Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Ten)

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January 8, 1999

(Prophecy, #201); The Wickedness of America:

For look to yourselves, to the United States of America, says the Lord
to the U. S.

Stand and note the glory of God has departed from this nation.

It has departed for the wickedness of the nation. It has departed for
the wickedness of its leaders. It has departed for the wickedness of the

January 9, 1999

(Prophecy, #202); The Dread of the United States:

The great dread against the United States came in December of 1998 when
they invaded Iraqi airspace to bomb Iraqi targets. That dread upon the
United States shall not leave until the United States has suffered a
severe blow -- more than once, says the Lord.

January 10, 1999

(Prophecy, #203); The Lament for America:

For the Lord said, Take up a lament over the nation of the United

Oh, America, America,

The Great America,

How far have you fallen,

How far have you fallen.

The Great America

How far have you fallen.

For soon is your time to fall,

and fall hard,

and fall hard,

and fall hard.

Soon is your time to fall hard.

Soon is your time.

Soon is your time.

Soon is your time.

Hear the word, Oh, America.

Hear the word.

Hear the word.

Know the time.

Know the time.

Know the time.

The Great America who could have been above all nations, and risen above
them, and stayed above them has fallen, has fallen, has fallen.

The Great America who could have been above all has fallen for sin above
all sins, says the Lord.

January 10, 1999

(Prophecy, #204); Date Setting:

How many, says the Lord, how many shall fall? Prophets upon prophets.
Date setting upon date setting for My return.

I will return, says the Lord, when I choose to return.
How many date setters will fall when I don't come back this year, or
next year? How many shall fall, says the Lord? How many shall fall?

 January 13, 1999

(Prophecy, #205); The Firm Foundation:

This word of the living God has come from the throne of heaven above.

Stand fast on the word of God. Stand fast on the word of God. Know that
as you stand with the Lord Jesus Christ, that you will stand on the Rock
most solid.

There is no other place to stand. No matter what may come in this
earth, standing on that Rock will give you a firm foundation. A
foundation that shall not be shaken. Now the rest of the world may be
shaken to and fro. There shall be no shaking if you stand on the Rock
Christ Jesus.

Stand on that Rock! Stand on it. Beware that you do not step off. For if
you step off you walk in the ways of the world.

But walk in the ways of God, standing on the Rock Christ Jesus.
Firm foundation. Even unto the shaking of the world, a firm foundation.

February 13, 1999

(Prophecy, #206); The Coming Great Turmoil:

For those christians who put their trust in Me, says the Lord --
their complete trust in Me -- they will find the time easy going in the
great hard times to come. But for those who will try and rely on their
own power, and on their own strength, and the world's systems, and on
the world's answers; they, they will have trouble.

For you see, I will bless those who will put their complete trust in the
King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Those who want to play games with the world are welcome to the world and
its ways. For they shall be in great trouble in the hard times to come.

Note this: there is a time when all of the earth shall be in great
turmoil. Those who walk in faith of God, shall walk with God. Those who
try and play games with God, are relying of the world; will walk in

This is the time of the separation of the sheep and the goats.

February 13, 1999

(Revelation, #207); The Four Specific Phases of the Greatest Depression
since the World Began:

The Lord gave me the following revelation concerning the upcoming
economic crash on the afternoon of February 13, 1999.

1. The Crash:

The crash will come soon. It will be a time of great disparity of
mankind. From this time on there will be no turning back. Turmoil and
trouble will come to all those who will not put their complete faith in

2. The Continuing Attempts to Put Things Right:

These will result in much hope and thinking that things will straighten
out in a short time.

At the beginning there will be an acceptance of the markets coming back.
This will lead to a short term rising of the markets in a significant
way. But only for a short time. Again it will crash and this time it
will stay quite low. No attempts from this time forward will bring
markets back to any significant degree.

3. Violence:

Violence will become so bad that people will seek to leave the larger
cities to take up residence in the country at almost any cost. This will
mainly be available to those who still have some money left to them.

Police and authorities will not be able to keep things under control.

The streets of many large cities will become a struggle of power for
many gangs. Police will settle for keeping gangs from tying up up too
much police manpower in keeping the gang wars to a minimum.

Violence shall come to all areas. While cities and larger areas will
be worse, it will be bad everywhere on the North American continent.

4. The Settling In:

So many different disasters will be taking place that thought of
bringing the market back will disappear over time and people will just
accept the fact that times are bad.

February 28, 1999

(Prophecy, #208); The Things of Earth:

For the things of this earth are not to be in the hearts of
christians. Things of this earth are a fleeting thing, they shall come
and they shall go; then the flesh always looks at it as a trustworthy

But do not be deceived. For the things of this earth are not

The things that you cannot see, from the throne of God, these things are
trustworthy. These things stand by. These things shall last!

