Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Five)

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October 21, 1996

(Prophecy, #43); The Purging of Sin From the Church:

But heed the Word of God in this age. For there are many that will not
heed it. You'll find these in the churches. The world couldn't care less
about it, but the church will deny it.

Such churches are not of Me. Such leaders in the church who deny My
Word, turn away from. Do not heed them. They are not of My Kingdom.

It is a sad state to say it, but My church is full of sin, and is full
of unbelief, and is full of disobedience.

However, I am purging My Church of sin. In the days to come, you'll see
much more of this purging than you have in the past. It will come in
several ways. But it always will accomplish several major goals.

First, I will purge sin out of My church -- either they will repent, or
they will go. For you will see churches rise against churches. And
leaders within churches rise against each other and fight.

DO NOT FIGHT MY BROTHERS!!!! Under no circumstances fight My brothers!!!
This is not of Me. If they are in sin or they are in error pray for
them, pray for them, definitely pray for them!! But do not rise up and
fight against them. When the opportunity arises, stand against there
error, but do so without hate in your heart or without fighting! You can
do that! You should stand against an error without fighting against a

You can do it in love. And that's the way you must walk. For those of
you who rise up in this coming fight within the churches; they are My
evil servants. That is, they are not a servant at all, but they call
themselves servants: they are in pride, they are in sin. They must
either repent or be removed.

In many cases I will remove churches. Entire churches will fall and
split and disappear!!! Because they fell in the sin of pride, the sin of
various doctrines. It is not up to you to decide what doctrines are
right, it is up to Me. I am the most Holy God. You are not. If you would
set the concept in yourselves on serving Me, all these doctrinal
questions you have will become FAR LESS IMPORTANT! And you would be
spending your time in service to Me rather than arguing amongst

Here Me! I mean business!! I am going to clean up the church. It will
be messy! It will be very messy!! It will be extremely messy!!! BUT I
WILL DO IT! And when the dust settles and when the war is over, I tell
you, I will have a church filled with the Spirit of the Living God.

October 29, 1996

(Prophecy, #44); The Work God Has Called You To Do:

Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. I have not forgotten My people
Israel. They have been remembered. And I shall do unto them according to
their works, faith, and obedience to My Word. Remember that I always
will judge every person that walks on the face of the earth. Every one!!

So, therefore remember what I have called you to do AND DO IT!!! So many
of you are not doing My will that I called you to do. If you do not do
it, My will that I called you to do, I will judge you according to the
lack of works that you have accomplished!! So many of you do not realize
that every one of you HAVE TO DO WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU -- for the sake
of the kingdom of God.

It is now so late in the hour. So much has yet to be done. I have called
you to do a work. Repent and do it NOW!!!

So says the Lord God of Israel!

November 3, 1996

(Prophecy, #45); Service and Study:

Throughout this earth there are people who will not serve Me. They will
not listen, they will not obey the voice of the Lord their God.

Now I am seeking a people, a people that will listen to the Spirit of
God. A people that will do what I call them to do. A people that will
listen to the Lord their God. A people that will obey the voice of the
Lord. A people that will do what they have been told in the Word of God
to do. A people that will study the Word of God.

Now, says the Lord. Now is the time to begin the study of the Word of
God, both Old and the New Testaments. Study it. Learn about Me, and I
will put My heart in your heart. And you will learn the ways of God, and
you will walk in them, and I will bless you and prosper you as you will
serve Me.

But if you will not serve Me, you will not be blessed, but rather you
shall falter and fail in your life, for the hand of the Lord will be
against you. And it will be against you because you have not served the
Lord God; and you have known how, and you have been told to study the

Study the Word of God. Study it thoroughly. Study it completely. Learn
about God, and do what He has told you to do.

November 3, 1996

(Prophecy, #46); The Fearful Ways of God:

Now this is what the Lord reveals: Many of you are scared of the
coming times. The evil that will persist. The times of wrath, judgment
on all. These things you fear.

No!!! Do not fear that. Fear the Lord God whom you serve! I am able
to protect you from all things, not the god of this earth, or any of the
other evil powers that be. This is a fact: you must fear the Lord. For
He is able to protect you from all things whatsoever they may be.

For in this time of evil there shall be great wrath and judgment of the
Lord on this planet. But you, My children, shall be protected from it if
you fear My ways, that is, to learn to obey and know that I am a fearful
God that will judge all those who rebel against Me.

November 9, 1996

(Prophecy, #47); The Salvation of God:

Thus saith the Lord. Blessed are those whose names are written in the
Book of Life. There are many, many that do not have their names written
in the Book of Life -- that think they are servants to Me. THEY ARE NOT.
They have decided to serve Me their way, not My way.

