Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Three)

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April 8, 1996

(Prophecy, #25); The Word of the Lord Concerning the Evil of the Flesh:

Thus says the Lord, the God of righteousness, not the God of evil. For
this earth almost wholly follows after its own fleshly heart. A heart
after the things of the world, after the things of the evil of the
devil. For I shall not be dismayed at this, nor at their wholly evil
heart within them.

I shall pour out My wrath on them in many, many, many ways, saith the
Lord God.

First, I shall turn their own hearts within them to allow their evil to
break forth and produce its own results. This will itself be a judgment
on them! For they will turn from their ways only when they have seen the
results of their evil!

Second, I shall turn this earth against them!! For they will not seek a
truly Holy God, except they turn and find that the earth which they have
worshipped is no longer a god to them. I WILL DESTROY THEIR GOD OF THIS
EARTH!! Know, as this occurs, you will notice that the earth will turn
against them beginning very slowly as it has in the past. But I will
turn it toward increasing speed, at which time you will say, "It's come
to pass, the word of the Lord has come to pass, the earth has turned
against the evil one!" But NO, it shall turn against them even more
strongly after this. The wind, the hurricane, the tornado, the
earthquakes are but a small, small, small, small, small, small, small

Third, I shall turn they, themselves, to their own evil and they,
themselves, will destroy their own hearts. For the evil of their heart
will rise up against their own hearts, and they will not be able to
justify their own actions! For out of evil will come evil!

Now therefore will they begin to destroy their own selves by violence,
by evil speech, by sensory products of the flesh; by their own evil
imagination, they will be destroyed.

Third is not only the last of the first part of the judgments, but
the beginning of the ways of the Lord. For by this time the judgments of
the Lord will be so strong not many christians will not be able to deny
the fact the the Lord is now taking control of this evil, in a damning
and wrath-filled way!

This will all be, but the ways of the Lord, in strength, in power, in
great deeds, are just about to begin! For the time of the Lord, the time
to repent, the time to serve the Lord God of all, is here - it always
has been! - but most of you are just now waking up to this! So wake up
and serve the Lord God of heaven. For the wrath of the Lord will never,
never, never, strike the hearts - those hearts that serve Me. Never! I
will not allow it! It's never My will to destroy My people! I will
protect them. But this they must know! That the will of God is to
protect them through it all, no matter how hard it may seem.

For this word is not just to inform you, nor is it to scare you. But
rather to bring about a repentance in all mankind, in all that will
serve Me. For I am a righteous God, not an evil one. Now this, the will
of God, is going to become obvious to all, not to all christian, but to
all. I will make it obvious to all people everywhere, for they shall
know the way, but still they will demand a more selfish way of the Lord.

Fourth, I shall break forth in many more judgments of the Lord, more
than can be described here, now in this time, but I shall bring them to
pass, with each one bringing more severe judgment of the ways of the
world, but each one also will bring about more stability, more faith,
more stubornlessness, more fear toward the Lord your God!!

April 8, 1996

(Prophecy, #26); The Special Faith:

So you are now seeing from the prophecies that I am bringing about, that
the Lord will bring more judgment to the earth than has ever before

But I have not a heart for judgments, nor for wrath. Its not in My heart
to seek those things which shall hurt you, or anyone, but rather it's in
My heart to bring about a serving, faithful, more gracious loving
Spirit, in all peoples! My heart is to turn them from evil, not to hurt
or destroy any of them! I want this to be a time of repentance, revival,
strength, but they will not!!! So you see I have turned to this way for
a Holy reason, not only to bring about My people, My strength, My
hearts, My christians, here now in this earth, but people who want no
more of Me than there little faith can handle. I want you to have all
faith!!! Not some faith, all faith!!!!

When was the last time you spent an hour with Me, the last time you sent
a weekend with Me. Are you so hard up for time you can't spend it with
Me? Are you so hard up for the things of this earth you will not spend
time with Me? I want you!! I want you!! I want you!! Why do you not come
to Me. I love you!! I love you!! I love you!! Please come to Me. Come to
your own, dear, loving God!! I want to protect you, to bless you, to
bless you with more faith than you have ever known!!

