Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Four)

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July 2, 1996

(Prophecy, #30); The Greater Miracles:

For thus saith the Lord, this is a time to which we shall go in holiness
and in power. A time of work, and a time of glory, and a time in which
we shall NEVER be turned aside from.

We are going to go in, as the body of Christ, to a time when we shall
be following the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John. That means we will
come to a place when we will perform together, (you, as My people; and
I, as the Lord), in greater miracles than I did on this earth. In much
greater miracles. And so it shall always be until the end.

July 20, 1996

(Prophecy, #31); Seeking the Lord in Truth:

There is, in this world, a large percentage of people, who simply put
their trust in the Lord God of heaven and of earth. BUT, as they serve
Me, they do not TRULY SERVE ME!! They serve, rather, their own flesh!
They serve their own desires. They serve the ways of the world!!

When it comes to a commitment to Me, I desire a people who will serve
the Lord God of Israel, with their whole heart, with their whole mind,
and with their whole desire. Their whole heart must be turned to Me, and
not to the things of this earth.

Those people have sought finances, and NOT SOUGHT THE GOD OF FINANCES!!
They sought Me only for the blessings, and not the desire to serve Me,
to serve the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. SUCH PEOPLE SHALL NOT
ENTER IN TO MY KINGDOM, but they shall be thrown out, for I said, not
all who say Lord, Lord, will enter into My kingdom. And so it shall be.
Not all shall enter in. But those who serve Me, those who desire ME,
they shall enter in, says the Lord God.

August 24, 1996

(Prophecy, #32); The Call of a Prophet:

There are prophets called by My word, says the Lord. And these prophets
have not heeded the call, or obeyed what I have called them to do. I
call them to repent of their ways before the Lord, for I shall reject
them if they shall not serve Me. And I reject them totally, for I have
called them to a call of the Spirit of God, a call of the call of the

If they will obey I shall prosper them and I shall bless them more than
they could ever imagine on this earth. I will bring them a prosperity
and a reward greater than they could ever know in this planet. But if
they will not obey Me, than they shall be crushed and judged, wrathfully
judged, for the evil that they have done in rejecting My word and My

August 24, 1996

(Prophecy, #33); The Call of a Christian:

For there are many that I call, for I call all people to serve Me. So
few listen, and of them so VERY few even bother to commit themselves
totally to Me.

Most play religious games, (do not serve Me); for they want salvation,
but they do not want the cause of giving up the sin and the lusts of
this world.

And they do NOT serve Me, they do NOT seek My will, and they are
NOT Christians saved by the blood of the Lamb. They have rejected it in
the playing of games.

I warn them. Repent and do the will of God, for this is My work, that
they shall serve Me righteously and forever, and I will reward them, and
I will give them strength to give up everything of this world. But they
MUST, MUST turn away from the lusts of the flesh and serve the King of
Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

August 26, 1996

(Prophecy, #34); The God of Wrath:

For I am the true God, a God of life, liberty, and holiness, and
happiness for all those that repent, serve Me, live for Me, and do My
will that I call them to do. I am not a God of wrath to those people.

But I surely am a God of wrath to those who will not repent, to those
who reject Me, to those who reject My Jesus who shed His blood for your
sins. To them I am a God of wrath and I will destroy them and everything
around them. For they have rejected Me and I therefore will judge them
wrathfully, totally, completely on the day of judgment. They will be
sent to the pit for ever and ever and ever.

September 14, 1996

(Prophecy, #35); Your Faith in God's Will:

For thus saith the Lord God, I am King of all things. Trust your life to
Me. Trust all to Me. For as you trust Me you'll walk higher in the
things of the Spirit of the living God. You'll walk higher in the things
of heaven, higher in the things of God. You'll not walk in the things of
the earth. You'll not walk in the things of the will of man, but you'll
walk in the ways of the living God!

Trust Me in all things. Do not hesitate when I tell you and direct you
to do certain things. Do not hesitate. Do not hold back! Put your faith
in Me. I know what is best. I have it planned out. If you will follow
that plan, you'll walk in the uprightness of the living God.

If you do not, you will fall into the traps of the devil. For when you
begin to doubt Me, and when you begin to say, "Well this might not be,
because I don't feel right, I don't feel right in the ways of the flesh,
because after all, this isn't what I normally do." Don't say those kinds
of things. Do not think them. This is not the time of the flesh, it is
the time of the will of God!!

September 14, 1996

(Prophecy, #36); More of the Destruction of Mankind:

This is not the time of holding back. For as you look throughout the
earth, you'll begin to see more and more and more destruction of

It will come from mankind's sin and from mankind's depravity. And it
will bring destruction upon their own selves and their own ways. For
they have walked in the ways of sin and they'll reap the rewards of that
sin, which is the destruction of their flesh. But, nevertheless, I shall
do so much more. I shall bring wrath and judgment upon them in many,
many ways and they'll begin to come to a fearful time on this earth.

For as you walk in this earth and you see these things, do not, and I
say again, do not be fearful of them, do not be scared of them, for I
will bring you through. If you will walk in My ways, and seek Me, and
follow My commandments, and seek My ways, these times will be a
prosperity and a blessing to you, even though all around you, you shall
see, hear, and feel destruction. Nevertheless, in your personal life,
and in your personal ways, I will bring a prosperity and a blessing upon
you, because I will supernaturally, and I will with the Spirit of God,
protect you from those things!!

For you are My children, and you are My people, if you will follow My
ways; and you will NOT be part of that destruction. BUT, you will see
it. It will be around you, and you will be in the midst of it, even
though you are protected from it, says the Lord God of Heaven.