There is only one way to serve Me, that is, by My commandment that I
give to you. I will show you what you should do and you shall do it.
Those who do not serve Me My way, will deceive themselves into thinking
they are on the way to the King of Kings. They have not learned
obedience to Me .

Salvation is so very simple. Confess that you are a sinner and that I,
Jesus Christ, died for your sins. Then repent before Me, and you are so
very saved that this world could never understand. No, they will make
fun, they will fuss and fume, that you would become "one of those." Yet
I have called you, and you have repented if you have done this. Then
simply serve Me as I show you personally, and from My Word, the Bible,
what I want you to do in this kingdom that I have on this earth.

November 15, 1996

(Prophecy, #48); The Judgments For This Earth:

I am the Lord your God.

I am now, and have been for some time, beginning a judgment on this
earth. In this time I will slowly begin to bring about a change in the
things that man has, from his heart, called gods.

This time you will know and believe that I have called this wrathful
judgment of mankind to be a sign of the strength of the Will of God.
This will strongly change the way you think about the ways of mankind.
So therefore note that all of the gods of this earth will begin to cause
trouble to the men that worship them. For they worship the gods of this
earth: nature, astronomy, evolution, and many others.

Nature shall begin to cause mankind more trouble than he can deal with.
Not only with weather patterns that change continually, but storms of
greater fierceness than before in the recent memory of men.

Also there will be a time of strength for the few people that will
serve their God. They will, if they put their whole trust in their God,
be strengthened, protected, and blessed in the midst of all this

Astronomy has always been the study of stars. But man has turned it into
a study of evolution of the universe, when it should have been the study
of the mighty hand of their God. So therefore, I will judge them with
the very things they are in awe of. There will come various wrathful
judgments from the planets, stars, and other bodies in the solar system.

If you think the atmosphere has depleted ozone now, wait till years down
the road. There has been almost none compared to what will take place in
the coming decades.

November 16, 1996

(Prophecy, #49); Your Sins Removed:

The Lord does not remember things the way you do.

I forget all of your sins. They are removed as far as the east is from
the west. Get a hold of a globe and see how far that is. It's infinite.
There is no end of east and west direction.

So is your sin removed from you that far, if you have repented and
turned to follow after your God.

November 17, 1996

(Prophecy, #50); Your Decision For Eternity:

Thus saith the Lord. I am a servant to those who will serve Me. I am a
kind and understanding God.

BUT, to those who will defy My existence, or refuse to serve Me,
their Creator, I am a fierce and judgmental God.

Therefore, choose who you will serve: Me, the God of all; or you, your
own desires and selfish wants. The decision you make will determine your
future throughout eternity.

November 24, 1996

(Prophecy, #51); Influence of Your Heart:

Thus saith the Lord. There are those who think that they can live in
the world's system and not be influence by it, but you are. There are
those who think that they can serve the world's system and not be wrong
in their relationship to Me, but they are wrong! Everything that you
connect to in this world influences your heart and life with Me.

Therefore do not spend your time outside of the will of the things of
your God. He knows all that is good for you. Everything that you need to
do is written, contained, and to be studied in the Word of God.

November 30, 1996

(Prophecy, #52); Obedience to the Call:

For I am the King, and no one stands before Me, but to submit to the
King of Kings and to the Lord of Lords, says the Lord God.

But who submits in this day and age. For so few have submitted to the
King of Kings. Oh, they play religious games. They go out and they do
this and they do that in the name of Jesus. But most of those things I
never called them to do.

I seek a people that are willing and obedient to do the will of God.

December 7, 1996

(Prophecy, # 53); The Persecution to Come:

For so says the Lord, there is a time to stand up and make yourself
known for the Kingdom of Heaven. This is that time.

There is coming a time when you shall say, We cannot say what is going
to happen, we dare not say that we are part of the Kingdom of God, for
the persecution that shall come. Such a time will take place and many of
you shall live in it.

December 13, 1996

(Prophecy, #54); The True Nature of Blessings:

There is coming many disasters which the world will not believe. But do
not believe every prophet that stands and says that the judgment of the
Lord has come! Many false prophets, which will tell you that the world
is coming into the wrath, or the blessings of God, will stand up and
speak in this age. It is not so.

I will bring these things to pass upon those whom I bless, curse, or
deliver from evil. For upon those who will stand and serve Me there will
be a blessing. No, not a blessing that the world would take after, but a
spiritual one. One that would stand fast in this Word will become
familiar with My blessings.

Do not go after those who seek blessings of a carnal nature. For where
your heart is there is your god.