I will not destroy, but build up My own!! I will build you as you come
to Me. Fast!! before the Lord God of heaven! I did - in this earth's
evil time - when I was on this earth. I did, when I did not have any
time for it. I would spend a day with My Word, speaking it to the
people. And spend all night with My Father! I could not go long without
Him! Why do you think you can? Why? I ask you why? You don't know how
many, many, many, many, many, times I could have saved you heartaces,
saved you turmoil in your lives, saved you time, saved you money, that
you could have used for things of Me, not things of you. Please spend
time with Me. I will not hold back from you. I will not hold back. I
will not hold back. I will be a Father to you!!

Must you always come to Me when you are in need. How do you think you
got in need. You went without Me!! You must never go without Me. Listen
to My servants, who have provided the Word of the Lord to you. Why do
you think I put them through what I do? To teach them servant like
attitudes! To teach them to serve, to teach them to serve, to teach them
to serve! For I will turn and reward them far beyond anything that you
or they could ever imagine on this earth!!

So now turn and repent, for your time not spent with Me. I know that as
you begin this journey toward the Lord your God, that you will turn and
see yourself as never before, for I will change the very hearts desire
within you!!

April 12 - May 9, 1996

(Prophecy, #27);The Spiritual Life in this Age: 

Thus saith the Lord, the God of Heaven. This life that you're in is not
to be taken lightly. For so have many in the past, taken lightly, this
life. It is to be cherished, blessed, prosperous in everything that is
holy and righteous! So go on with your life - not! Rather take time to
be obedient to the spiritual life call that I have called to you! For so
have many peoples been - they have gone after the things of the world,
not the things of God, or the things of this heavenly existence!

Now to be the one who looks at heaven, and turns aside after this earth,
its pleasure, its reward, is to chase away the earthly life you could
have had. For only those who willingly give up this earth will be
trusted with any joy here. Those who will give up this earth will get
much more of the heavenly riches than could be described here, or ever,
in this age!

Those who will not give it up will end up the lowest of the rank of the
joy of heaven. They will have an eternity to subscribe to learning what
they ought to have known here, now, on this earth, on its time scale.
For though they have downtrodden this life with the riches of this
earth, they have obtained the heavenly realm, but to find they missed
the most important mark ever to have reach for! They will not be
sorrowful for having obtained the realm of heavenly joy, but will ALWAYS
be aware of what they have missed!!

So you see the riches of His Glory! His Glory is for everlasting
to everlasting to more than you could ever comprehend! Now that you can
see the greatness into which you can now walk Ñ walk! Walk in it. Walk
with it. Spend time with Me in it. You will be glorified because of your
faithfulness. I am rich with glory for you, for your work, for your
time, for your place, in this earth. I have all power, strength, and
deeds for you to have, to perform My work!

So why do you not do the works I have commanded. Because you are too
much in the flesh; too much in the fleshly corruption that comes from
the world's system. You are too much in the world's system because you
do not heed My commandment to obey the Word of the Lord and do the Will
of God in prayer, in other tongues, fasting, seeking My face, seeking My
will, seeking My power, seeking My blessings, seeking My pleasure,
seeking My ways, seeking My methods of operation Ñ no, you are on your
own because you have chosen to be on your own! So you have reaped your
reward, your reward of flesh!

So now turn and be exceedingly blessed with My power, My ways, My might.
For at this time you can now have it. You always could, but you resisted
My ways, My might, My method. So now you can turn to My ways, My might,
My power, My holiness! So you should now be committed to the things of
the Lord, but not to the things of the world.

Oh, will you be persecuted for this?!! You will!!! For My will is for
you to stand before all, in My Ways!! So they that see will turn to
notice that you have changed! You have changed!! You have changed!!! So
they will begin to persecute you beyond what you thought you could bear!
But stand with Me. You will have the strength of Me!! This do: stand
with Me, always!

