Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Eleven)

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May 19, 1999
(Prophecy, #226); A Light:

The church has become a light unto itself instead of unto the world!

May 20, 1999

(Occurrence, #227); Bill Clinton's 1998 Fall:

I received many questions on the prophecy mentioned below since the end
of 1998. The Lord has instructed me to place the answer that I gave this
time into the prophecy books.


This is the prophecy referred to below:

January 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #141); Bill Clinton's Fall:

Thus says the Lord, Bill Clinton shall fall before the end of this year!


Below is the email I received and the answer the Lord gave to me:


>Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 15:43:50 EDT

>Subject: the prophesies


>MIME-Version: 1.0

>I am a supporter of yours, but was curious on prophecy# 141 on Jan 1998. It
>said Bill Clinton will fall before the end of the year; as we know he didn't.
> Just curious how you felt about this?

This one is interesting. I have received **far** more email on this than
anything else ever! But I don't think that interpreting this "fall" as
him leaving office is right. Below is the answer I have been sending

Subject: Answer to Fall of Clinton

Without a doubt, this is the most asked question these days! At the time
God gave me this prophecy, I did not know exactly what He meant. Upon
questioning God on this, He simply told me to wait and see.

So, after 1998 was over this is what I see as a fall: Clinton was
impeached by the House (in 1998), but the Senate trial voted against
impeachment this year (1999). In order to be thrown out of power it is
necessary to be impeached by both the House and Senate, so he stays in
power even though he was impeach by the House just before christmas
1998. So Clinton fell in 1998 all he was going to fall.

There is an important lesson here. That is, not to assume what is meant
by a prophecy when it doesn't spell out exactly what is to happen.
"Fall" can mean many things, and certainly being impeached by the House,
but not the Senate was a significant fall.

God Bless

Thomas S. Gibson

1125 - 6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada
T9W 1G2 Phone (780) 842-5420
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May 21, 1999

(Prophecy, #228); Obedience For Prophets!:

(This prophecy began as I was preparing supper. I could feel a very
strong presence in my spirit of spiritual pain (not physical pain --
this I can't really explain beyond what I said), and a breaking heart.
This continued until it was difficult to keep going. The Lord prompted
me to get my micro tape recorder (most of the prophecies are recorded
this way). And as the Lord gave me this prophecy, I cried heavily

Oh, the pain that I feel when My prophets seek not My will. Those who I
have called so high, those who I have prepared, those who I have set
forth, those who I have anointed -- oh, the pain that I feel when those
people turn their backs on Me and don't desire My will.

For I have called these anointed ones to their work. I have prepared
them. I have taught them. I have been patient with them. And I loved to
be patient with them -- though the pain when they turn their backs.

This is to My prophets. I say unto you, PLEASE DO MY WILL!!! I call you!
Be obedient! Don't listen to the words of analysts to the words of the
Living God.

I call you to be obedient. It is not an easy life. The flesh has such as
strong pull on you. But don't listen to the flesh, but listen to the
Spirit of the Living God.

Don't listen to the flesh, but listen to the Spirit of the Living God.
It can be such as easy life. But yet, because of the pull of the flesh,
it's such as hard life.

Please turn, and live righteous before Me. LISTEN NOT TO ANYTHING ELSE,
but the Spirit of the Living God. He will guide you in all things.

For the times that are at hand now, that you are beginning to walk into,
such hard times. Hard in the flesh, and hard in the spirit. Hard in the
flesh, because of the judgments coming upon this earth. But, hard in the
spirit, because of the war in the spiritual realm that MUST BE FOUGHT!!!

May 22, 1999

(Prophecy, #229); Safety of the Flesh?:

They sit safely, they sit safely, they sit safely, those in Europe,
America, and even Canada, they sit safely.

But how safe are they? For their safety has been designed of the flesh,
but the judgment shall come of the Spirit.

And when it comes they shall know that their fleshly designs can not
help them.

