Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book One)

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July 16, 1994

(Prophecy, #1); End Time Holiness:

Oh, that I would have the heart that longs for My will and My power,
says the Lord. The hearts of the Christian today just look for an easy
way to heaven, not for My will! If I could see a nation totally
dedicated to My will, to My being, to My desire; what I could do for
them! It's not that I do not do miracles, healing, or for that matter
signs and wonders, but that I can only find a few that are dedicated to
Me enough that I can move through them to the end of miracles, signs and
wonders. If I could do through those who call My name, those who call
themselves Christian, even among those that call themselves born again,
or that call themselves Spirit filled­the things that I would like to be
able to do­then this world would reel and shake from the awesome power
of the Lord of Host!!

Today so many people are interested in themselves, those that do
this­the will of My father­are the ones that are chosen to move in this
world with My Word! Those that do not the will of My father must do the
repentance of their evil deeds if they wish to walk before Me in power
and truth!

Oh, that those who have chosen My ways would wake up and see the
conditions of their hearts, that they are being filled with evil desires
from satan himself. That he has moved through the earth with desires
that are not holy, not righteous, not the ways of God, and slowly he has
worked at filling the hearts of Christian, those truly born again, those
that desire the work of My father which is in heaven, those that work
the will of My father in heaven, those that work the signs and miracles,
with evil desires that are bringing them, the Christians, the ones who
walk uprightly, into a place of evil and a place of longsuffering from
the will of My father, which they ought to walk in!!

Now the time has come, when I am calling My people back to their
original ways in which they once walked, in which they once lived, that
they would now return to the ways of My father that I might do holiness
though them the way I once did. And not only that I might work again
through them as I once did, but that I might walk in the end times with
them to the signs and miracles of these times! Yes, the end times have
greater signs and miracles than the former times!

October 1, 1994

(Prophecy, #2); The Purging of the Church: 

For I am your God and I am changing the way things are in My body. I am
no longer supporting those individuals who will not repent and confess
their sins!! I will remove those individuals from My Body and find those
who will make a total commitment to Me.

Therefore, you will find that in the coming years, I will be allowing
those opposed to the Church to come and attack the things I have set
up. Those who are standing on The foundation of The Rock Christ Jesus
will withstand the force of this persecution. Those who are standing for
religion and church form will fall!!

I can not any longer stand the sin that is present in the church!! I
will not put up with the evil that is done in My name!! Therefore there
will be persecutions! There are those that will say that the persecution
comes from the devil, but no, I have sent it by allowing demons,
formerly held back by My angels, to now move more freely to persecute My
church to see who is holy and who is worldly!

I will no longer support those who will not repent. Therefore, repent
and turn to the Lord in a complete way so that I can bless you and turn
your troubles to blessings  and prosperity!

For I do not wish My people to suffer from sickness or any evil of
this world. That is not My will! Therefore I came and died, took stripes
for healing that you may be healed! But My people are not walking
according to the Spirit, but according to the flesh. You cannot reap the
rewards of the Spirit in the flesh. It does not work!!

There are so many people searching for an answer to life, to The
answer, Jesus, that cannot find it because the church, My church will
not walk in My ways!! I will not tolerate this any longer.

Do you think those in the past who have had their sins exposed to the
world happened because of coincidence, or because satan got lucky? No! I
allowed this to take place. I even worked at it so that it would take
place! It is My desire to see all of My church in holiness so that the
world will see the answer to life in My body, the church!

No longer will there be any lack of glory, caused by flesh and sin,
but rather a joyous power of the Holy Spirit in My church!

Now listen and let yourselves observe the order of the Lord. I do not
these things to destroy My church, but to purged it from sin and
worldliness which is its destruction! Then shall I have a glorious
church, says the Lord!

So as you see the sins purged from the church, do not change your
attitude to the ways of the Lord. They are perfect! They will result in
the glory of God!! So you see that the ways of God are not past finding
out to those that walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh. As I
said in the book of Romans, in the eleventh chapter, that My ways are
unfathomable, but here I show you My ways before it has come to pass.

Now in the days that are to come many will say that the time of
destruction has arisen, or that the time of persecution has come, but
no, this is for yet a far off time as measured in years. There will be a
beginning of these things at this time, but the fullness of the
persecution will come only after many years and will be so strong that
those who doubt or play religious games will not be able to stand. Only
those who walk FULLY in the Spirit will stand and be whole.

