Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Two)

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October 8 - 23, 1995

(Prophecy, #14); Evil in this World:

Thus say the Lord God of Israel. I have put up with a lot of sin on
this earth, but I will no longer put My ways up before this earth's

This is the judgment of this earth: that I will turn My back to them and
let them have their own evil way, say the Lord. This will happen over a
long period of time, but it will happen as I said, says the Lord,
because I have a plan to turn those toward Me to salvation and

If they will listen to Me, this I will do. I will make known to this
earth My ways, and My wrath, and My blessings. This will I do, I will
make My people, those who will truly serve Me, those who will turn
around when I say, those who will turn back from their evil ways and
turn toward My holy way<they will be like a joint that is out of place.
They will be so obvious to this earth's evil place that they will stick
out and be seen by all.

Then I will let this earth have its own evil way, says the Lord, and you
will be able to easily see the results of this earth and its system, My
way of holiness, and the devils way of sinfulness. Both satan and this
earth's system of evil will result in sinful nature, and blessings will
never fall on this. My way will result in many blessings, say the Lord
and My people will be blessed!! This is the way to show off My power to
this earth. It will be a demonstration of evil power and its sinful
nature compared to its originally earthly way of true service to mankind
by My Father, says the Lord God of Israel. Long before any evil was on
this earth, there was true harmony between mankind and this truly
magnificent trio, called by many, trinity. It was so wonderful that no
one could possibly ever imagine it today, in this earthly form that
remains from that day!

Truly I have let judgment come upon this earth to condemn it before the
time of true judgment, that day when all shall be judged before the
Almighty! Truly this will tell all that has taken place: that I will
bring these things to pass in a way that is in keeping with My Word of
righteousness. Never again will I judge this earth as I have in the
passed, but I will judge it in a way that is in keeping with My Word,
ways, and deeds, says the Lord.

Now I shall tell you some of the evil that will occur over the next two
to seven years. Several things shall begin to take place. Evil such as
nudity and pornography on television will become common place, and even
on broadcast television that is seen by anyone without cable or dish.
This will begin to occur slowly, with so called innocent scenes being
transmitted at night, but will grow to unbelievable amounts by the end
of this decade, says the Lord God.

The world will go after their own thing. They will leave the ways of God
to the few that will follow after the Spirit of the Most High. They will
not listen to the Lord God of the heaven and the earth, but will go
after the things that are not of this life, but after the things of the
spirit of the devil! They will turn about and confess that the world is
a spiritual place, and that the devil is good, and evil is of the Lord.
It will happen!!

This, the Word of God, has been given to the one who will go after the
world no more, but after the Spirit of God!!

October 23, 1995

(Prophecy, #15); My Evil People?:

This, the word of God, has come to the world that it might be saved
and delivered from their evil way, but My people, My church, has become
so solemn in their disobedience to Me that I can no longer work through
most of them. This is why I have become so mad at them, who claim to be
with Me, (but will quench, most of the time, the Spirit in them),
because they do not want to do what I say, they will become embarrassed
and foolish-looking to their friends. They have spoken in their heart,
their friends are of this world, and I have not been allowed to be their
friend: so I will depart from them!

Now I say to you, My people, who will listen to Me! I want to speak to
you, through you, and with you. I want to go and bless you, but you must
do the bidding of the Spirit of the Lord God of all. You must do what I
wish, what I tell you to do. I have your best interests at heart, not
your worst. I have the best for this world at heart, if you would only
repent and stop being so selfish with your salvation, and prideful about
your status in this world!!! The only status that counts is the one that
occurs at the judgment seat of Christ.

You have not been obedient to Me, says the Lord, you have not wanted to
do My will. What is that to Me? It is evil!! You who want to serve Me
will do My will. I said in My Word that you who do the will of My Father
are My children. You who do not the will of the Father: you are evil!!!!

November 4, 1995

(Prophecy, #16); Five Years: 1995 - 2000:

The Word of God Given to this World to repent and serve the Lord.

Now hear this word of the Lord; that I now let you know of the things
that I wish to do over the next 5 years.

There will be a change in the things that are occurring as far
as earthquakes, natural disasters, many other disasters of natural
occurrences. There will also be an increase in the diseases that cannot
be controlled. This will all be as the century and the millennium come
to an end.

So let it be and protect yourself from the effects of this by remaining
in My will, My power, My Spirit, My joy, My strength. My desire for you
is to see you, My people, protected from this. But those of the world
will never be protected from this!