May 22, 1999

(Prophecy, #230); Great Victories:

For thus says the Lord, great are the victories of My people. Stay
obedient to My will. Great are the victories, for they have dedicated
themselves to the things of the Lord. They shall not go unrewarded.

 May 29, 1999

(Prophecy, #231); Seek and You Shall Find Truth:

For this is the will of the Lord: that you stand and believe all of the
word of the Lord, all of the Bible, all of the things it says.

There are so many that pick and choose a part here or a part there. They
like this part, and they will gladly accept it. But they don't like some
other part, and they avoid it!

If you want truth, seek the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
Seek and you shall find. For the truth is there for all to see.

May 30, 1999

(Prophecy, #232); Seek Your Answers from the Lord:

In this earth, says the Lord, there are four different kinds of things:

There is judgment on those who will not serve the Lord.

There are blessings on those who will bow the knee and serve the Lord
God of All.

There is war in the flesh.

And there are wars in the spirit.

Numbers one and three you should not partake in! Numbers two and four
you should!

For you understand, I meet your needs! I bless you with all things you
need! But you use this for wars in the spirit -- war in the spirit! For
it is a spiritual battle fought on your knees, in prayer, in fasting.
This is what brings victory! So many seek answers from the world around
them, by mans design. Seek your answers in the spirit. Seek your answers
from the Holy Spirit. Seek your answers from the Word of God. For there
you shall find true answers -- truth beyond measure!

May 30, 1999

(Prophecy, #233); God Is In Control:

Thus saith the Lord, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Great is
the might of Jehovah. Great is the might of the entire heavens, and its

For few realize, as they look at the earth through the flesh, and the
eyes of the flesh, the Lord is totally, completely, and forever in
control of everything!!

As you stand with the Lord, God has you completely is His hand.

As you stand for the earth, you stand all alone, without the protection
of the Lord.


May 31, 1999

(Dream, #234); Christian Material Illegal:

I awoke about 5:00 am, right after having a short dream about someone
who was arrested for having illegal material on their computer.

All I could see was just a short quick arrest of someone I did not know,
and then I saw the word "download" clearly printed above the scene. As I
awoke the Lord spoke to me and said it would become illegal to download
christian material to your computer.
He did not tell me where or when this would come to pass.

June 8, 1999

(Prophecy, #235); Drought in Western Canada:

Beware of the coming drought on Canada in the west. It shall come when I
choose, says the Lord!

June 12, 1999

(Prophecy, #236); Kosovo

Watch Kosovo, it's not over yet!

June 13, 1999

(Dream, #237); War and Bloodshed:

In this dream I could see myself working along side of a building. There
was a road in front of this building, and one on the side of it. I was
working between the building and the side road, but quite close to the

As I worked, I had knowledge to be careful of gunfire, and yet I wasn't
in the army. I was a civilian, working on some type of project with the

I could here announcements coming from a radio, or perhaps some type of
loudspeaker system, that warned of the coming of gunfire.

Then I could hear gunfire starting and coming closer. I ran
quickly behind the building and lay on the ground in a low spot. I
stayed there as the gunfire came closer. It was coming from a vehicle
driving down the main road, firing out the side as they drove. Bullets
went over my head as they passed. I kept low as they drove down the main
road, still firing, until they were out of site.

After they passed, I got up and looked around. No one else was there, so
I went back to work. It seemed unusual, but not out of place for this to

I woke up.

Then the Lord said this. There is war and bloodshed coming to this
continent of North America.

June 13, 1999

(Prophecy, #238); Concern Yourselves with Spiritual Things:

For this is the way of the Lord: that you allow the lusts, and the will
of the sin nature of man to proceed to its ultimate demise.

Do not worry about the earth. Let it go the way of the sin nature.

Concern yourselves with the spiritual walk which you need to walk in:
for the witnessing to others that you need to do, with the call the I
might place on your life. Concern yourself with these things. Concern
yourself with the things of the Lord. Let the earth go its way. Concern
yourself with the things of the Lord.