So stand and be alone with My word, My deeds, My will!!

Always learn to stand on the Word of the Lord. I am that I am, I am that
I am, I am that I am. When you realize what the total power of God is,
you will notice that this world will no longer matter!! It is not
important. Just an area of evil that you pass through! I will no longer
be a distant thing that has to be sought. I will be right there with
you. Not that I am not there now, but that you are so worldly you cannot
notice Me! I am here, just reach to the Lord and He is there! I am that
I am. This is power beyond your comprehension! I will always be! I am
always there. Just stand with Me and nothing of this earth can affect
you, or upset you, or persecute you to the end of your ways for defeat.
I am with you to the end of this age! I am with you forever and ever!
Just imagine that! You cannot! It cannot be comprehended by a mere man,
but I am there anyway!

So live after the earth no longer, but stand fast and be a holy victory
for Me. For I am that holy One you seek, whether you realize it or not.
Everyone of you have sought for truth. Why? Because I have commanded it
of the earth, to seek forth the truth, but the earth rebels against
this. Evil thoughts arise. They will have nothing to do with a Holy God.
Nothing! I am Holy. I am Holy. I am Holy. So it always will be.

But only those who are with Me shall perceive that I am that Holy One
they are seeking. They are enlightened by the power and knowledge of
God. They have the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, the power of God,
within them. Be one of them. As many of you are seeking Me, (not the
earth, its ways, its evil), but seek Me, show forth ways of
righteousness - evil shall flee from you. Show forth your ways and you
will see that though you find the Lord you must still make a decision to
serve. That is the key, a decision to serve that Lord God of All!!

So serve Me, says the Lord, that you will attain that holy crown that
you should desire to have. I am that Holy One of God, that One you
should copy. Copy Me, says the Lord Jesus. Copy Me and attain that holy
crown to hold for the rest of your life - eternally!

So serve Me. I say again that you know that I am the righteous One of
the Lord. That you know that way which is right, not the way which shall
bring forth destruction of this evil way. For you see there is a time of
learning about these things. A time of remembering of what you learned.
But, also, a time of doing these things, continually, for the rest of
your life!

As you seek Me, you shall find Me. Not only shall you find Me, but you
shall do away with those things that hold you back. Things which are
gods to you, in your life. Things that do not belong. Things that are
not righteousness, because of their standing before Me as a god! Do NOT
turn away from this: The will of God. I will show you what they are -
turn away from all gods other than the Holy, One True God, Jesus his
Son, the Holy Spirit, the life of all!

Now note that the things I shall reveal to you, must be done away with.
If you do not, you shall be damned. For the things of this life have
NOT priority to the things of the Spirit!

Now I shall begin to reveal to you what you must do. Stand before the
world, a sinner no more, but a blood bought, saved, Holy Spirit filled
man or woman of God!! Let your light shine! Let it shine so others will
see it. Know that the Lord wants you to shine, to know that the earth
needs to save itself from the evil that shall befall it, if it does not
repent of its deeds, and turn away from them to a righteous God.

Therefore turn yourself away from the evil deeds that you have been in,
and turn toward the living God. Turn toward witnessing for God. Turn
toward living for God. Turn toward making your God, the Heavenly Father,
your one and only Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit, to worship and to

So it shall, be that as you do this, My Spirit will overpower you to
holiness like never before. For the time is fast approaching when I will
divide between those that will serve, and those that will only turn
toward a form, not the power, of the Lord God!

There is coming a time that will be strong in the flesh, that the world
will see, that will be strong in ways unmentionable, that will take the
world with so much glee - they will see that the christians are fighting
among themselves. BUT NO!!! I am dividing among My children, those who
are dedicated, those who are fervent of Spirit, those who are strong,
those who will serve; not those who will play the game of religious
experiences, not those who will turn aside when the going gets rough,
not those who will turn aside when satan attacks.