Now as this millennium grows toward the end you will notice that there
is also an increase in the words spoken against My prophets. There will
be those so called christians that will rise up and say they have not
spoken of the Lord, but of the satanic power. This is wrong and it is
error! While there are those false prophets coming around regularly, I
have commissioned My words by My prophets and there will be a Holy Word
gone forth in this era.

So listen all you people to the words and the errors of this world. Do
not follow this in any way, but turn from your ways to the Lord's way!

November 4, 1995

(Prophecy, #17); The Worlds Population:

Thus says the Lord God of Heaven. The next few years are going to be
a turning point to the world, who think they can control evil, and say
that they almost have under control the world's wars and population

Not so! They have no such thing as control of these situations.
The world's population growth will continue to grow at an unusual high
rate over the next few years, till they can only think of ways to
control it that they know will never work. It will become a problem to
the world's leaders, but they will not discuss it, except when they are
forced to, because they know in their hearts their is no solution that
will work.

November 4, 1995

(Prophecy, #18); The Nature of God:

In the next few years there are people who will seek to learn the ways
of the earth, that is the ways of nature as a god, not as a system!

This has been in the past, but will become a much more accepted way in
the next two to three years. This they will push on television and on
radio broadcasts to the end that it will be looked on as a common sense
approach to this life. But it is a religion out of the pit of hell!!

I am the Lord God. I am the One to worship, not nature, which is a
small remnant of what I created in the Garden of Eden.

November 20, 1995

(Prophecy, #19); The Way of the Lord:

This is the word of God for those who think they can serve Me, the Lord
of Heaven, without giving up anything of this earth. I am first! You
shall have no other gods before Me! No gods of satan, no gods of earth,
no gods of the ways of men, no gods of the ways of this planet, which no
longer walks after the ways of god, but after the flesh! I am the only
God of Heaven, the only God which is in power. Satan, the deceiver, is
not a god, he is an impostor! He seeks to destroy the earth and every
thing that came forth from the Lord.

Those who repent and give up this earthly life for the things of the
Lord, will in every way be given blessings, here, now in this life, and
in the life to come, peace, power, and the holy ways of God, which will
never be forgotten in any age. They shall last forever and ever. They
will be a blessing far beyond anything that is known in this earth.

If you could see and understand the ways of the Lord, you would
immediately drop everything you had done up till now in this life and
start serving the one who can, and does, control all things.

I am the healer, I am the way, I am the holiness of all, I am the things
that count. No one else is important. Those who will repent and serve
Me, the Lord God, will be with Me in My kingdom forever. Those who will
not repent and serve Me will never walk in My kingdom, but be banished
to everlasting punishment in the lake of fire.

Repent! Know and believe, that the Lord Jesus came and willingly sent
himself to the cross so that His blood would wash all sin away, and give
you life eternal with Me.

So now, here and obey this word of the Lord. Know that I am the One who
you shall listen to, and not the world. Never care what anyone but God
thinks. I am the one who will judge all things, not you, or anyone on
the earth. So quit listening to the ways of the world<not only the ways
of the world, but the ways some of the world think I have said. Look in
My Word, the Word of God, and know what I have said. I wrote all of the
sixty-six books to tell you what is in My heart, what is right, what is
not correct, what is the ways of the world, what is the ways of the Lord
God of Heaven!

Now as you grow up in Me, listen to the word in your own heart that I
will reveal after that you have repented and started a service to Me.
Listen, I am there, in you, guiding your heart to the things of the Word
of the Lord, and not to the things of the world. I am with you always,
even unto the end of the earth!

December 7, 1995

(Prophecy, #20); America At War:

I, the Lord your God, do require of you a repentance for your sins. It
has not been forth coming, but rather I have been led down the garden
path of repentance of a fake nature. I, the Lord your God, require a
repentance of a true nature. One that does not mean you return to the
things of evil that have plagued you in the past. I require of you a
change in the heart<to not go after the evil, to not change your ways on
the surface and claim that I am being served, when you won't even spend
an hour a day with Me, you won't spend an hour in prayer, an hour in
repentance, an hour in service to Me, an hour in praise. You are so
caught up in this earth, and this earth's things, that you will not
spend any time with Me, your creator!

You must repent a repentance that is true, is just, is real!! You
cannot stand before the judgment throne and claim that you have served
Me, because deep in your own heart you know you have saved yourself from
hell in only a form of godliness, that is, unrighteous in its evil way.
You who claim to repent, stand and show yourself approved unto God, unto
holiness, unto prayer, unto righteousness, unto the ways of God, unto
the only right way of the Lord.