December 14, 1996

(Prophecy, #55); The Protection of God:

This is what the Lord God has to say:

You that live in comfortable lifestyles. Make sure that you live
this according to the will of the Lord your God. Those who walk
according to the flesh will suffer judgments from heaven! Those that
serve the Lord truly, whether they be prosperous in this life or not,
they will be brought through what is to come without any judgment or
worries. I, the Lord God of All, will never forsake those that serve Me.
I shall inherit these My people for ever and ever.

December 24, 1996

(Prophecy, #56); The Protection of the Living God:

For listen to the things of the King, the King of Kings, and the Lord
of Lords. I know what is best for you. Listen to the words of the Lord
God. I have all things under control. For those of you who fear what is
about to happen in the world, fear not. If you serve Me you walk in the
blessings, you walk NOT in the curse. For those who walk with Me will
walk under the words of the living God, under the protection of the
living God.

But those who walk in the world: they walk in the curse, they are open
to everything that happens, and they will be in trouble! For the days to
come there shall be great, great changes, not only in the weather
patterns, problems of the earth with money, with finances -- there will
be many, many more problems than this. Social things will turn upside
down. Violence and crime shall escalate. There will be places people do
not want to live. They will try to move, simply because of the violence
in the streets, and the riots, and the problems that will come when the
earth's system comes crashing down.

For hear Me, says the Lord. Those of My people will not be affected if
they will follow after the things of the Lord. Do not follow after the
things of the world! Do not put your heart on the things of the world!!
For what are the things of the world to you? You do not need all the
things of the world that they lust after, and they seek after. You need
the protection of the living God.

December 24, 1996

(Prophecy, #57); Listen to the Spirit of God:

For this is the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords speaking to you.

I would say in this day, pack not up your bags and run and flee to
the mountains as many prophets, or so called prophets, have spoken to
you. Do not run.

For I am your protection, and I am your God. Rather, listen to the word
of God, and listen to the Spirit within you, the Spirit of the living
God. Know what that Spirit will prompt you to do, and guide you to do,
what it will tell you to do. Listen to it! For that Spirit will guide
you in all the things you need to do in the coming days, in the coming
years, to not only prepare for what is the coming in terms of disasters
of this world; in terms of the ways of the world that will crash.

But do not be concerned about that, but rather, put your concern and
your desire to listen to the Spirit of God and listen carefully and
follow what the Spirit would guide you, would tell you, would pronounce
to you, that you must do. And if you will follow that, you'll find
yourselves prepared for what is to come long before that actually
occurs. And while the world panics, you'll be prepared and you'll sail
right through walking in the prosperity and the blessings of God, and
NOT in the panic and the fear of men.

December 28, 1996

(Prophecy, #58); The Plans of Men:

There are many of you that believe that you can escape the plan of God.
That you can see ahead enough to know when to run away from the problems
that can and will come.

But no! There is no way that you can not serve Me and run away from
the problems that can, shall, and are beginning to occur! There is no
way out, save to serve Me, the Holy One of the Lord God of all. I am the
way! There is no other way! I am the only way. Only those who serve Me
truthfully in their hearts and minds will be spared the destruction that
shall occur in the years ahead!

Never plan the life you have with the ideas of man. Their plans will
fall through. They will not succeed in their ideals. They have a plan to
overcome problems this world has, by inventing and bringing about plans,
technologies, inventions, to help them. They actually believe they can
solve all of the problems they have by various plans of men.

No way!! They have deceived themselves, and therefore they have left
the plans of their God and turned to serve another plan not of God, but
of man. Turn from these ideals that man has come to follow. Turn to the
Lord your God. He it is that will protect you in all things.

January 4, 1997

(Prophecy, #59); Salvation from this Wicked World:

This is the word of the Lord, that you changed not from the Holy ways of
your God. The ways I have shown you in scripture.

Look at the whole Bible, from beginning to end. Look at it. Know what I
say in it. Know what the Word of God says about all things.

For it is your salvation from this evil world. In it I reveal everything
you need to know about the God of all the creation. I reveal all there
is to know to save you from this wicked world.

January 10, 1997

(Prophecy, #60); The deception of Man, the Wrath of God:

The hard times are coming!

I am the Lord God of all. I will not strive with man for his sin has
come up before Me! There will be a time of judgment and wrath poured out
in these few last days!

I have spoken it. It will come to pass.

There will be times of wrath and judgment coming to all peoples. There
will be no escape! Those who serve Me with a single heart toward Me will
be blessed by having their lives, health, etc., protected from harm.
Those who will play the church game shall not be protected from the
world's wrath!

Therefore turn and follow after Me, saith the Lord of all creation.
Change from your ways to follow the ways of God. Do not turn to look
upon the world. Their goods and pleasures that they seek after will be
brought down to a new low. They shall never remember a time of such
physical, financial, emotional, depression than what is coming to them.
It shall not come just right now. No, it shall come at a time when they
think that it could never happen.