October 5, 1994

(Prophecy, #3); Prophecy of Canada:

This is the word of the Lord concerning Canada.

I have dealt with this nation for far too long. I have been patient with
it to repent of all her actions against My will. For far too long I have
turned My will to hold back judgment on this country. It is no longer
possible that I will hold back My desire to scourge and punish this
nation for its evil and its desire to go its own way.

This nation has developed its system of evil with no desire to repent or
turn from their sin. It is a rare thing to find a people in this country
who are committed to the work of the Lord or even someone who will stop
and listen to the Lord and what He has to say. All I ask is that you
stop and listen to what I have to say, and then do it!! All I wish for
is a people who will do as I ask. I have your best interest at heart,
not your worst! I desire to bless you, not curse. I do not know any evil
in My ways! I will not turn you to some way which is not right or not in
keeping of My promises in My Word. I keep My promises that I have stated
in My Word. I will never let them become unfulfilled! I said I died for
your sins, and I did! I said I took the stripes for your sickness and I
did! I will not turn any of My promises to no effect!

Now! Now! Now! Turn from your ways to My ways, says the Lord. I know
what is best for you and what you need before you know or can ask for
it! I will never let you slip into a place of not having your needs
met! This is the way it should be. But as long as you will not listen to
My Word, and not obey it when you hear it, I will not, not, not bless
you in your sin!! Now is the time to repent, and I will bless you in the
midst of the judgment that I will pronounce on this country.

This country of late has had severe financial problems. People have
turned to this solution, to that solution, and to other solutions,
without any success.

At first there will be some success in converting the enormous debt of
this nation to reducing it somewhat. But I will not let this happen to
any length. This country will go down in a sea of debt! No longer does
this nation have My blessing! I will not bless it in its iniquity!

So, let Me lead those who will follow me, to a new understanding of what
it means to belong to Christ. I am sending a great persecution on My
church.  It will come because I will stop holding back the demons who
have long, very long, desired to destroy, this My people. In this time
you will be given a great anointing to withstand this evil. This great
anointing is already coming and in some ways is beginning to trickle to
the body of believers that I have, but they have not been aware of it,
because they have been to much in the flesh, and not in the Spirit!

Those who will spend the time to walk in the Spirit, by fasting and
praying before Me on a consistent basis, WILL learn to walk in the
Spirit. Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME
trouble when this persecution comes. Sad to say that most of My church
will be the ones that do not fast and pray, but have trouble in times of

Now, this will all be, but I do not desire that anyone should be left
out of the fold of God! Those who are left out of the fold of God, do so
of their own selfish will!  Those who leave the church, the holy church,
the ones who are doing the will of the Lord, will be lost because of
their own selfishness and corruption of the worldly system! It is not My
will for this to happen, but it is My will for them to be saved even as
those who are in the Spirit are saved! But alas, it shall not be,
because they have not chosen a wise way, but a selfish way!

So, therefore I shall turn My back on this country of Canada and I shall
bury it in a sea of mire of iniquity debt, evil corruption in high
places, and eventually to its total destruction. For I shall remove this
country of even being in existence. So I have said it, so I shall do
it. This nation shall not exist any more!

Now shall I give this nation to the ones who at least in part will hold
to some of My will, to a few of My ways, to a some degree a holiness in
the church, that is, to the nations of the United States of America. Not
only will I give this nation to the U. S., but I will turn every way to
see that it is destroyed in a manner that is well pleasing to its evil
neighbor who desire its destruction!

So you see that in this way this nation shall be judged in a complete
and total manner. Now, do not become an evil desire in this nation, but
a holy one to the Lord. For I will do this:

1. I will turn My heart and My blessings to those who will turn
completely to My will!

2. I will submit to their holy desires that they will have, for I will
give you the desire or your hearts!

3. I will never again place you in a place where you will have to go
and serve another king besides the one that is in control of all
things. I am The King!!! I will turn all things to the Lord.