You will not do this because you will not have the ways of God, when
they will cause you to be laughed at. What is that to the Kingdom of
God!! What is that to the ways of the Lord!! What do you think is going
to be your answer in the heavens before the throne of Jesus! You will
not have any answer!!!!

So thus says the Lord. In a few years from now, you will be impaled on
the brink of war. It will come with very little warning. I shall bring
this war down upon you who think you can serve the world, and claim to
serve Me, saith the Lord!!

In the year of 2005 you will have yet to see this war. But it will then
be but a few moments in time by the Spirit, till you will see it. It is
close, it is coming, and no one can say, "I will hold it back, I will
put a stop to it." I, the Lord, have made a decision to judge the evil
hearts of the people, and I will do it!

So it will be, that I have now spoken the year in which I will hold it
back to: but by the year 2010, it will have come upon you!!

Now listen to this, that I will bring it down upon you in the following
way . I will never leave My people unguarded concerning the horrors of
the war, but they will come into a knowledge and into a peace about
serving Me in this time. I will protect them with a supernatural
protection from the throne of God.

Now as this occurs, as the war progresses, and Russia takes heart
to overthrow the entire world, I will put an end to it. I will see that
the time will come that they, Russia, will loose this war, and be
changed in their political agenda forever. Russia will become a major
world wide country to bring My salvation to all of the earth!

So it will be, that this war will come to an end in this way. That by a
new invention, that I will see comes to the USA, they will win this war,
but this will NOT occur until they have repented for their sins! They
must repent before I will turn the tide of the war to them. I will bring
them to the brink of disaster, to the brink of destruction, to the brink
of all out loss, before they will turn with their whole heart to Me,
says the Lord.

So as these things occur, remember that I have foretold this in an
accurate way. I have set up My prophets, My called ones that have been
obedient to the Word of the Spirit, to the things of the Lord, to the
ways of God<them have I called to take control of the situation of
prophecying this prophecy to the world, to the USA, to all those who
shall listen, and obey the voice of God.

As My people will turn their hearts to Me in a total way, they will
receive more power from above then they could ever dream about. This
power will turn them into the holy ones that I have foretold in the
"Ephesians book" of scripture, in the 4th chapter, in the 3rd to 15th
verses. For I have said that they will walk in the faith, the one faith,
not the divided faith, but the ONE faith!!! I am that faith, says the
Lord God of Heaven. I am the one who you shall serve. Rise up into
Christ the head!

As My people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution
like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time
of the end<for it will start at the time of the end of the war. Satan
will have fought for the destruction of this planet by first trying to
take over the world through satanic influences in the country of Russia.
But it shall not be.

This is one more situation to learn from. He, satan, is trying to take
over the world, to raise up a world kingdom of himself, the evil one. So
it shall be, that this will eventually occur, but not at this war. This
war will be the war that will bring the sudden destruction, and
realization that war is inevitable, and most dangerous, because it
cannot be controlled in the earth.

As the people stay away from Me, so shall they be destroyed by their own
evil lusts for power, and their destruction shall be in their own mouth.

Now as this war comes to an end, there will be another fear on this
earth like has never been before. Yes, it has come before, but not in
the way that it will come from, and to, this time. It will come from
this earth's system, satan himself<will go to those who will not walk in
My ways, those who will not turn to Me.

I said there will come a time of heart's failing for fear. This will not
be the time, but it will be a prelude to this time. The fear of war,
which will rise up at this time, will be so strong that every politician
will be overcome by this fear, and will try to appease the people with
any kind of peace agreement, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. They
will sign anything, as long as they can use it to convince the people
war will never happen again. This is the tool satan will use to bring
about total world power in one being, in one place, says the Lord God.

So as this will come to an end, the war years, there will come a new
peace upon this earth for a very short time. This will be the true time
of peace, peace. For they will shout it loud and long. They will shout
it loud and long! They will shout it loud and long!! They will not only
be afraid of the peace that is not to be, but they will be afraid of
their own peace accords, because they will know deep down that their own
peace accords will result in another world war!

This is not the end of all war, but rather the beginning of world war!
It shall so be done, for their master, the devil, will see to it.

Those who will walk with Me will see a new agreement in this earth.
The agreement of true peace accord, that will be by My power, says the
Lord. My power. My power! Not this earth's power, but by My power, says
the Lord God of all!!