Therefore turn toward the God of all. Serve him. Turn and know that
your names are written in the Lambs Book of Life. Know that you have a
protector in the heavens that shall never forsake you, no, not even till
the end of the earth.

Now, therefore, stand fast in the Word. Study the Word. Know the Word.
There will be times of persecution. No, not in far off lands, but here
in Canada, and the USA. It shall be! There is no escape! You have read
in the Word that there will be times of persecution in the end. Now you
will know that it applies toward this era; not another era but this time
right now! It shall be that those who stand in the worst persecution
shall be blessed in the heaven that they will inherit more than the
others who have not had a hard life. Know, therefore, that this world
will hate you for My names sake!

There is coming this time of hardship among the christians. It has
already begun in some very small ways, but it shall accelerate toward a
satan-goal of eliminating the christians from the face of the earth.
Just as satan tried to eliminate the Jews from Germany so he will
generate a hatred of all those who will not compromise this Word of God
that I have given you.

Trust only in the Word of God and all things that the Holy Spirit gives
to you to follow and do, for the ways of God are above reproach. You
that do the will of the Lord shall enter into a relationship of Holy
Spirit total guidance of your lives. Even the little things shall come
to pass in your life, guided by the Holy Spirit! All things are of Me
that come from above, that is, the words spoken by God. Know, therefore,
the ways of God. Study the Word. Study it!! Study it all the time! Let
your heart be immersed in it. Know all it has to say. Do not be brought
to a misunderstanding concerning the words of the New Testament. Did not
I say in there that I judge all evil. So I do! No one shall escape. If
they have not turned their hearts to God, wrath shall overtake them.
Those who have turned their hearts to Me; forgiven they are, and shall
walk with Me in the holy ways of God. They will learn of Me, says the
Lord, they will show the world how to live. Yes, they shall even show
the church how to live. For not all that are in the church buildings
are saved. Many just go there to appease their conscience of the fear of
wrath of their God. They think they can live without following My Word,
without following what I want them to do. They have closed their hearts
-- to listen to the words of their God. They will not turn to another
gospel outwardly, but inwardly they have forsaken Me!

Therefore, I have forsaken them. I shall judge them as they have
deceived so many into the ways of deception. Thinking that they have a
good life they are spread outwardly into their own ways -- the ways of
pride, a sin that has Me judging them more harshly than the other
sinners, for they know that the ways of God are truly written in the
Word of God. They know what is right; they will not serve this way
because they want the world to look up to them. And I shall destroy

January 19, 1997

(Prophecy, #61); The Ways of God to Obey:

Who do men say that I am? Who do they say to obey?

I am the Lord your God. I am the One to obey. Not the ones that say they
are in charge of the church. No, I am the One that is in charge, says
the Lord of all things.

Do not say that you need to have guidance of mankind. Rather seek the
ways of the Lord. Seek His face. Seek His ways. Seek all that He has for
you. I will show you what to do, what to say, when to say these things.
All that I have I will show you as you are suppose to do it. I am the
Lord of all, says God. I can, and will, be in charge of all that is in
your life, if you will let Me.

Therefore, stand and know that the ways God wants you to walk is
there, guided by the Holy Spirit that is within you!

January 29, 1997

(Prophecy, #62); Tell them of the Truth:

For My Spirit says, says the Lord, that the world is seeking the things
of the Almighty God. It just does not know where to seek. It does not
know that God is what they are seeking after -- they are seeking after
something, but they don't know what to seek, so they seek sin, for that
is what they are familiar with.

And thus they have sinned a great sin. They have sought the wrong thing.

So listen, says the Lord, tell them. Tell them of the answer. Tell them
of the truth. Tell them of the things of God. Tell them. Tell them. Tell
them. They need to know what the truth is.

January 29, 1997

(Prophecy, #63); The perfection of God:

For thus says God, this is His word: seek His face. Do not seek the
things of the earth. For they are fragile. They will fall. They will
come apart. They will break up. They will not work. The things of man
are not the perfection of God.

February 7, 1997

(Prophecy, #64); Do not Fight Your Brethren:

For thus saith the Lord God of everything. Why do My servants whom I
have called continue to fight against the ways of the Lord? Have I told
you to fight amongst yourselves? Have I? Have you been deceived from
below? Yes, very much deceived.

You have followed the ways of the earth, not My ways! Do not be
deceived. Those who fight against My own people, even if they are in
error, they have fought against Me, saith the Lord God of all!

February 9, 1997

(Prophecy, #65); Doing the Will of the Lord:

This is the word of the Lord in this hour. It breaks My heart, says the
Lord, when you, My people, will not walk My ways to behold the rewards
that I would give you. You do not walk the ways of God. You seek the
ways of men, it is not of Me.