June 13, 1999

(Revelation, #239); Military Conflict in the Air over Canada:

The Lord spoke to me Saturday about going down south of Bodo (Bodo is a
small hamlet about 125 Kilometers south of Lloydminster near the
Alberta/Saskatchewan boundary) on Sunday.

Sunday morning I headed down to Bodo, just over an hours drive. It was
on this trip that the Lord gave me the prophecy number 238. I recorded
it, as I usually do, on microcassette, to be typed into the computer

Just before reaching Bodo, the Lord said to go 5 miles (8 km) south of
the hamlet. I set the odometer reading to zero as I passed the Bodo
corner. As I was traveling south of Bodo the Lord spoke take the next
left after the 5 miles.

When coming to the 5 mile limit, but just before, there was a road to
the left. I was unsure of whether to turn here or later. I stopped on
the exact 8 kilometers and prayed to the Lord about where to turn. He
told me to go on farther to the next left. This turned out to be 15.9
kilometers south of Bodo.

As I turned left the Lord told me to go 4 miles (6.4 km) on this road.
The road went 3 miles east, and then turned south for a mile. My
odometer read 22.5 kilometers, just over 4 miles. Here again the Lord
told me to go left.

As I turned I was instructed to go to the top of the hill I could see in
the distance. There was a spread of a few trees there that helped mark
the spot. The road wound back and forth through a low area, ending up
turning left (north). Then as it climbed the hill I had to take a right
(east) to continue up the hill. It turned several times and ended up on
another road where I turned left (north) for a about 1/2 mile, and then
turned right (east). Just near this corner there was a country church by
the name of St. Donatus Catholic Church. A few hundred feet more and I
reached the top of the hill. My odometer read 31.5 kilometers. I am not
sure, but I think I was passed the boundary at this point, into the
province of Saskatchewan -- perhaps just a mile or so passed it.

God then instructed me to get out of my car. As I walked around up there
on the hill by the side of the road, God spoke and said, this was the
first place where east and west will meet in military conflict in the

June 23, 1999

(Prophecy, #240); Glorify the Name:

My people, My people, My people, why do you build yourselves
organizations of men. Humble yourselves, receive of Me, give yourselves
unto the work, and seek not to build of yourselves, but rather seek to glorify
the Name of the Lord.

June 25, 1999

(Prophecy, #241); United States and Canada:

For this word is given that you understand that the United States has
filled up its sins which I will allow. And I am preparing now, at this
time, I am preparing now to bring the judgment that I have prophecied
upon it.

If they will repent, even in this late stage, I will stay, and repair
all that I have done to that point. If they will repent I will stay the
wrath, I will stay the wrath. I will repair and I'll build back up.

But, oh, if they do not repent, if they do not repent, if they do not
repent, the judgments will become more and more severe, and everything
that I have ever prophecied shall come to pass. EVERY LAST THING!!

I shall bring one thing after another, in My order and in My way. And I
shall bring the nation to its knees.

Woe be tied, Canada. For you too, have not listened to the word of the
Lord. And you too, have filled up your pages of wrath to come. You have
filled it up. Your sin has come up to Me -- a stench that I cannot bear.

Therefore you too, will be judged. Wrath shall be poured out. And I
shall take that nation, and I shall utterly destroy it from one end to
the other; for its sins are so much greater, in many ways, than that of

June 26, 1999

(Prophecy, #242); Woe Unto the Earth:

Woe unto the earth that believes it can stand against the Lord God of
Heaven and expect to succeed.

Woe to the earth that believes it can stand against the Lord God of
Heaven and still be okay.

Woe to the earth that believes it can stand against the Lord God of
Heaven and stand through the Judgment Seat of Christ. For on that
judgment day there shall come a reckoning and the hearts of the people
will be revealed! And they shall know the truth!

July 14, 1999

(Prophecy, #243); Guidance through the Times to Come:

For thus saith the Lord God of Heaven, have you prepared, have you done
the preparing that I have put in your individual hearts? Some have been
called to prepare for the future. Many things will changed. Many things.