Who told you to run at satan shouting? Who told you to turn away? I did
not. I am your leader, right? Have not I held you, when you were
disobedient? Have not I been merciful? Have not I been righteous when
you were not right with Me? So why turn aside when satan makes a noise?
Have you not understood, have you not read, do you not understand, that
the scriptures will make you strong? Do you not read that I will never
forsake, even to the ends of the earth? Do you not understand, that as
things get rough out there, I get stronger in you? Will you not rather
rejoice at this? For I say, rejoice at this. Rejoice that you are
counted worthy of persecution. Rejoice that you are counted worthy of
prejudice against you. Note it. Note it. Note it. I am making you stron
g. Look not back at your failures. Not back at that, but just for a
moment, look back at what you were, like, say, two years ago,
three years ago! Have not I made you strong?

So now stay that strong, NOT! Rather grow stronger, for the fight has
yet to begin in strength!

Indeed it is strong today: this fight. But as it grows, and grows, and
grows, you will note that the power of the Spirit with those who truly
mean business with Me, will also grow much more than the devil grows. It
grows more than the devil. What? The Spirit of the Living God!!!

So now seek Me. Spend time with Me. And now that the will of God is to
seek, strengthen, grow with the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of God
Almighty, the one who controls you with everything that can and does

So there you have it. My power coming upon all. Upon those who will work
the work of the Lord with power of glory, deliverance, and blessing!!
BUT, I said BUT!! it shall destroy those who play the game of religion.
It shall destroy it, religion, and them, the sinners, that claim they
serve Me, and I WILL BE GOD!!!

So it shall be, that I will turn and be a God again to a new earth, a
new heaven. For though they call upon the name of God, their hearts,
their hearts that I look at, their hearts, their hearts, have shown Me
that they are unwilling to repent, for they are in love with their sin!!

Now it shall be in times to come, that there will be more judgment upon
the earth than ever before. More than ever in the time of the flood,
more than ever in the times of the earthquakes, more than ever in any
time before this late age.

That I will be a God, shall be. I will be a God of judgment!

So it shall come to pass in the next few years, that you will BEGIN to
see travail upon the earth, that has never before been. You will see
that following:

-the earth will turn to violence as never before.

-the earth will be overcome with diseases which cannot be cured!

-the earth will turn against itself with the earthquake, such as
never before, for the force of it.

-the earth will turn itself to the command that I gave it: that the
earth will always be warm, cold, summer, winter, but, oh! what a change
there will be in the earth's weather!

-the earth will turn about in space!

-the violence of the earth will grow to such proportions that the men of
the earth will no longer be safe, to the point, that noone of means will
want to live in the cities, even to the sending up of prices of the land
around the cities, to the place where decent land near main cities will
be unavailable.

-the Lord will turn his heart toward his people, NOT TOWARD THE FAILINGS
OF THE EARTH! -- they have repented - not. Let them have their rewards!!

So it will be that I will BEGIN the judgments of this evil earth!

And I will continue these judgments until they, the evil ones, the ones
who will not serve the Lord God of Heaven - they have all been
appropriately punished! For this is the intention of My heart from the
beginning of this age of evil, that is, the time when Eve and Adam

So it will be that this earth will be destroyed for their lack of
obedience to Me. But it must not be understood that this was My way at
the beginning. This was not My way! But I am a God that will allow all
people to be set free. Free to choose their way. For heaven will never,
NEVER, NEVER!!!!, turn around and say that you will be forced to serve
the Lord your God. It is your choice. And so they have made it, with
their heart. Seeking to judge this earth, it will be that they have done
to themselves - this evil!

Now at this time it seems that there is not much judgment. Oh yes,
an earthquake, a judgment here, or a judgment there, but no, as an
earthen vessel cannot last, so you will see this earth not last. For it
will be broken up from the inside! It will destroy itself from above and
below! And you will know that the Lord has foretold you these events.