For you have walked in the lie of satan, which is that you cannot do it.
When you see what I have called you to do, you believe the lie, I cannot
do it.

But I say in My Word, I can do all things through Jesus Christ
who strengthens Me. And if you will believe that word, it is yours, it
is yours. The will of God is yours, and you can do anything which I
strengthen you to do. Therefore spend time in fasting. Spend time in the
word. Spend time in prayer. Spend time with your God and you will do
what I have called you to do.

February 15, 1997

(Prophecy, #66); The Bless Me Movements:

This is the strong word of the Lord. Beware of the bless me movements
that you see. I have commanded you to seek Me and I will reward you.
Where do they see that they should be seeking the blessings of God?
Where? I said, seek Me, and My work, and My rewards will follow!

March 1, 1996

(Prophecy, #67); The Sin That Must Be Judged:

Now this is what the Lord says to all who will listen to the Spirit of
the living God.

This is My word. I will take the gods and goddesses of this world, who
the world loves and worships, the things, the objects that they take
hold of instead of Me, and I shall turn them against them so that their
gods and goddesses that they worship, is now, soon to be, turning
against them to destroy them, and they shall have no other god but the
God of heaven and the God of earth.

Understand this, that in heaven and earth there are spiritual rules
and spiritual laws. Under no conditions do I take My spiritual laws and
break them. I will never break My laws. I have set them in motion and
they shall always be. Therefore sin MUST BE JUDGED. It cannot be left
aside, left alone, left to be forgotten. Unless it is washed away by the
blood of My Son, there is no remission for sins. I will judge them. Sin
that is taken care of by the blood is gone and I will never remember.

March 13, 1997

(Prophecy, #68); Spiritual Treasure:

Thus says the Lord of all. Do not take all that the world has to offer.
It does not know that everything they have will fail! All that they have
will rot. If you put your treasure into heaven you shall be greatly
rewarded. Those who put their treasure there will never be disappointed.

For the time is coming that they shall see where their treasure is, that
they have sought to keep. Those of My word-following-people will find
they have a treasure bought from their giving up of the earthly
pleasure. A treasure that will last them forever and ever!

Those that have turned toward the sinful side of life will find they
have their punishment!

Those of mine who did not keep their treasure in heaven, but put into
the earthly life what they could, will live eternity with the knowledge
that they have lost all of the heavenly treasure they could have, for a
few moments of time on earth, in very little earthly blessing, compared
to what they could have had in the eternity ahead!

So do not obey the ways of the world. They will deceive you to think
that you can get ahead, by putting all of the things of life ahead of
the spiritual things YOU KNOW you should follow!

March 14, 1997

(Prophecy, #69); True Obedience:

Oh, that the people of God would cry for forgiveness. Forgiveness of
their hardheartedness that they have one to another. I have tried to
plead with them to reconcile them with one another, but they will not!!

Listen, oh you who think you need to fight with your brothers to teach
them what is right! LISTEN!!! I am the Lord God of ALL. You are My
people. Do not fight. I am love. You are not, if you fight amongst
yourselves! I am the One who guides you into all truth. Why not seek Me
for an answer to your question. Why not fast before Me first. You would
find out that NONE of what you fight over is worth it.

I am the Lord God. I know what is best. Do not worry about stupid
doctrinal differences! It is not important. It is important to serve
your God! So do it. Listen to what the Holy Spirit says. Listen! Do what
you are called to do. Listen to the word of the Lord in the Bible.
Listen to ALL OF IT!! NOT what you want, but what I say -- which is all
of the word in the Bible! Not the parts you quote, but the parts you do
not quote as well.

Go back and read the Word. Read it all. Read it again. Read it. You
will learn the true obedience of yourself to Me.

March 16, 1997

(Prophecy, #70); The Lord Guides You:

This is the word of the Lord to all those who will do His bidding.
Stand fast. Know the will of God in your life. Look to the leading of
the Holy Spirit to find this out. Look at the Word of God. Know that it
guides you too.

Look also at your life. Love one another. Do not fight amongst
yourselves, for of such is the kingdom of darkness.

March 23, 1997

(Prophecy, #71); Humility Reward:

Thus saith the Lord, of all those who walk after the will of God in
true humility and love for all the ways of the Lord, shall receive all
that the Lord has, now in this life, and in the life to come.

March 28, 1997

(Prophecy, #72); Turn to Serve the Lord God!:

This is what the Lord desires for His people. To live a holy life in
front of God and man. But it is not holy to serve not the true ways of
the Lord God.