Think not of what is to come. Think not of what is to come. Think not of
what is to come. For what is to come is of the Lord. And those who are
preparing the way I have told them -- directed them, are being prepared,
therefore, for what is to come. And they will not suffer like the world
around them. For they will have a protection that comes from Heaven.

Seek the things of the Lord. Spend time in prayer. Not five minutes, not
two hours, spend TIME in prayer. These things are important! And as you
spend this time, I shall direct you and guide you in what you are to do,
and people you can witness to, and people who need to know what is to
come, and people who want to understand what truth is. And I will lead
you to guide them to salvation.

Understand, this is the time that the Lord will do much work. Praise the
Lord for all things. For He is the One who is guiding His people through
these times.

July 17, 1999

(Prophecy, #244); The Ministry Spirit of Satan:

Beware of the ministry spirit of satan! It has attached itself to many
-- the ministry spirit of satan!

The Lord commands a Spirit of humility, not of building up of a
ministry name!

July 19, 1999
(Prophecy, 245); The Hour:

For you people do not realize the hour and the time that you live in!
The time at hand is so close.

If you knew how close to the beginning of serious judgment on this
world, you would not be interested in the things of money, or the goods
of this earth, or the ways of this earth. If you understood how close
the time is when the goods of this earth shall fall, and the economy
shall no longer be in the ways it was.

If you understood this time, your interest in finances would be
absolutely low! And you would seek this Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.
You would seek Him, and you would seek the Blood of Jesus. You'd seek
service to the Lord God of All.

And the things of this earth would not be important, if you understood
how close the end of this earth's economy, as you know it, is.

Stand fast in this time. Seek not the things of this earth. AND WORRY
NOT ABOUT THEM!! Seek the things of the Father. Seek the things of the
Son. Seek the things of the Spirit.

July 19, 1999
(Prophecy, #246); To Train Them:
Few people realize, in this earth, that are of My Kingdom, saith the
Lord, that they must go through trials and tribulations. I do not give
these things to hurt them, BUT TO TRAIN THEM, for what is to come!

If they want to escape the trials and tribulations that are upon them,
they must do so by learning what I am attempting to teach them. And once
they learn, they will more on to the next series, to learn more.

For I am training an army, and there is much people to train, and
much training of every person, AND SO LITTLE TIME LEFT, before the great
war begins!!! And it is a war over the souls of men -- the great last

And this battle will be fought for the souls of men. And satan will not
stand idly by. He'll attempt to deceive on a level that he has never
attempted before. Persecutions shall rise up in the places you'd least
expect it from, and the places you'd least expect it to occur, AND YET I

July 19, 1999
(Prophecy, #247); False Charges:
Thomas, you personally shall face, in the coming days, in the not too
distant future, a persecution, and an investigation against you of false

Stand in this time. Stand in this time. For I shall raise you through
and up from this time, and make you to stand in the way that the Lord
has asked you to stand, a prophet, given to all who will listen, a
prophet that will stand true in the times of persecution.

So says the Lord.

July 19, 1999

(Prophecy, #248); Shake of Economy:

By the end of this year I shall shake this economy.

July 21, 1999

(Prophecy, #249); Prepare Yourself:

For the will of God is to stand fast, and stand fast, and stand fast, in
the work of the Lord.

Do not worry about what you see in this world, but seek the things of
the Lord. Care not about this world, and I, says the Lord, will bring
upon you victory after victory, blessing after blessing.

Those of My people who will just do the work and seek Me, to them I
promise all of the things necessary in this earth, but not all of the
lusts that the world seeks after.

So harken unto the word of the Lord to prepare yourself for the time
that is about to come. So says Jehovah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
the Spirit of Grace.
 July 30, 1999

(Prophecy, #250); I With Open Arms Accept You:

For though this earth shall stand trials and tests and tribulations, yet
will I look after My own, says the Lord, yet will I look after My own.

For My own I shall bless, protect, and cover them with a Holy Spirit
Protection from the Lamb of God. For they shall be kept faithful and
true for the times and the seasons that are to come, that'll bring
wrath, judgment, and damnation on those that are sinners before Me.