So let not My people be afraid. For where in the word did I say, be
afraid? No, not afraid, but to fear the Lord, for it is He who will
judge. Those who will fear the Lord and His judgments have attained a
way of excellence before Me. And this way of excellence will be with you
forever, throughout eternity, a blessing to you.

For those who will decide to fear the Lord, and not the events around
them, will be delivered from these events, and brought to a new height
of spirituality in which I will be so strong in you, that nothing,
absolutely nothing, will ever be able to take control, except the ways
of God. This is what I told you of, in Ephesians, the fourth chapter,
that I would bring about an excellence, a Holy power, a God filled
Church, an excellent way, a PERFECT Church! So it will be that as I
bring this Holy church about, you will see the braking away of those who
will not stand the test of time. That is, they will not stand before the
Lord in a Holy manner. The earth would persecute them! They would
suffer. They would suffer loss of face. What would people think?

But I say, WHAT WOULD I THINK!!!! I, the Lord God. Do not I count? Or is
it that you think the earth matters more than Me? Yes, indeed, that's
what these who fall away have in their heart, to say, I am of God, but
never to take the unpopular stand against the world. More and more you
will see that taking the whole stand of the Lord will mean to stand
against all of the earth's ways of evil!

And they will not like it. They will come down on you. But oh, these who
fall away have not learned that the suffering will come from falling
away, not taking the stand of faith, not serving the Lord no matter what
may come. Those who will stand with Me will be persecuted, yes! But oh,
what little that is compared to losing it all!!

Yes, many of those who now follow Me with their lips, will fall away in
the next few years. For they will have to take a stand that is not
compatible with their pride of this earth! That's what it is. The pride
of this earth. That despicable sin, pride, again. Make note of that. Do
not be in pride. For it is the very last option the devil can use for
his evil, to cast you down by pride. Be of humble spirit, obedient to
the Word, obedient to the Spirit of the Lord. Do not turn aside from
following that humble, holy, righteous, persevering, faithful, righteous
beyond what you could ever comprehend!, Spirit of the One and only
Living God!!

So let this be, that you will make a commitment to serve the Lord, to
listen to the Spirit of the Lord, to not forsake this Word, these deeds
that the Lord will ask of you - yes, deeds he will ask of you! - for
this is righteousness, following the Word of God to the full!!

So now, make note that you must take the time before the Lord in
prayer, seeking His will, obeying the words I WILL give you; not caring
about the earth, its ways, but about the ways of the Lord God of all.

So now remember that the Will of God is to not judge you, but to turn
you around to repent of your ways, so you will serve the Lord your God.

In the coming days of this age, you will see more than just judgment on
this earth. Satan has sought to hinder you by the following ways:

1. to remember your old ways, to cause you to tremble in justice with
guilt! - your justice is the blood of the Lamb which has already caused
your sin to pass away!

2. he will look upon you to cause you to stumble on your weaknesses -
you all have them, but remember I AM YOUR STRENGTH!! So remember that
you have to spend time with Me. I spent time with My Father while on
earth, you must also! Pray AND FAST before Me, regularly!!

3. thus will satan do when he cannot succeed in the earlier ways: to
cause you to notice your successes in the Lord and to build you up in
your flesh, which is pride. Do not let him!!

So now turn to these ways and remember them, for so I, the Lord, have
told you. These are the ways of the Lord that WILL keep you from
falling, and the ways to keep to from staying down when you have!

So it is that I have revealed this unto you, but now make this promise:
that no matter how hard you look at yourself, do not look to the fleshly
ways any longer; they have passed away. Now behold, a new creature in
Christ Jesus. For so I have made those who will follow after Me.