September 25, 1996

(Prophecy, #37); Israel's Sin:

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. Some of you think because I made a
promise to the fathers of Israel that I would not harm that nation! No,
I say , no!

It is because of their sin that they have come into the harm that you
see on the news, and much more than you see there! So they will suffer
because of that sin as long as I am God; that is, forever and ever.

September 25, 1996

(Prophecy, #38); The Protection of God:

I am the Lord God of Israel. All that you see is for the good. That is,
all that you see in this world is for the good. It may not seem this way
now, but if you could see it from My point of view you would understand
that it is unfolding the way I have planned it from the point of sin
entering into this planet.

If you will follow My way and My righteousness that I have outlined in
the Word of God, then you will see yourself rising up into the will of
God in your life, and I will see your needs met even when all is falling
apart in this world.

October 6, 1996

(Prophecy, #39); Your needs Met in Difficult Times:

Now this is the will of the Lord God, that you My people, will follow
My Word, My will, and My ways. You will not turn aside from My ways,
says the Lord.

Please do not turn aside. It is so easy to be pulled away by the things
of this earth. They are all around you, and they are everywhere. As you
look, you will see that there is a strong pull on you for the things of
this earth.

How would you survive if you lost all your worldly goods? How could
you survive at all? Many of you think you could not. But this is not
right, for I will be with you even unto the ends of the earth; and you
would never, never, never be without anything that you need. I would
provide you food, I would provide you shelter, I would provide all
things for you. Why? Because I promised it in My Word.

You have to have faith to believe no matter what happens I will be with
you forever.

There are days coming -- yet a little way off -- but they are coming,
in which there shall be a great catastrophe in the earth -- many of
them, but one or two of them which will destroy much of the technology
that you see. And you will be persecuted, persecuted from one end of the
earth to the other, and yet you will have all of your needs met.

As you walk in faith with Me, you will see all things done. Nothing
shall fail you. I will be with you. And the people in the earth will
wonder about you. Then they'll think it strange that you can survive
without any of the technology that they struggle to have in this
difficult time.

And then you will walk in the power of the Spirit of the Living God. You
will not falter and you will not fail. Why? Because My Spirit will be
with you even to the ends of the earth.

October 6, 1996

(Prophecy, #40); Choose Me, Says the Lord:

I am the Lord Your God. Choose Me above all things. Choose Me, says
the Lord!! Choose Me above all things of the earth, all things of
everything that you see, all things of everything that you see!!

For you eyes see many things. But, only the things of heaven shall
remain. When the shaking comes, and the judgment of wrath comes,
there'll be nothing left but the things of heaven when its done.

Therefore, choose Me above all!

October 13, 1996

(Prophecy, #41); The Prayer Closet:

Now here this of the Lord.

There is more than ever imagined in the kingdom of heaven. I have
prepared all things that you could ever imagine, and far, far, far
beyond what any of you could imagine.

This fact does not even centre on your consciousness. It is beyond
your thinking capabilities. Yet I will do more for you than just bless
you with things of heaven.

There is coming a time when My people, called by My name, will openly
accept that there is more power of the Lord than they could have ever
imagined. When this comes, it will be by revelation of the Holy Spirit.
That's the only way you can receive this type of knowledge. It is
spiritual knowledge, therefore, it must be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Now as you begin to realize that this is so very true; then you can
realize that everything that I want done in the earth is easy for Me, if
you My people will stand up strong and fight the fight of faith. No! Not
a fight of fleshly thinking, but a way of spiritual warfare from the
prayer closet (you must, should, and will always have, if you walk in My
best ways).

October 21, 1996

(Prophecy, #42); Your True Walk With God:

Now, thus saith the Lord. It is a time when you must draw near to the
Spirit of God. Doing that will bring us into strength for the fight that
is to come.

We must spend time in fasting. We MUST fast! Without fasting you cannot
walk in the spiritual power that I have called you to. That is why My
Son, on this earth, spent His time fasting on a regular basis. Read My
Gospels. In there you will find that My Son Jesus fasted continually;
spent much time fasting, much time in pray, sometimes all night in pray
-- and this was His spiritual strength.

You must walk in this. If you are to walk and be victorious against
satan, against evil that is to come, you MUST learn to fast before Me.

Spend time in the word. Spend time in prayer. Spend MUCH time in prayer!
In this time you will learn from the Spirit of God, from the will of
God, by the might of God. You will learn the ways that I want you, as an
individual, to walk, the call that I want you to be involved in (for
everyone has a calling -- every single person has a calling).

There is no one that is not of My kingdom that I do not call to
something. It may be a very low calling. Or it may be a very high
calling. But whatever it is, it is your responsibility as a Spirit
filled christian to learn to walk after the call of God in your life. It
may be only to help your church, to witness, and to lead people to the
Lord -- do simple things like this -- that may be all I call you to do.
Many have only that calling. But many more will be noticed standing up,
shouting from the house tops, from the mountain tops the very things
that I call them to say.

For I have called a new breed of prophets. And you'll begin to see
those people as they stand up and say, this is a time to serve the Lord.
And heed them!

Watch out for false prophets. There are many such false prophets. By
their fruits you shall know them. Listen to My Spirit. I will even show
you in My Spirit, in your prayer time, in your fasting time; I will show
what's a false prophet, what's a true prophet. I will direct you. You
will not be misled.

But heed My true prophets, for they are there. And they will walk, and
they will be strong. And I will bring you up a breed, and am bringing up
a breed of new prophets in this time, which will not fear man, but will
fear God, and God's place will be upon him.

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