For all who will serve Me, all those who will serve Me, turn to Me, I
will with open arms accept, I will with open arms accept, for I will
turn no one away. For its My hearts desire to bring people to

Turn your heart to Me, your desires to Me, and I, with open arms, will
accept you! For I desire a repentance, not a judgment, says the Lord God
of Heaven!

August 14, 1999

(Dream, #251); Drop in Prices:

I saw before me the price of a food at $5.69. This was crossed out and
underneath was written the price .21 cents.

After I woke up, the Lord said to me: prices are going to drop
dramatically, for the people can't afford to buy things -- otherwise
they won't move their product.

August 14, 1999

(Vision, #252); Nudity in America:

The Lord showed me a man lying on his stomach wearing what I would
describe as the bottom half of a thong bikini.

The Lord said, this is the case of America where nudity, full frontal
nudity, will become the rage. It will begin with toplessness of woman,
and will continue with men wearing very skimpy clothes. The next step
after this will be full frontal nudity.

August 15, 1999

(Prophecy, #253); Judgment Until the End of this Era:

Thus saith the Lord. Kingdoms shall fall at this time of judgment. There
shall not be one evil kingdom that shall stand at the end of this era.
Till then, there shall be judgment upon judgment. There shall not be any
more slack given to nations that live with sin upon sin.

August 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #254); Warning to Money Hoarders:

My people, My people, who are you, that you are so in love with money --
with the things of this earth. Who are you that you love the ways of the
devil! You love the money, you love the cars, you love the houses, you
love the rich life.

But there's coming a day, that is almost upon you, when it shall be
taken away. And what is left will be minimal.

Those who have their hearts on the things of this earth, are going to
lose it. Those of My people who especially know the truth, yet love the
world, they shall fall hard!

There are days coming, soon to be upon you, when you shall see the crash
of the entire economy. When it comes, do not be alarmed. Do not go out
in trying to save your goods which you have so hoarded up.

For treasure that is built upon the firm foundation of the Rock Christ
Jesus -- it shall remain. Treasure that is built on the earth shall
decay, shall rot, and shall fade.

Don't seek what you have built up on this earth. Let it go. Let it go.
Let it go. And turn to the Rock, and He will help you, and He will lift
you up, and you'll have treasure in Heaven, and not on earth.

August 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #255); One years Time:

The world, as you know it, will not be the same in one years time.

August 20, 1999

(Vision, #256); Promises of this World:

In my spirit I can see a hand, handling a blank sheet of white paper.

And the Lord spoke and said, The promises of this world are empty!

August 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #257); Putting an End to the god of Money:

There are days coming, says the Lord, when times that are hard, shall
seem harder. For the time that the world is going into, shall not be a
time of turmoil like any other great depression that has ever been.

It shall be a time that is worse, and worse, and worse. Even the rich
shall lose all their money. Many shall lose every cent they had, but
more so than ever before.

For the times that come shall be very hard. When the world tries to get
out of it and build its finances again -- it shall not have success.
Limited success will occur, but it shall be very limited. For I, says
the Lord, am putting an end to the god of money.

 August 31, 1999

(Prophecy, #258); Time of the Coming Judgments:

For there are those who say that the time has come for all judgments.
And many false prophets have gone out.

And they have said: this is the time, all these judgments shall come.
Some are saying by the end of this year, and some by next. But don't
believe the false prophets, says the Lord.

Note the word: some shall come now, some shall come next year, some
shall come years after that, and years after that.

This is not a quick thing. For little by little, and piece by piece,
shall judgments come. This is not going to be something that will occur
in one or two years.

Hearken and listen, and take this warning to heart! While I do, says the
Lord, sometimes, on rare occasions, give a date or time limit -- it is
not a common thing. I don't give you specific dates in the norm. Most of
the time I give you the SEASONS of which you are walking in -- the
SEASON of which is to come, so that you shall know the type of things
that you will face. And you will not be surprised and not prepared for

But listen, and be careful of those who are standing on the mountains
and hollering everything shall happen now! Everything shall happen this
year! Or everything shall happen by next year!