I cannot give you rewards for refusing to do what I called you to do.
You must repent turn to the Lord of heaven and earth and do what Jesus
has commanded you to do.

Look at the old testament. Do you see any that were rewarded for their
evil? It is evil to turn away from your calling that God has placed on
your life. You know that this is so. I have told you this many times.
But I have called many to the work, but too few are obedient to the word
that they receive.

Go where I tell you to go. Do what I tell you to do. Change not the
ways which I show you. I know what is the best of the best way for you.
I know what you must do. I hold all of the universe in My hand.

Do you not trust Me, saith the Lord of all? Do you not know My ways? Can
you not turn away from the evil in your heart to not serve the world's
system of ideologies that are sin in the very essence? Can you not turn
away and serve the Living God who will always be with you till the end
of the earth and beyond? Can you not do this? Can you not?

I say turn and look to your God for the ways of the Lord God are all so
holy you cannot believe it. It is not possible for you to know the
fullness of the truth.

But you can know the truth about your calling. It is yours! You must go
-- do the will of the Lord God of all. For He it is that will bring this
age to an end. Then you will need Him and only Him. No other will do.

Nothing from this age will be there when you stand before the Judgment
Seat. There will be nothing of importance except what you have done that
COUNT, only what you have done that I called you to do will count.

Stand and know that many that think they will be in on the highest line
of God will be at the lowest. Some of them will not even make it. They
will have wasted their own life here on earth with their own things, and
not have done the ways of the Lord.

Do not be deceived. Those who have turned and truly followed their God
will be in the highest of lines in My Kingdom. It will be so. Turn from
your ways and know that the ways of the Lord are the only ways you can
go. Do not be deceived, you must turn to serve the only true God of

March 29, 1997

(Prophecy, #73); Earthquakes in Unusual Places:

This is the word of the Lord for the time to come. There will be
strong earthquakes like never before in the strangest of places. Places
that have never had such happenings in the recent memories of man. They
will be perplexed about this. They will have no reason to believe that
this would or could occur in these areas.

March 29, 1997

(Prophecy, #74); Telling Honesty:

This is your God speaking.

Do what is right. I know what the world thinks. They think you do what
you can get away with. They laugh at honesty. But I reward those who
will take not notice of the honesty of the world, the honesty that says
I can cheat a little. That's the worlds type honesty.

I am an honest One. You must stand and know that you can say what is
right and not ever be ashamed of Me. Yes, that's what I am talking
about. Honesty to your fellow humans. Not telling them about Me, not
telling them about salvation, not saying what I have told you to say:
this is lies to them. You are, by your not saying anything, telling them
you do not have an answer to this life!

March 30, 1997

(Prophecy, #75); Putting God First:

This is what the Lord desires from the hearts of all the people: to
humble themselves to do the will of their God. He it is who will commit
all things to meet their needs, desires, and pleasures, provided they
commit themselves TOTALLY to the will of their God. Those who will not
do so will not have their needs met, will not have pleasure in their
hearts, because they have not put their God before all other things!

This also: that they who will live in accordance to the will of their
God will always be in good spirits because of their God. You do not
always have these pleasures of life, but you always have Me, says God!

March 30, 1997

(Prophecy, #76); Israel, Church, Persecutions:

In the days to come there will be a strong will of the people to say
that christianity is the cause of all the trouble in the world today.
They will lump together Jews and Christian for persecutions. Yes, in
Canada and U.S. this will occur.

You will see a strong delusion in the church to turn against My people
in Israel. So it will be that the churches will be deceived into
thinking that they will do the will of God by turning against all Jews
that they find to persecute. It will be so. It is so in many minds right
now, but it will be so, sooner than you think in the churches.

Already the error has begun to occur in a few places. But this will go
on and expand. It shall be pushed by the world, because they will not
persecute the churches against Israel. They will complement them on
their shrewdness in their politics and in their political views.

March 30, 1997

(Prophecy, #77); Protection:

This word of the Lord you must listen to.

There will be tough times ahead for those who live according to the
world. Do not follow this path. Do not do the things that you have seen
some of your fellow christian do. Do not follow this way.

Follow the path of righteousness. Look to the Spirit of the Lord God of
all. Look carefully at what He would tell you to do, then do it. This
will be the way to protect yourself from the destruction that will come
upon this world.

March 31, 1997

(Prophecy, #78); The Care of God:

This is the word of the Lord for those who distress themselves with
worry over what is right.

I do not look on your actions. If I did you would be judged immediately
and sent to hell. I look at your heart. Do you not remember that from
scripture? Do you not know this? I look at your heart. As you put Me
first in your heart, I put you first in Mine. You, My children, are
first in My heart. You are the ones that count. You are the ones I love.
Put Me first, and you will find that all your needs are met and exceeded
with the blessings, love, power, strength, from the loving-type Father
of yours.