There is coming a time when no one will be able to say there is evil
amongst us. No one will say that, because there is coming a time when no
evil will be on this world and its system, which I created. Remember I
created this world to be holy and perfect! I will not fail in
this!! There will be a time of a new earth and a new heaven, a time of

November 1, 1994

(Prophecy, #4); The Word of the Lord Concerning the United States of

I have been somewhat pleased that the people of this country have
looked toward Me and sought Me in some ways. But I have not been pleased
in the way they have sought for me. They have looked for a god that
would excuse them of their sin and their evil ways and their evil ends
that they have longed for in their hearts.

Now I will do this: I will make a statement of prophetic fact of what
I shall do in the coming years to them for their evil and their
righteousness.  They have walked in some ways righteous. I have some
people, of me, that will walk with Me in everything that I ask! But they
are few. Most of the people of this nation, the U.S., will not look to
me, but they will look to a god that will support their selfishness! I
will not do that!!

Now first I will look toward the future of this nation, the U.S., with
a sorrowful heart that they have wholly chosen not the right path
of righteousness, but the wrong path of their own device. No longer will
they have the blessings that they have enjoyed in the past. A number of
things will be brought on them for their evil, starting with their
financial problems, earthquakes, and other disasters, of a way that is
from the earth and weather. First then, they will have many of the
problems that they are now beginning to experience, but more so!
Now after this there must become a way of destruction from the will of
satan.  He will first desire that abortion on demand be law, and it will
be so. You will see this come to pass in the next few years! I do not
desire this, but satan does, and the U.S. is being turned over to their
own evil lusts, and therefore I will let satan have more of his way than
in the past. This will cause a number of extra judgments on them, but
they will not repent of this evil.

Therefore because of the evil that is in their hearts, I will bring
various destructions upon them, but I will not judge them as I will and
have other nations, because of the ones who do truly serve Me in their
midst. I will bring only limited destruction upon them for a short time,
BUT then, if they do not repent of their evil deeds, they will be
severely destroyed almost to the last of the will to fight against their

This force that will come against them is the power of the demon of
Russia.  This force will come upon them without any warning. It will be
as though they had peace in their hands, an absolute peace, that would
rule the world, BUT THEN the destruction of world war three will
intervene; and as they have said, "peace, peace," and as I have said,
"when they say, 'peace, peace,' there will be utter destruction!!"

It is My will that they have an understanding of the holiness of God and
the knowledge of the ways of God. It is not My will to punish them for
their iniquity or their evil ways, but to stand and say that they know
the ways of God and do fully follow them.  I mean to bring about an
understanding of My ways, of My desires of the Spirit, and the things
which are from above, not beneath. It is this that they have refused to
understand, or try to understand. Indeed they have gone out of their way
to avoid My ways, lest they have to repent and follow a God which will
tell them what to do.

So therefore do not wait, staying on the path of destruction that the
flesh will bring to you, but stay on the path of holiness, that My
Spirit will bless you with, if you will simply look to Jesus the One who
died for your sins that you may be justified before Me without any wrong
on your book of actions. It is simple a matter of repenting of your sins
and turning around to follow the will of the Lord God of Israel!

Look now to the ways of the Spirit of God. While others may suffer in
their despair because of these things going on round about, you, if you
walk after the Spirit of God, and not after the lusts of the flesh,
which is to be selfish and want to do your thing and not My thing, says
the Lord, then you can and will be blessed of God, not to be affected by
any of the things which will fall on those who do not the way of the
Spirit of God. It is a matter of commitment to My will, says the Lord
God of Israel!

February 25, 1995

(Prophecy, #5); Canadian Judgment:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the future of the country of
Canada.  I will not be dismayed over the passing of this country. It has
not walked in My ways or in My things that I have called it to do. If I
were to look on this country with compassion it would not be a holy
thing to do! It has walked in sin continually. How can I then look on it
with any compassion at all? This time I will judge the nation of Canada
till it no longer will exist.

I have already judge this nation with a debt load it cannot handle. This
is the beginning of sorrows for this country. It can no longer consider
itself a prosperous country. It can no longer consider itself a blessed
country.  It has been under judgment of the Lord for some time, but when
I judge further, I will take apart this nation one piece at a time with
the nation of Quebec being the first piece to go.

This will not, at first, be the great judgment; it is on Quebec, but it
will not walk in any sinfulness in this separation from the country of
Canada.  It's sin is in its rebellion to the Holy One of God. It can not
stand by itself and will fall a great fall!