For there is a time and season for everything. And many years shall come
and go before all these judgments are fulfilled.

 September 5, 1999

(Prophecy, #259); Coming Economic Depravity:

These coming days that soon shall be when this earth shall reel from the
economic deprivation on money:

They won't understand how it could happen. The economy was so strong.
The economy was doing so great. The economy was excellent. The economy
was the way it should be. And yet, it shall not be. And the remainder of
what's left will be a sluggish, slow economy -- much unemployment, and
much unrest. But that shall be the beginning.

For people that are unemployed -- they shall seek to live by whatever
means they can. Violence shall erupt as it has not erupted in a long,
long time. Many cities shall have serious crime like they have not
known, nor could they have ever imagined.

This is what's coming. This is what's coming. Those who put their faith
on Me shall walk with Me, says the Lord. Those who put their faith on
the things of this earth shall find how fragile the promises of this
world can actually be.

September 6, 1999

(Prophecy, #260); Bringing Revival:

There is a renewal of the strength of the Spirit in the people of God.
This renewal shall come in only a single way. It shall come by the
reverence, fear, dedication to the Father from My people, says the Lord.

When this comes, it comes one way: by the reverence, fear, dedication of My
people to My word and My will, not to religious organizations, not to
their particular church of which they like, but to Me says the Lord.

When they do this, My power shall flow through them. For until they do
this, My power cannot flow through them, and it is held back in the
earth. For great revival has always come by one method. By the method of
dedication, fear, and service to the Most High God -- hours on their
knees, hours in the prayer, hours, hours, hours seeking God.

This will always bring revival. No, not a false revival that is so
common in this earth, but one of power and strength, where healings,
miracles, and great signs and wonders are not only the norm, but are the
expected thing every single day.

This is what I desire. And when I find people that committed -- that
nothing on this earth is important, but the serving of the Father in
Heaven -- then shall come revival like never before.

September 6, 1999

(Prophecy, #261); Judgment Upon Red Deer and Area:

For on the city of Red Deer, on the towns that surround, I shall bring a
phenomena because of the sin of the region.

I shall not bring something comfortable, for they have been in comfort
with the world, and comfort in their sins, and comfort with their place
in pride in this earth. Therefore I will bring them down and humble
them. I will bring wrath, judgment, condemnation of God upon them.

For they have sought this earth and its ways, and not Me, says God. You
must understand. Judgment comes from the hand of the Lord. It shall not
seek the things of the earth. It shall seek to humble and bring down
those lofty in this earth.

And when it does, some, just some, will come to repentance. Because of
that, I will bring revival upon this place. I will bring a revival.

But it will come from the hand of God, heavy upon it in the following
way. There will come a tornado upon it and through the area that will be
utterly devastating to the people it surrounds and hits. So be it, for
the Lord has spoken.

September 6, 1999

(Prophecy, #262); Purging Sin Out of Your Heart:

My heart goes out to those of you who will care enough to allow the
Spirit to prod your heart, to allow It to seek the heart, the corners of
the heart and know whether there is any evil way in you.

For those who will allow this -- allow Me, says the Lord -- to purge you
of any evil way -- they are My highest called, they are My highest

September 8, 1999

(Vision, #263); The Word Not Being Used:

In my spirit I see a man -- older with a beard. He is holding a sword in
his right hand with the blade pointing out and up at a slight angle,
like you would if you were preparing to fight. But he is just holding it
-- not moving it at all.

The Lord then said: this is the Word, that the man has. But he isn't
using it, because he doesn't know how, or he is scared to -- and so the
Word is of no effect. The Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. Use it
by speaking it against evil forces, against sin, against powers of this

Shortly after this the Lord placed in my heart a revelation that this
man represents many christians, holding the Word, but not using it.

September 9, 1999

(Prophecy, #264); Promises in the Word:

There is here now a word to stand on ALL the promises of God.