March 9, 1999

(Prophecy, #209); Preparation For Things To Come:

(Long piece in tongues)

Oh, says the Lord God of heaven and earth, listen to the word and listen
to the power of the might of heaven.

Those who put their faith in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
shall be rewarded! They shall be rewarded with peace, and life, and kind

But if they take their eyes off the Lord, and put their eyes on the
things of the earth, and the troubles of the things of the earth, they
will seek not anymore.

Seek not the things of this earth, but seek the will of heaven. Seek not
the things of this earth, but seek the will of heaven. Put your eyes not
on the things of this earth, but put them on the things of the Lord.

For if you take your eyes off the things of heaven and put them on the
things of the earth, you'll be distracted, and be distracted enough that
satan can deceive.

Look not to this earth. You shall go through trials and tribulations.
Look to the Lord, and He shall provide you strength to walk, peace in
your heart, and direction in your feet. You shall know where to go and
what to do.

He shall give you direction. Heed what He says now, in this time. For He
is directing His people now to heed the Spirit of God, and to note and
take preparation for things to come.

Look not to the things of the earth, and look not to wild observations
of man, wisdom of man, or opinions of man, but listen to the Lord and
let Him guide you. For He shall guide and prepare you for all the times
to come. He shall prepare you in the spirit, and He shall prepare you in
the flesh. He shall prepare you for the things to come.

And those who are prepared shall stand in the times to come. And, yes,
there shall be weak times on this earth, and the earth shall fall and
fail in many ways.

But the Lord shall rise up, and His people shall rise with Him. And
those that have been prepared shall guide and lead the others who have
not prepared themselves. They shall be the leaders.

They shall be humble in spirit. They shall be obedient in spirit. And
they shall submit to the will of God in incredible, total ways.

For I am teaching My people to submit to the will of God. No, not when
its convenient, and not when its obvious; but to submit to the things of
God when they have no idea of how it will work out. When it doesn't look
like its the right thing to do!

I am teaching My people to submit on that level. And I have prepared a
way before them! Though they cannot see it, they will walk in it by

This is the will of the Lord, and this is the will of the Lord, that you
will stand in these times. Waver not on the things that He has showed
you, and told you, and prepared you for!

Fear not the times to come, but rather look forward. For those who
follow My will, will be responsible and participating in the greatest
revival, and soul gathering that has existed since the beginning of

So heed the will of God! Know the will of God! Participate in the will
of God! Heed the Holy Spirit in all things, and you shall be at peace,
and you shall be at war!

Yes, at war! For satan shall be your foe. And the world shall be your
foe. And yet, you shall be at peace in the war! For I shall give you a
peace in you that is not of this earth. You shall rise up and be a
strong victor, leading many, many, many, many souls into the kingdom of

March 10, 1999

(Prophecy, #210); Stand Fast for the King of Kings:

(Piece in Tongues)

For this word of the Lord, given among those who will listen to the King
of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

Hearken, and listen, and know that the times are hard, and the times are
harder! And yet they will get harder yet again!

But listen, I am with you always. Heed My word, Prepare My ways. Stand
fast in what is to come. For you are My servants that shall lead many
unto the gospel, that shall be laughed at by the world, and shall stand
fast for the King of Kings.

March 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #211); The Future of America:

For the people of America have said they want to choose their own ways,
they want to choose their own destiny -- and so they have.

I sent Clinton and his sins to be a test of those people who have chosen
their own way. And they chose. They chose to be in love with a man of
sin. They chose to love that sin. They chose to love that way of life.

It is the joke, it is the formal training, that came from satan himself,
that they love the things of sin.

So they have chosen their way, and they have chosen their future. The
future of wrath, the future of judgment, the future of damnation from
the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

April 8, 1999

(Prophecy, #212); Passed the Crossroads:

Now here this word. The United States has not come to the crossroads.
That was some time ago. It has passed the crossroads, turned its life
over unto sin, entered in a day of judgment. It has begun.

There are many wondering when it shall come. It has begun. It shall be
occurring for many years. A series of judgments against the United
States. The wrath of God has come.

It'll come in stages, some here, some there.

Oh, would I love them to repent! For I would stay judgment easily,
quickly, lovingly, caringly.

But no, says the Lord. There hearts have been hardened! And so is Mine!
And so it shall be. I shall bring it to pass!

April 24, 1999

(Prophecy, #213); Standing on the Rock Christ Jesus:

For there are those who believe that their design of the flesh will
protect them from the things to come. But I warn you, says the Lord, I
warn you. The things of this earth shall not protect you in the days to
come. Only the things of God shall protect you.

Beware that you do not design a protection scheme based on mankind, and
their technology, and their sin. But rather lean on the Lord. Stand on
the Rock Christ Jesus, and you shall stand on a firm ground that cannot
be shaken. For those who are shaken will be those who do not stand on

But those who do stand on Me -- they shall never be shaken, even though
everything around them shall shake and fall, they shall not be shaken,
for they are standing on the Rock Christ Jesus -- and It shall remain
for evermore.