From that time, the time of the removing of Quebec as part of this
country of Canada, I will change My outlook on this nation, and judge it
even more severely. It will have a great increase in the crime of
violence in the streets, especially where the nations of Indians
are. There will also be a great increase in taking the government for a
financial evil windfall by not paying taxes and by not declaring
income. This will get worse over a period of time. It will not get
better in spite of the work of many officials to try and cope with the

The national debt will get gradually worse. While many will say they
are bringing the problem under control, it will get worse. At times they
will bring down the deficit, but only to have it bring no more solution
than other feeble attempts. The national debt will continue to grow till
politicians will no longer take any serious ideas of trying to control
the debt, but rather, will try to come up with a convincing lie to tell
the people about how they will bring it under control at some future
date, only to then come up with more reasons why they are being so slow
bring the problem under control, and still more excuses why they cannot
do anything about this. This will go on till the nations debt today
looks like a simple problem to solve. Canada's nation currency will
suffer greatly due to this problem on the exchanges of the world, but it
will, at the beginning, bounce back for a short period of time. Later
however, it will take some serious pounding and remain at some all time
lows. This will bring politicians to the news media to observe that they
are doing what they can and that a low currency situation isn't
necessarily bad, but the situation will remain very serious.

In My judgment of this country I will never allow it to have a
balanced budged for the remainder of the life of this country. Quebec
will suffer serious problems financially till it can no longer cope with
the situation.  As these things occur, the nation of Quebec will suffer
serious violence in its street and in its reserves (Indian). I will
allow this to occur as I allow these people there evil desires.

Those of My people who will listen to Me, observe My ways, do My
commands in their life, will be spared this trouble in their personal
lives. They will be told to do specific things that will protect them
from this trouble.  Those of My people who will not listen to My word,
who do not walk in My ways, but play religious games, will suffer
seriously, in some cases, the problems that the rest of the nation has
to live with because of My judgment.

Now all this will be done to relay the message that I will not tolerate
My world being torn apart with sin. Those nations who choose to
walk in sin  will suffer the judgment of it. I will no longer be as
tolerant of sin as I was in the past. Nations have risen against nations
in the past but now I choose to rise against nations such as Canada, who
will not repent! I choose this because I will judge the world both now
and at the day of judgment which will come at its appointed time. This
nation of Canada cannot survive My judgment, but, I will be lenient on
those that will not fight against the kingdom of God. Those that will
say, I have not walked upright before the Lord, but have walked in
sin. Those will be spared much of the judgment.  You will be able to lo
ok at the nation and see which areas of Canada do serve Me to some
degree, by looking at what areas I protect and what areas I judge more

Now as to the time of this prophecy, I will bring it all to pass over
a period of days, weeks, and years, even to dragging it out over
several decades. It will not occur over night, and I will bring lesser
judgment to areas that have some repentance, says the Lord God Almighty.

March 11, 1995

(Prophecy, # 6); The Nation of Israel:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the nation of Israel.

My nation Israel has not walked, in the past, totally before Me as it
should, but it has now gone toward some of the things of My kingdom and
has turned partially toward Me in its work. Therefore I have blessed it
to some degree. However, I have not blessed it to the degree I have
because of its work of the kingdom of God, but because of My commitment
to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to Moses, and others, who I have promised
to bring the nation of Israel to total blessings.

I have looked upon My people with a complete wonder at their ways. They
are committed to the things of this world, not to Me, or My kingdom! I
have to fulfill My commitment to them made through their forefathers,
but I would gladly have blessed them beyond anything that has been
before in this earth since sin came into it. I would have blessed them
beyond anything they could have spoken, I would have blessed them beyond
anything they could have thought of. I am the blesser. I bless! I bless.
I will bless them according to their faith and their commitment to Me,
but I would have loved to have blessed them far beyond anything that is
humanly possible!

Therefore I am justifying My blessing upon them by saying, "I am
blessing them because of their forefathers and My promise to them," but
I am also blessing them because they have partially turned toward
Me. Until they make a more complete dedication toward Me this blessing
will be minimal as I need to make to fulfill My previous promises!
But I tell you they will repent, they will repent, they will repent! I
have spoken it. They will come back to me, saith the Lord, they will
turn around and be blessed in the manner I have set for them, more than
anything that has preceded before because of My commitment to bring them
into the fold of the living God!