Search the Word. Search it! Search it! Search it thoroughly! Search it
and understand that God has given promises, and conditions of promises
in the Bible.

Know and understand that if you meet these conditions, and stand and
believe, all these promises are yours, every last one!

September 12, 1999

(Prophecy, #265); The Call to the Ministry:

The Kingdom of God is righteousness and truth.

Resisting the will of God will not only hold back blessings in your
life, but it will bring God to you in a manner which is not pleasant.
For He will not be out to get you, but rather He will be out to turn you
from your sin and disobedience.

Listen to My word, My people. Call not yourself to the ministry unless I
call you. Don't turn left nor right and say, this is something I can do.

For I call people to the ministry and I train them, says the Lord. And
when I call them, it shall be a righteous call. And many of those that I
have called, resisted. And I have pleaded with them, and I have sought
to turn them from their sin, and bring them to a place of obedience to
the Spirit of the Living God.

Here this, know it and understand it. The Spirit of the Living God is a
very loving, caring Spirit to those who walk with Him. But judgment will
come on those who refuse to walk in the ways of the Lord.

Judgment will come on those who call themselves to a ministry, and yet
where not called. And judgment will come on those who were called, and
did not go.

Here this word. Fear the Lord and understand His ways. Blessings and
prosperity follow those who are obedient. They do not follow those who
are disobedient

September 20, 1999
(Occurrence, #266); Called to the Full Time Ministry:

The Lord had spoken to me about a year or so ago concerning leaving my
job as a concrete finisher and serving Him full time in the prophetic
ministry. At that time, I was disobedient to this command from the Lord.

Again, the Lord has given me this command, and I have now given notice
to the company that I work for, and will have left the job at the end of
the second full week of September.

God has given me some direction in what I am to do. He has told me that
I will receive prophetic warnings concerning several cities, and that I
am to take these warnings to the streets of them to tell the people. The
warning concerning the city of Red Deer [see prophecy #261] in the
central part of this province (Alberta, Canada), was the first such

September 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #267); I am a victorious God:

For thus says the Lord, the God of heaven, the God of earth, the God of
all things.

For there is a god of this earth (who is called god of this earth),
satan himself. There is a God in heaven who is above everything. He is
above all things. The so-called god of this earth shall fall -- satan
himself shall fall. At the return of the Lord, the King of Kings, there
shall be a great fall of the satanic kingdom. But until that time, he'll
be allowed to deceived and then wreck havoc.

And those who will stand by My Name, says the Lord -- those who will
stand in My ways, says the Lord -- those who will stand in the power of
the Kingdom of God, says the Lord -- those shall stand up. Some shall be
slain, martyred for the Kingdom. Some shall rejoice, and continue on for
a time. But all shall have victory, victory over evil, victory of satan,
victory over the world.

For I am a victorious God. Nothing , but nothing, but nothing shall hold
Me back. When I planted the Garden of Eden, brought Adam and Eve to be, I sent
them forth, and I sent them forth into the Garden to give them a
luxurious life, a life of perfection, and a life of glory, that they
would multiply and fill. But they turned from Me, and the multiplying
was multiplying of sin.

I am a victorious God and I shall not lose. There is coming a day on
this earth of reckoning, of righteousness, when all things shall be
judged. And on that day I will set those on My right who have been
righteous and holy, and before the Kingdom of God, saints. And I shall
set on My left those that have been rebellious. And standing there some
will be shocked at which line there're in. Some will be shocked at which
line people they knew were in.

For you see, many play games, who think morality of this world is what
counts. They look up to the world, and they want the world to look up to
them -- so they have that. But they don't have Me, says the Lord.

For those who stand for the Kingdom, stand for the power, for the very
Lamb of God -- they shall be jeered, poked at, laughed at, persecuted.
People shall hate them for My Names sake. Because they dared to be
different, and stand up for what is righteous.