April 24, 1999

(Prophecy, #214); Kosovo:

Kosovo, Kosovo, Kosovo. For they could have repented. They could have
turned unto the ways of the Lord, but they did not!

Wow unto America. Woe unto America. Woe unto America. They time of
judgment is coming. You do not see it. You do not understand.

But woe unto America, for your judgment day is coming. You believe you
have set yourself right, to do the things you believe can be done in
safety and without harm to your army.

But I say, woe unto America, for little by little, war by war, piece by
piece, YOU SHALL BE DRAWN INTO conflict after conflict, till you can no
longer protect yourself.

America the Great shall fall, and fall hard. It has raised itself up and
worshipped its own technology. It has raised itself up and worshipped
its own design. It has raised itself up and worshipped its own might.
And all of these things shall fall by the Hand of the Mighty God.

April 29, 1999

(Prophecy, #215); Complete dedication:

As I was meditating on the Lord, He asked me, What was necessary to do
the will of God?

As I began to answer that I thought there were many things, God
immediately interrupted me with this:

One thing! That is this. That you completely dedicated yourself to My
call. Everything will come from that! Everything will stem from that!
Everything will stem from it! For complete dedication will bring all the
rest to pass. One thing is all you need!

April 30, 1999

(Prophecy, #216); Search Your Own Heart:

This is the word to the living children of the Lord. Your protection is
a guarantee. I am with you, even unto the ends of the earth. I will not
forsake you, nor will I turn aside. I will not forsake you, no, not at
any time.

But listen, and listen hard. Listen hard. Listen hard. Know that there
are many who claim to be born again. There are many who in pride serve
the world, the flesh, the money of the world, that believe that they are
on the way to the King of Heaven.

But I say, I look at the hearts. There are so much falseness in the
so-called church.

I have looked at the hearts. I know the hearts. I know what's really

Those who look at the outward appearance are greatly deceived. But those
that look at the hearts, those that look at the hearts -- the hearts are
where the
truth is.

I look at the hearts, says the Lord, and I know. No one can deceive Me.

Search your own heart. See if you are serving Me, or the world. See if
you are serving the King of Kings, or the devil himself. Search your
heart. See whom you really serve.

April 30, 1999

(Prophecy, #217); Those Who Say, Jesus, Jesus:

There is a time when the Lord feels the heartache of man. That time is
when the people are totally dedicated to Him. He feels their heartache
-- cares for them.

But those who do not hear Him, those whose hearts are hardened, walking
in the ways of the flesh, doubting the things of God; He does not hear
their heart, for they are not of Him.

For such are many in the church. They stand and they say, Jesus, Jesus,
but they do not follow the ways of Jesus.

Listen to the word. Not all who say, Lord, Lord will enter into the
kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. So I
said of this earth. Do you not understand? Humbleness and obedience to
the word of God is required to be saved.

Those who say, Jesus, Jesus, and do not follow after the ways of the
Lord, have not heard the word of the Lord. They have a form of religion,
but I am not into forms of religion.

I am the universal God. I see all. I made all. I do all. I shall never
take back what I have made, and say, no, I'll destroy it. I made it, and
it shall live.

If it serves Me, I will serve it, bringing it blessings and
prosperities. But if it does not, wrath and judgment shall follow!!!

Make no mistake, wrath is as much a part of God as blessings. Cursings
are as much a part of God as healing. Which side you walk on is up to

May 5, 1999

(Prophecy, #218); Tornado Death Rate:

As I watched the news this morning, they mentioned that the largest
death rate of a series of tornadoes this century was 689. As they
mentioned this, the Lord spoke instantly to my spirit and said, "they're
going to top it" (Meaning the number of deaths).

May 9, 1999

(Prophecy, #219); Fear of God!:

There is, on this earth, a fear of men.

People fear what men may say if they serve the God of creation. They
fear what men may think if they serve the God of creation. They fear
what men may think if they are different from the world.

That's why My word says, fear the Lord your God. Fear Him! Fear what He
will think if you do not repent and serve the Messiah who came to this
earth, shed His Blood, so that you could have your sin completely
removed, and then be turned from your life of sin unto a life of
holiness, serving the God of creation.

That is the fear of God. Fear what God may think, if you do not repent!

 May 18, 1999
(Prophecy, #225); Love on Those Doing Evil:

Thus says the Lord, there are many things in this earth that christians
today have missed.

The number one things is: we are at war!! Not with flesh and blood, but
with spiritual powers that are in the heavenlies, and in this earth
seeking to destroy and deceive all they can.

Listen to the word. Pray is your fight against these things! Pray is
your fight against these things! Do not hate the person who is out there
doing evil or promoting it, for they are deceived! Love on them, and
show them the Lord.


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