Now here is the word of God toward this nation of Israel that I have
raised up in these last days. I have raised up this nation to be a sign
of Me and My power in this earth. While other nations can receive a
significant blessing, the most of all blessings are reserved for My
people, the Jews!

I will have them dedicated toward the things of the Lord. I will have
them dedicated toward the things of God, because I have made a plan, a
plan that would not fail no matter how hard the devil would like to do

I am, at this time, being a blessing toward them in that I have left
My people in this nation in such a way that they cannot survive without
My help.  The world is slowly turning against them and therefore they
will have to rely on Me.

I have allowed anti Semitism to rise up in this world which in turn
has driven My people back to their own nation! But they will have to
rely on Me in this nation in order to survive there. And if they do,
that is, if they will rely on Me and not on their own power, their own
understanding, their own strength, then I will turn around and bring
them multitudes of blessings; they could not begin to imagine, no not in
any way.

Then, says the Lord, when I have their attention, their blessings,
their multitude of blessings. I will have a nation that will proceed out
of the mouth of God, a nation that will stand for the ways of God, a
nation that will not turn aside after the worldly things that are a
snare to those who follow them!

Then, says, the Lord, I will turn much more attention
of this world to  them, that they, the world, will see and understand
that I am a God of blessings, and not a God of poverty! However, the
world, for the most part, will not look at their blessings and exceeding
blessings, with love and understanding of My ways, saith the Lord, but
rather they will hate the blessings that these My people have, and
persecute them in many ways.

So then My people the nation of Israel will have to turn to Me, and let
Me, the Lord God of Israel, protect and preserve them against the
attacks of their enemies.

So it will be, as we, the Lord and his people Israel, proceed on into
the new coming era, that My nation will turn, to a large degree, toward
the things of the Spirit, the things of the kingdom of God, and they
will be blessed beyond all comprehension of mankind.

March 11, 1995

(Prophecy, #7); Commitment to God:

I, the Lord, have looked throughout the earth to find people dedicated
to Me.  People that would completely sell out to Me, people who would
not play the game of the world, but rather they would look to Me for a
guidance of their ways and of their decisions. Such people I would make
My top officials in this world, but I have found few, says the Lord, I
have found very few.

If I could just find one percent of My people dedicated to total
commitment, I could use this huge army to turn this world around and
shake it for the Kingdom of God, and many, many, many would not only be
saved, but also would move into this high calling of the work of the
Lord. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, I have shown you My people,
My ways, why are you not obeying them! Why are you not following what I
have revealed to you! Why have you forsaken the ways of God for the ways
of the world. If you get sick, can the world totally heal you? Can they
bless you with all manner of blessings, including eternal life and many
other blessings of the spiritual realm? Can they? How can they when they
have no knowledge of this! If only they would listen to My voice. Listen
to My voice My people; those of you who claim to know the things of God
and the ways of God, listen to My voice and turn from your worldly ways,
and say I have no time for the things of the world, I must move on with
the things of the Lord.

This is the way of God, to turn from the worldly things, and move on
toward spiritual maturity in the Lord. For by this method I can find
apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, to go forward
with My Gospel which will renew this earth to My glory that was taken
from it when Adam sinned his great sin!

March 11, 1995

(Prophecy, #8); The Call of the Prophet:

I have called many persons toward the high calling of My prophets. Many
have heard this call but many do not respond toward this because they
have a need in their heart toward the world and its ways.

NO!! NO!! Not the world. Go to Me, saith the Lord, go toward Me and My
ways. I can overcome the world, not you or your own power.

I have called My people to war against this evil worldly system that you
now live in, but so few have turn their hearts to this call that there
is now a small fraction of people working as My prophets than I called.

If those who heard My call would have simply said, I want you to teach
Me your ways. Oh, how I would have taught them the ways of the kingdom
of the Lord. The ways of this earth's power is evil, the ways of the
powers of heaven, the throne of God: so powerful and holy!

Now I have a few that are called and obedient to that call, but of them
only a few have their heart dedicated to Me so that I could teach
them! I have so many that are floundering around in an earthly manner
with no chance of ever coming to the maturity that I want! This is never
My will, says the Lord God, never My will! But it has happened because
of the hearts desire to the things of this earth.