And the spirit of this world is an antichrist spirit. It stands not for
the things of this earth to turn unto the things of Heaven, but rather
stands for the things of this earth to deceive it all the way to the pit
of the very bottom of hell!

And I tell you, My people, that My work is to deceive not anything or
anyone, but to bring them into the righteousness of the Kingdom of God,
to shake them up and show them the sin of this earth, to turn them
around and set them on a path that is of God, the great God, the God of
all Gods, the God that is of Heaven and earth, the God that cannot fail.
So says the Lord, so says Jehovah, so says the Spirit. Amen, and amen
and amen!

September 20, 1999

(Prophecy, #268); Command from the Lord to Me:

For I am the Lord of all things. Everything I say concerning you,
Thomas, is to be fulfilled in the times that I have anointed. You are to
go to the streets of many places to preach the word, both in the
churches I have planted there and in the streets where I send you.

September 23, 1999

(Prophecy, #269); God Walking With You:

For the Kingdom of God is made up of a heart-felt people with their
hearts turned to the things of the Lord and not to the things of the earth.

For I have told many of My people to prepare for the days ahead, and some are.
Some have been told to prepare in a physical way, but all have been told
to prepare in a spiritual way.

For those who keep their hearts in tune with Me, those who put their
minds on the things of heaven, those who spend their time in the word of
God, those who spend their time in a prayer closet, those who spend
their time with Me, says the Lord, they are the ones I am walking with.

For how can I walk with you if your heart is on the things of this
earth, your heart is on the pleasures of this earth? How can I walk with
you when your mind is concentrating on the things of this earth?

For when you put your heart, and your mind, and your whole being to the
things of the Lord God, then I shall walk close with you, and very close
with you. And My power shall be part of you every single day.

September 27, 1990

(Prophecy, #270); Correction to the Church:

For there are times and seasons in this earth that are of Me. Now is the
time to see that you heart is dedicated completely, totally, to the ways
of the Lord. Now is the time to see that you are completely focused on
the ways of God and not the ways of the world.

This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. This is the
time I am bringing a correction to My church. This is the time I am
bringing a correction to My church. And those who are caught up in
denominations I will change. They will either have to turn from Me and
serve the denomination, or turn from the denomination and serve Me.

For I do not serve a split-up church. I serve a church in one faith. Did
I not say so in the Word -- one faith. And I serve a people of one faith
who are not arguing with denominational differences which make no matter to Me.

I seek not whether your doctrine is technically accurate or not. My main
concern, says the Lord, is that you have your heart turned on to Me, and
to My ways, and to My Word.

When I see that, I can take anything and change it. Look at Saul. Look
at Saul, before he became the apostle Paul. He persecuted the christians
because his heart was dedicated to the things of God, and he thought the
christians were wrong. But I took that man and I changed him. I looked
at the heart of Saul. The heart of Saul wanted truth. He just did not
know what it was. He had it all mixed up. He had it backwards. But I
took the apostle Saul, and I made him exactly that, an apostle; renamed
him Paul, and had him write a large part of My Word.

Why is it you cannot see this? It is the heart dedicated to the things
of God that count -- to the things of the Son, and to the things of the
Spirit. This is what I need. This is what I want. This is what My hearts
desire is.

If you are a little inaccurate in one thing, or one belief, or one other
little thing because you don't understand something, I will correct it.
I will show you truth. But I need your heart dedicated to Me. Not
sitting down in some corner church arguing why you are right over some
other corner church.

For those who fight against Me, will loose. For when christians fight
against christians they shall loose!

Beware of those who are always trying to win some theological argument.
I'm not into that! I'm not into that, says the Lord of Heaven and earth!
I'm not into that!

I'm into service, heart dedication. I'll correct your errors, but you
see that your heart is to Me, says the Lord God of all!

September 29, 1999

(Prophecy, #271); Do Not Despise the Prophetic Word:

There are those who say, "what is this to me, that a prophet speaks, and
should I obey?"

But listen, the word of the Lord is that, the word of the Lord. Do not
despise the prophetic word. Do not despise the prophetic word.

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