I do not care for your worries, they are not of Me. They are of your
worldly system. You were not taught that from the Word. You were taught
of the earthly system to worry. Put Me first. I will put your needs -- a
priority before Me. You will lack nothing you need as long as you live
for Me!

April 4, 1997

(Prophecy, #79); The Promotion of Self:

Thus says the Lord of all, look to My Kingdom, to those who will
sacrifice all to obey their God. They are of My Kingdom and My obedience
in them is a Holy thing. It is the way the Kingdom should remain.

BUT, there has been such a great deal of promoting of self in the
Kingdom. Look at ministries. Look at them. How many avoid the promotion
of self?

How many simply put their names there so you can know you they are, but
do not more than this? How many?

Listen. Look. Do the work of the Lord. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Look
at the word of the Lord. Look and see what it says. Align yourselves
with the Lord of all the earth, and all that was, and shall be created.
I am in control. Do not seek your own ways, seek My ways. Seek the ways
of your God. Seek them. Look and find them. They are there for those who
will take the time to separate themselves from there earthly ways, to
find out about the truth of their God!

April 5, 1997

(Prophecy, #80); Straightened Paths:

This is the word that the Lord gives to those who will commit themselves
to His will.

Turn to the Lord's desires. Look at His ways. Look at the ways He shows
in His word. Know that this is the way He wants you to walk.

The blessings of this life are great. The Lord will make all your
paths straight. He will do for you the desires of your heart. Every need
is met. Every way that is of the Lord God of all is straightened before
you, so that you can walk in the ways of God without fear!

April 6, 1997

(Prophecy, #81); The Coming Financial Crisis:

The word of God is that you MUST be prepared for a financial crisis in
the world. This will not be limited to certain areas of the world, but
the whole earth! Look and listen to the word of the Lord God in this
hour. It is for your edification. Those who look to the Holy Spirit for
their guidance in preparing for this time, will walk through this in
power and grace of the Lord. Those who walk in their own understanding
will fall at this occurrence.

April 6, 1997

(Prophecy, #82); Judgment and Wrath:

I am the Lord God of all. I am the I am. Do not be deceived. The world
is under wrath, and wrath, and wrath! I am the I am. There is no way to
God except by the One, Jesus Christ. He is the only One to Me. You must
believe that this is so. There is no way you can walk in this earth
without My protection. From My salvation, learn the ways of the Lord.
Learn them. Learn them well. Know what you can have. I will give you all
your needs. Just because the earth is to be judged so very severely,
doesn't mean you cannot have your needs met. There are so many of My
people that will not have their needs met. They will have their hearts
in the earth, its system, its ways, that they will not receive of Me.

When the judgment comes, they will be devastated. They will not know
what to do. They will not turn to Me, but to the world they know,
because that is who they serve. Those who serve Me will walk in the
truth, and they will know the true way to walk through these troubled

April 6, 1997

(Prophecy, #83); Justice for this Earthly Life:

This is the time to know the way of God most thoroughly. Know how to
listen to the Lord's guidance through the Holy Spirit. Know that the
ways of yourselves will bring destruction. Look only to the Lord's way.
It is the only correct way. Know that the things of the Lord are
foolishness to the earth. That this is the way so many will not listen:
pride and lust for the things of this earth! Learn this: humility! It is
your way to protect yourself from the hazards of this fleshly lust for
things here in this earth.

Now is the time to repent and listen to the word of God. He desires you
to listen. Know this: that you cannot go your own way without knowing of
the sin that is to befall you. Only those who will look for the ways of
God will find them. Only those who choose to walk in those ways will
receive their reward. All others will get their own just judgment of the
Lord Jesus, when he stands to serve out justice for this earthly life.

April 12, 1997

(Prophecy, #84); The Word of the Lord that Overcomes:

The times that come out of the earth are limited: not to look forward to
the times that are to be on this earth, but the times that will be when
the Lord comes to pick put his servants. This will be the time of
rejoicing and victory!

Learn the parable of the times at hand. This is war! No other time
throughout eternity will be like this for all the generations of this
earth. There is, at this time, war on a spiritual level. The time of
victory celebration is yet to occur. The time of war is here now.

Once there was a man who turned his heart to find the good things of
life. He turned to look at all the things of heaven, but could not
understand it. So he looked at the things of the earth, the money, the
works, the goods he could enjoy. He then thought, so this is blessings.
I will look to this for enjoyment while I am here.

Then he turned away from the things of God, to serve the things of the
devil. Such a man will undergo wrath and judgment, for he would not
discern the things of God rightly. Had he looked to the word of God, to
fasting, to prayer, I would have taught him what was right, but instead
he looked upon the earth, in his fleshly state.