You see there must come on this earth a division, much more than now,

A division will occur between those who will stand for the Kingdom of
God, those who will turn aside from the flesh, those who will turn and
follow after the Lord NO MATTER WHAT, (this is My will for all); and
those who will seek after the things of the flesh, the things of the
world. For they will turn not aside to Me, but have a form of godliness
to which they claim is salvation. BUT IT IS NOT!! Do NOT go after those
people. They have chosen the ways of evil. Turn not to them, but away
from them, for they ARE EVIL. No matter what, turn not after them, they
have decided to serve satan. YES THEY ARE IN THE CHURCH! YOU KNOW MANY
of Grace. They are enemies of Me. Oh how I wish they were not, not the

Now understand this, I tell you this not for love only, but also for
them. That they will read, understand, and turn away, but if not:
judgment!! So it must be. Now you must be prepared to take on the whole
earth, with Me at your side.

For as you do, you will see those things occurring around you. You will
first be called evil, sin, other names too horrible to mention, but you
will be in My will. I know this sounds very much like some of satan's
crowd, (turn away from the long sought after ways of the church, to
become a more violent person), but no, it is Me causing you to turn away
from the world and become like unto Me!

So do not despise this Word. For it is for your glory, for
your understanding, for your prosperity. For you must realize that the
Word of the Lord in the 24th chapter of Matthew will come to pass. All
will hate you. All will despise you, and they will suffer judgments of
God on them. But My people, called by My Name, they will be blessed. For
I will bless them.

You see, there is a true prosperity, but it is not of the worlds ways,
or the worlds goods, (did not I say, put your treasure into heavenly
things, the ways of the Lord!). So you see to put your treasure into
heavenly places. I will take care of all your needs on this earth. Have
not I said so in My Word. Then why do you doubt Me. You have! You
thought a lot about what you would do to make your needs felt in your
flesh, so you would know what to do to cause them to be met. I have not
said so to do. I have said turn your hearts upon Me, My will, My ways,
My might. I will cause ALL of your needs to be fulfilled beyond what you
could ask or think.

So it is that you will learn to go by My ways, My might!

I have long ago begun to restore the ministries of My body that have
been lacking. There are many more to go, but I have had so much
resistance from My so-called people, that I have brought about the
return (not that I have left them at any time, but My people have
forgotten to remember them, to honor those who I have called!), of the
prophetic ministry. I have raised up the prophet in this hour. Oh, how
few there have been in days gone by, but now I have begun to raise up
the prophetic ministry, which will always be a strong point of My

There have been so many of My Church that will say there is no such
ministry, but I say there is, there always has been, there always will
be, even in the ages to come. For I will send a type of prophetic
ministry into the ages ahead. But it will be different in these ages,
because of the different needs of this time. But, now, there is a strong
call to the prophetic. A call that I have brought about for the
guidance, the restoration of My people, for various needs. Do not get
bent out of shape when they come and deliver a message that is not in
your keeping with your understanding of My work. But rather, go to the
Lord, seek Me! I say seek Me, that you will know whether it came from
him, a devil, or from the Holy Spirit of God. This is right, that you
should always, (and I mean always), seek Me to find out if it was of

Many of My people have heard a word that I sent, and then have turned
and said in their heart, it was not of God, I know what the Lord wants
here, this could not have been of the Lord. But they missed Me. Do not
miss Me. Do not miss Me. Do not miss Me. Do not miss Me, for I have
desired you to follow more accurately all things of Me, for so is My
word in you, that you will know all things, to righteously fight the
demons that come to you soon!

For you will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on. You will have
to fight. You will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on! Do not
be deceived. I am the Lord God. You will have to fight for Me. But fight
not as the world, fight with love, with the Spirit, with the Word of the
Lord. Fight for the ways of the Lord with Power from on high, not in the
flesh. For the flesh will reap corruption, but the Spirit, life eternal.
For so is the will of God that you defeat your enemies before you
seventy times seven times!!

Now hear this word in the truth with which I have sent it to you. Do not
be deceived, that satan can be attacked on the level so many Christians
have sought to fight him on. No way. He will defeat you right away. He
will defeat you with hardly a fight. But fight him on the way of the
Lord - Spirit Power from on high, the Word of God - this is how to fight
the devils that come to you. Make no mistake about this. Satan wishes
you destroyed! That you must know. The only way around this is to have
your spiritual armor on, and ready for battle. The most important of all
the armor is love, faith, obedience to My Word, HUMBLENESS. These will
always carry you through. That's all you need. With these you will learn
of others you will need to have, but with these you can begin and know
that I will teach you from the Word of the Lord all things!