Now it is time to warn you My prophets! Now it is time to warn you
My prophets!! Now it is time to warn you My prophets!!! You who are
not spiritual, not mature, not willing to become mature, you who are
willing to stay in the things of this world, you who are trying to
overcome the flesh with the flesh, you who are trying to stay out of the
will of God, because you fear the world and what it might think, you who
are not obedient to Me. Now, says the Lord God of Israel, I will judge
you, I will judge you. You thought you could walk upright before Me by
the power of the world and its evil, and ignore the call I placed on
your life, I will judge you!

Those who quickly repent of this evil will be brought back into the fold
and will start to serve Me. Those who do not this, will be judged by the
Spirit of power of the Lord God of heaven. This judgment will be swift
and just, but severe. So it will be, to those who will repent, and to
those who will not repent, says the Lord!

April 2, 1995

(Prophecy, #9); New Move of the Spirit:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the church, My people. I am not
going to reduce your blessing! I will increase your blessings till you
can hardly comprehend it. It shall be great in the flesh, but in the
Spirit (those who walk in the Spirit), they will turn around and walk in
such great splendor of My will, of My Spirit, that they will astonish
even those who walk not in the will of God.

This is the way in which the church will begin to walk in this new move
of the Spirit to restore the full power of the word to the church, My
people. They will turn around and start practicing My ways in such
strength of power that it will seem that they have changed overnight,
But no, I am even now turning their hearts to Me and teaching them to
walk before Me in strength that this world has never seen, since before
sin came to this world by the mouth of satan.

This will all be in the next few years. It will come, at first, a little
bit , a little way, that some of you will miss, but it will start. I am
going to use My prophets, My teachers, My apostles, to move this
strength to the whole body of which I am the Head!

April 2, 1995

(Prophecy, #10); Reasons for War:

This is the word of God for the new move of the Spirit which shall
occur after the war years. This war shall occur in the next several
decades and will be a few years in length. At this time I have chosen to
allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and
the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in My will.
They have not walked before Me in the way I would prefer. They have
sought out ways to stay in the flesh and not walk with Me, says the Lord
of Host. I desire a nation that walks before me, therefore I will do the
following. I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a
third world war. This will bring My people, the ones who walk after the
flesh and not after the Spirit, to stay before Me in the Spirit and in
prayer. It is because of this spirit of repentance, that I will make a
great power out of this My people.

They will begin to lose that earthly interest, they will begin to lose
that fleshly tie they have with the world, they will begin to say, "it
is the Lord, we can do anything that God wants us to!" For this reason,
they will become giants in the land. They will be strengthened in the
Spirit, and a strong move of the Lord will begin to move in real
strength and power of God.

Then you will begin to see that the leadership of the church, the ones I
have put in control, will dedicate themselves to the things of the
strength of the Spirit, for I have spoken this, says the Lord of Hosts.

You will start to see as this progresses, the people, those who have
been born again for a few days or years, says the Lord, they will do the
miracles: such as lifting up of Spiritual power for the world to see.
They will raise the dead. They will stand and lay hands on the sick, and
arms will be renewed, eyes will see, strength of the power of God; this
will be seen by all, and some will believe and walk in the newness of
the Spirit of God.

This is My will for all time. But it will take a war, a disaster, for
My people to walk with Me, in the Spirit of God, the way they should. I
have a few that do this now, but I must have all walk in this powerful
way, if I am to take the gospel to all the world in power and strength,
says the Lord God of all.

September 2, 1995

(Prophecy, #11); Prophecy of Quebec Separation:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the separation of Quebec from
Canada. I have anointed this spirit of separation that is filling the
heart and mind of Quebec. They have not followed after My Word, My
Spirit, My holiness, in spite of My having led them to the knowledge of
such things<they have rejected it. So therefore I will send in a much
more strong way of the spirit of separation so that they will separate
and suffer the financial problems that will come with it.

This separation will not come at the vote scheduled for later this year.
It will rather come from a decision made at a later time.
This vote scheduled  in 1995 will turn down the separation, but by a
smaller margin than the last vote. This I am doing to bring about a slow
division among the people of Canada.

