in heaven.

The throne area of God our Father is a vast area with room for a choir of a million voices, and room for an orchestra of a million musicians. The musical instruments of heaven are more varied and capable than any on earth. At the grand convocations, the audience also each has a harp to add to the musical worship of God our Father. Don't worry about having to learn the harp in heaven, everyone does it. At the grand convocations, there are millions upon millions in the stands and an upraised stage area. You'll see the temple of God in heaven at the throne, from which the earthly temples are but an inferior reflection. The temple in heaven has a chamber called the holy place, and an interior chamber called the most holy place. Like on earth as given to ancient Israel where only the High Priest entered the most holy place, Jesus our Messiah is the high priest of the covenant who enters the most holy place and is attended by the angels. Before the throne of God is also the fire-burning altar, much as the altar was before the doors of the temple in ancient Israel. Outward from the altar is the raised stage, the heavenly choir and orchestra, and the great assembly of saints in heaven.

This group is the general assembly and church of the firstborn mentioned in Hebrews 12:23, and the grand convocation of righteous men made perfect. These are also the great cloud of witnesses in heaven mentioned in Hebrews 12:1, who surround us. This throne of God our Father is also the place we go as believers, where it is written, "draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16). Those in heaven are and always will be the family of God our Father, the sons and daughters of God.

When you pray here on earth, your prayers are heard by God our Father and brought before Him as pleasing aroma of incense. Your prayers do not get spoken to some faraway God who might or might not hear them. He hears the prayers of the saints here on earth. If you are reading this and are not a believer, but want to share in this magnificent eternity, you need to be born again in spirit. There are articles in this site about salvation, and remember, no matter what you've ever done in life up until now, God our Father will gladly welcome you into the family of faith and forgive your sins. The next step is yours to make.
Eternal Salvation

The throne of God our Father is high and lifted up above the temple in heaven and above the general assembly and church of the firstborn. On His right is another throne, that of Jesus our Messiah. In heaven, you'll actually be able to see and hear God our Father speak the eternal Word of Truth. The pure holiness of God our Father in the presence of the throne is so strong that the unprepared would not be able to live. That's why the unprepared in heaven must stay out in the region of paradise.

Right now, all heaven is preparing for the end of the age here on earth, that period spoken of by the prophets as the time when God will judge the nations of the earth. Jesus our Messiah will come and take over the government of the whole earth, ruling from Jerusalem. In the interim period, the people of the earth will have to go through all the events revealed in scriptures. The Lord God has decreed and appointed a specific time for all these events in the book of Revelations and others, to take place. He just hasn't told us exactly when that will be. Many other articles in this website narrow down the possibilities, so that we know it will happen by the year 2037 at the latest. Heaven is far grander than anything we've possibly dreamed, and the time is getting short to decide whether or not you will be there with me.

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