Now learn this Word of God. That all shall be restored to the body. That
is, the Church, Body of Jesus, shall have all things brought back to
them that have been taken by satan. No disease shall be on My people.
You will see it! I shall bring it to pass. But before you see this, you
will have to see that the Word of the Lord is feared in this Church!
They have not the fear of the Lord. For so I said, that the fear of the
Lord is the BEGINNING of all wisdom. So they have not had any wisdom.
They never even began it - wisdom from on high! So turn and know that
the fear of the Lord is for your good, that you will know what is right.
To fear the Lord is to know that it is he who will punish the wicked,
the disobedient of the world - and of My Church!

For the days of judgment are upon you now. It is here. But you will see
so much more judgment in the coming years. In the next twenty-two years
you will see this earth's atmosphere and its weather so upturned that it
will be hard to recognize the earth and its seasons. While the seasons
will still be there, they will be so different that you could not say,
if you suddenly went there without any knowledge of what the changes
were, this is a certain time of the year. It would be impossible for you
to look at the weather and say what the season is. That's how different
it will be. Because this earth has sought to be alone, without the Word
of the Lord God, it shall have much more judgment that this.

Natural disasters of magnitudes beyond what you could imagine are soon
to be upon you. Only those with a heart to Me, to My Word, to My way,
So examine yourself and let yourself know, I am going to serve the Lord
My God, always, with ALL of My heart!

So now you see the still small voice of God that has told you to repent
- get it together with your God, stop putting the things of God to the
sides of your life, and start putting them foremost in your life. It is
important that you remember that God is to be feared. For he has the
power to protect you and to condemn you!

Now listen to this voice of My prophet. It is for your good. I do not
wish to condemn anyone, but those who will stay with the devil MUST BE

So it will always be with My will. That those who will stand up and
serve Me with all of their heart, will be saved; but those who will not,
must be condemned.

So you will see this occur as I have stated it. I, the Lord your God,
shall bring it to pass.

As the weather changes, and becomes more unpredictable, there will come
a change in the earth's atmosphere. These changes will be said by man to
be a short lived swing to colder, more unsettled weather patterns, that
have occurred in times past, but not to worry, it will pass, and then
things will get back to normal. BUT NO, I shall not allow this! It shall
continue to get worse over the main pattern that I will bring upon this
continent of America. They will see a permanent change in their weather
patterns that will not go away. Instead it shall grow colder and colder,
with not only a colder pattern, but windier weather than has been known
to man in recent history. Indeed they will be noticing a trend of new
colder and windier records being set by this command that I have stated.

So thus saith the Lord, the God of all things. This is the way it MUST
be: judgment before the redemption of this earth! Do not doubt, this
will be: the destruction of the planet. If you will follow Me, I will
protect you in all of this; if you will play the games of religion, YOU

More and more there will be destruction of various types throughout
the earth. And the earth will begin to wage war against the enemies of
it - those who serve satan. Now I will deliver those who serve Me, but
understand that you must learn to trust in your God, not in your flesh.
For those who will trust in their God, the God of all, the God of
heaven, the God of the universe, will not be shaken. For I said that you
will not be shaken, and I WILL be with you to the end of the age, and
yes, beyond to eternity!

The earth will begin to stagger in its orbit, and there will be a change
that will worry every single person on the earth that knows what it
happening to the solar system. There will be a change on the orbits of
many stars, planets, and meteorites. Meteorites will hit the earth like
never before. Those who have stood before the earth, saying that they
will not be overcome, will be the first to be subject to this judgment
of the earth's evil!