They will see this division show up in several ways. First, there will
be financial problems caused from the vote that will be close enough
to separation that it will make the financial community nervous. Second,
there will be a change in the attitude of the people of Canada, that
will say just let them go! Third, there is going to come a movement into
the country of Canada that will make it look good to Quebec to
separate from this nation.

September 10, 1995

(Prophecy, #12); Blessings and Curses to the Earth:

Thus says the Lord of Hosts, I have set forth a time of repenting for
the world. This they will do if they have a heart toward the things of
the Lord. But if they have a heart toward the things of this earth, they
will not repent and will go after their own way and I will be a wrathful
judge toward them and their ways.

Oh, to repent and serve the one and true Lord of heaven and all the
earth!! I have set forth this time to serve the Lord God of heaven and
earth, and to serve him you must! Those who will not do so will be
judged a great judging.

So I will do to those who will not repent on this earth for their own
evil, says the Lord of Hosts. So I will be toward this people, to those
that will repent and to those that will not repent! So I will be to
those that will repent: that I will turn their lives toward the kingdom
of God and his holy ways. And I will bring to them prosperity,
repentance, and joy of the Holy Spirit, and they will serve me, a true
holy servant of the Most High!

September 22, 1995

(Prophecy, #13); Judgment of the Earth:

Thus says the Lord God of heaven. I am the one who controls all things.
I am the one who says what will and will not happen. I am the one who
says that this or that is operating the way it should. I am the one who
will say this is what judgment or blessing will be for this reason! I am
the one who will say what will or will not be allowed to happen on this
earth. I am the one who will say this is happening or is not going to
happen. Many have put their faith into science or into religion, but I
am the one who controls all things.

This is not forever and forever on this earth. For this earth will come
to an end and there will be a new earth and a new heaven.

This will now be taking place: the destruction of this earth and its
form. There will come a time when most of the counterbalances in this
earth's system will no longer be functioning the way they have been
working, but will turn into a nightmare for this earth and its people.

There will come a time when the earth's atmosphere will be a curse.
The ionosphere will be damaged beyond what any think now can happen. The
earth's magnetic field will no longer be the same. The earth's system of
occurrences of weather patterns will no longer be the same or in any way
productive, although there will always be summer, winter, fall, and
spring as have been in the past; but there will be a change in these
patterns that will be serious trouble for this earth. Now the earth's
ozone layer will not only deplete dramatically, such as is occurring
now, but it will continue to deplete at an ever increasing rate that is
not altogether caused by this earth's pollution, but by My Spirit, says
the Lord!

Therefore, there will come a time of much rejoicing among those who walk
by faith and not by sight!! Yes, a rejoicing for they will realize that
this must be as the end time approaches. They will be under the
protection of the Spirit of God, which is far more perfect a protection
than any ozone layer could ever be!! This will be for those who walk
after the Spirit; but not for those who do not walk after the Spirit.
They will suffer along with the rest of the population!

So, therefore, walk after the Spirit. Start walking in the things of the
Lord now!! Start listening to the Spirit of Grace now!!! Do not
interpret this as a condemnation to all, but rather to those who do not
walk after God in the way outlined by scripture!

This is My will: that the people of this earth will repent, ever one,
and turn from their evil way unto the Lord of grace and salvation. This
is to be, says the Lord, when I come and all those who do not serve Me
are removed. This will then be, but only because of the judgment and
removal of those that will not obey. Oh, that they would all obey now,
say the Lord. This would be a blessing unto me!

For although I say unto you, I would that none be lost, that none be
forgiven and then repent to turn back to their sin; I would that all
repent and stay with Me forever to serve Me in a holy manner and in a
way that is right in My sight.

The blessings of this type of life cannot be explained in the flesh. It
is too powerful to explain in any language on this earth. It would be so
holy that all things would become righteousness for My sake. All
blessings would fall, all things of greatness would be to all people!

But, alas, it is not so! I want this to occur, but I would never force
anyone to serve Me, and many have turned their backs from righteousness.
Now I will judge those that deserve judgment, not by this earth's system
of justice, but by My Spirit of perfection, says the Lord.

There is only one way to the cross of repentance, that is by the blood
of My Son, Jesus, My only begotten Son, Lamb of the Most High! Now is
the time of repentance, now is the time to turn away from mockery of
holiness unto true holiness, by the acceptance of the blood poured out
by Jesus on the cross for your total forgiveness of sin for all time!!

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