December 9, 1995

(Prophecy, #21); Judgment of War:

This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it. Not to
turn it to ruin, but to turn it to Me, says the Lord. I am the One who
they must serve. I am the one who they must turn to. I am the one they
must listen to. They have all gone after other gods; gods of lust, gods
of pleasures of this life, gods of this worlds evil reign by satanic
forces, gods of this money supply. (If they would not lust after the
money by making it worth so much on the exchanges, I could change their
system and they would no longer have the financial problems they

These gods are now ruling the world. They are ruling the worlds
system through their master, the evil one. Turn to Me, says the Lord
God, and I will make you strong again. Stay with your evil, and I will
judge a great judgment on you!

So you see that they will not turn, for I have said this war is coming
to those who will fight against the kingdom of Heaven, and so it shall
be. They have brought it on themselves. They have robbed themselves of
the blessing of total service to Me. (The blessings I could have given

This war will, with all its total cruelty from the earth's point of
view, finally bring about a true repentance and a true love for the
things of God in those few who will turn to Me at the beginning of the
war! Then those who will follow will make up a nation of true believers'
with which I can work with. For the nation now consists of those who
call themselves christians, but all those who truly serve Me in love and
devotion could not be found except one in ten thousand!!

So you see, I must bring a judgment on them for their evil ways. There
are those who will say, the God of the Bible is compassionate. The God
of the New Testament is love, and not judgment. How can there be love,
and not be judgment against the ones that refuse to accept that love?

There cannot be this sin of refusing My love shed on the cross for
you, without a judgment on those who will not turn to this love.

Thus it must be that evil will be judged in this land of America!

December 12, 1995

(Prophecy, #22); The Will of the Lord:

Thus says the Lord, I am the One who has chosen that this war must
occur. But it will occur as I have stated it, that all people that are
serving Me in holiness and truth will be protected from evil, harm, and
suffering of any kind in the flesh.

Therefore I am choosing, at this moment in time, those who will follow
Me in this endeavor; to turn from their evil way and become totally
committed to Me, that is, to My way of doing, not their way of doing,

So listen to Me, says the Lord God of all. I am the One who has to
choose those who will follow their way, and those who will follow their
own desires no more, but do My will on this earth. Those who have chosen
My way will be rewarded in this earth, and therefore also in the life to
come. I will reward those people who will choose the way of God!!

Thus it has now come to the place where I am looking for those who will
turn and commit themselves to the ways of the Lord, and not to the ways
of godlessness. Those who have chosen My way will turn and commit
themselves to serving gospel's sake, and bring about a new revival in
the land. I have gone forth and shaken the church as a whole to find
those who are committed to Me. But no, not many at all!!! I am very
upset at this, that the church, My people, will not turn to Me, but will
live their own life selfishly before this world!!

I am the Lord God. Therefore repent and turn to Me. Say to yourself, I
will do the will of the Lord!

December 12, 1995

(Prophecy, #23); The War Years At An End:

This will occur as you have noticed in the previous prophecies, not only
from this prophet, but from many others that I have called; that the war
years will end and a new time of rejoicing in the Spirit will be here.
Rejoice for I have separated out, My people from the world, My people
from the flesh, My people from the ways of the world. I am the Lord. I
have chosen My ways and now, My people will also choose My way!!

Now as these war years come to a close, you will see that there will
be abnormal amounts of discrimination against those who are truly called
by My name. But it is not abnormal amounts from the time before, for My
people have been persecuted for many years, as I have stated, "they will
be persecuted for My names sake," and so it shall be!!

So therefore, notice that the persecution that will occur just after the
war is over will be abnormally small! Not large, but small. They will
increase in speculation that all things wrong with this earth have to do
with those crazies. And that will be you, My people. But take heart and
know that I am with you, even to the end of the age, and beyond to the
ages to come!!

December 16, 1995

(Prophecy, #24); The Word of Expansion:

This is the word of the Lord concerning the expansion of the Kingdom of

I, the Lord God of heaven, have always desired My people, the entire
earth, to expand beyond anything you could ever imagine! The whole earth
was to multiply and expand beyond its borders, into the realms of the
heavens, and beyond your possible comprehension!!

So you see, that I have designed a plan for this earth, and I will not
fail!! This earth, and its evil, will at the time appointed pass away
into judgment  and damnation. Then shall come the continuation of My
plan; and satan and evil shall be put away from it.

This is the will of the Lord, that you spread the gospel as far, and to
as many, as will receive this word. I have prepared a place for all
those who will repent and serve the Lord God of the Heaven. I will serve
them too. They will be blessed beyond anything that can be possible
imagined on this earth. It is so grand, so exceptionally grand, that you
could not begin to think of it.

But now, now it is time for the repentance, the serving of the Lord,
by proclaiming the good news to a lost world!!

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