So the end of the age will be with My power coming upon all of the earth
in its evil, and to rain down from Heaven the wrath of God! But,
however, I have said this so you would know that the end of this age
will be very violent and very disturbing to the inhabitants of this
planet, but not to My people who have put their lives aside for My sake
and the sake of the gospel! For I have said it, and it shall be! Those
who will repent and serve the true Lord God of all, the Lord God of the
Bible, repent, serve Jesus the Son, who died for your sin. Then you will
see the end without fear, for I shall overcome!

May 21, 1996

(Prophecy, #28); Spiritual Life in the Next Age:

Thus says the Lord God of Israel. I am the One who controls all things.
I will not turn against My people, not ever! The Lord God of Israel will
always serve His people as they serve Him.

In the age to come, the one thousand year age, there will come a time of
deep devotion to Me, says the Lord. There will also come another time of
strange gods on this earth. As the hearts of the people slowly turn
against My will, to their own will, I will again reveal My power of
wrath and judgment. This will occur during the one thousand year reign
that you thought would be of peace and contentment.

But look at My word. In My word, in the last book of My Bible I wrote
that the one thousand year reign would have a time when satan would be
released, and judgment would fall. So it will end, but there will also
be times of wrath and judgment previous to this. I will have a people
that will turn against Me no more. They will serve Me.

I am, at this time, turning toward My servants. They are being revealed
by the circumstances around them. They are being revealed by the power
around them. They are being revealed by the Holy walk that they have.
They are being revealed by the way of righteousness which will always be
with them. At this time, those who will serve Me will be blessed far
more than even they could imagine in their heart of hearts.

This is the will of God, to reveal the hearts of those who will serve
Me forever in eternal blessings throughout all time and throughout all
space, far beyond what you could know or think of knowing. This will
bring in the time of the New Heaven and the New Earth. I have blessed so
many of My-will- receiving people, (those that receive of the new
covenant, the new will of My Word), that you could not comprehend the
compassion of My Word to you. This earth now represents nothing of any
importance to you!! It is evil!! It will be destroyed!!

At this time I will destroy this earth completely. Never put your
hearts treasure in this place - it belongs to the heavenly realm - this
is where you put your treasure!

Those who will serve Me with their whole heart, will be servants or
priests with Me in the new age of the one thousand years. Those who will
not serve Me, will be damned!!

So it is. The will God to the end of this earth. Put your trust in the
Lord God, serve Him, not earth, and you shall have your place in this
New Heaven and New Earth that is to come!

May 23, 1996

(Prophecy, #29); The Age of the New Heaven and Earth: 

This is what you that follow Me will see, says the Lord God of all, the
New Heaven and the New Earth. More happiness, glory, power, than ever
known in this age, will come to be. I WILL RESTORE EVERYTHING THAT SATAN
restore it!!! That's a guarantee. I will no longer have any sin to deal
with. It shall be in satan's domain, the eternal lake of fire, forever.
That's all you need to know about the New Heaven and Earth from a
spiritual standpoint. It is perfect!

So now strive to be your best for the glory of the Lord God. It is for
His glory that you serve Me. Those that heed Me far more quickly in
obedience to Me, will have the higher position in this New Earth. I will
bless them far beyond anything that you could ask or think in this age
or the age to come before this New Heaven/New Earth.

So leave aside the things that now possess you, to learn the ways of
God truly, completely, and prophetically. For the prophets I am raising
up will help you, guide you, to a new understanding of My Kingdom. Those
that are false prophets will be revealed by My Spirit. Those who listen
to the Spirit of the Lord God will know the false prophet. For I will
reveal him openly. BUT those that listen not to the Word of the Lord
will be deceived many times by the spirits of false prophets!

So listen to the ways of the Lord. Spend time with Me in prayer,
fasting, Bible study. Know the ways of God, and you shall stand firm in
the days to come. Therefore, will you be blessed in this age that will
come, 'cause you told the ways of your God rightly to your neighbor, to
all you know, or come into contact with, for they will be deceived and
you are sent to tell them the truth!

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