April 12, 1997

(Prophecy, #85); Protection From the Evil of this Earth:

Some may say: it is because of the evil of this earth that I am cursed.
No, it is because of the evil of you, that you do not receive all the
blessing of the Lord. Search now and prove, that I am able, to those who
will serve Me WITH WHOLE HEART TO ME -- will now be able to receive all
the correction in their lives and protection from all the evil of this

April 13, 1997

(Prophecy, #86); Wisdom:

This is not the will of God: to do the work of the will of men. Do not
note their evil ways. They think they can discern the face of the Lord
God. But they cannot, for they have not learned the ways of God, nor the
methods of this Holy Kingdom of the Lord of all.

Look not to this earth for wisdom. For wisdom comes from the mouth of
the Lord, begins at the fear of God, continues at the methods that He
teaches in His word, and continues still in the fasting before the Lord
and His Word.

April 18, 1997

(Prophecy, #87); Responsibility:

The will of the Lord for this hour: to do all that is asked of God.
Those who compromise the word of the Lord, either in the scriptures or a
word to them, personally will do a disservice and sin to themselves, and
those to whom they are responsible to.

Yes! You are responsible in the spiritual realm for those to whom I have
sent you. There are many that have turned their back on those that I
have told them to help. Do not those things which are easy in the world.
But rather do those things that I have commanded you to do.

I know what is correct. I know what is the thing to do -- not the things
that you would do, but what I would have you do. Look to the Spirit of
the Lord God of all. Look and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Look and know that the Lord will direct any of you who will spend the
time with Him in prayer. That is where the direction will come, from
prayer with the Lord of all!

April 21, 1997

(Prophecy, #88); Strength of Humility:

This word to those who would believe the strongest statements of the
Lord of all. There are those who think that they are spiritual. They are
not. No one can attain the levels that they think they have already
attained. I am the Lord of all. No one can say that they are above any

Read My Word. I have said that the lowest become the highest in the
kingdom. Humble yourself. Know the ways of God from the Word of God in
scripture. Study the Word. Study it. Know that I am a Holy God that
wants everyone to HUMBLY walk with Me, seeking to know Me, seeking to
obey Me.

It is with this method of service to Me that you will receive the
greatest of blessings from Me, saith the Lord God of all. With this
humility you can and will defeat the greatest powers of darkness. It is
with this strength of humility that you will gain the greatest heights
in My Kingdom. With this humility, you will do the greatest miracles for
My Word and Gospel on this earth!

Learn it! Learn it well. Pride goes before a fall. Therefore many of
My christians, who are called by My name have fallen and fallen badly!
Know that this way of the Lord is not what goes with the world's
thinking, but rather, against it in all ways. You cannot understand the
pride that creeps in from the worldly system you now live in. You cannot
understand the problem of being in the world and not fasting, praying,
and seeking Me very often throughout your day. It is this that is
lacking in your life. This seeking of God is not there. Because of this
lack you seek and do not perceive the true ways of God, because it is
clouded in your mind by the pride of this worldly system!

April 27, 1997

(Prophecy, #89); Stand on the Word:

Therefore, do not stand on your own. For to stand on your own is evil
in itself. For I created every man to stand on My Word, not on his own
thinking, but on My word as God of all.

April 28, 1997
(Prophecy, #90); Let Go of This Life:

This word of the Lord does not mean that you will do all that is
required to serve the Lord.

There have been many that believe they have forgotten the ways of God.
They can't come back to serve the Lord. It's not so! I serve My
servants, says God. I serve them.

Open your hearts. I am a true fair God. You know the things that I have
said in My Word. If justice is served, there must be wrath and judgment
on all that turn their hearts away from service to Me. BUT, I am a God
of fairness. Keep your hearts toward Me and I am with you.

I put you through many trials to teach you to trust Me, not the world,
and its solutions! Look to the world. What you see is man's idea of a
perfect world. There is no such thing with the earth. Its system is
perverted with sin. You cannot know the extent of that perversion. It is
beyond your comprehension to think about! Know that this is,
nevertheless, true.

Also know that the ways of God are always the right way. If you will let
go of the cares of this life, and trust Me like never before, I will be
with you in power, like never before!!

May 2, 1997

(Prophecy, #91); Obedience:

This will of God to obey the Spirit of the Lord in all things.

It bugs some people, because they would rather state their allegiance
to various groups, called denominations. There is only one that is holy,
the group called, the holiness of God. They are not in one denomination,
but rather, they are where their God has called them, obeying every
word, and commandment, of their God.

This do, listen to the Spirit of the Lord. He it is that will tell you
what to do and what to say in all things of this life. Remember that
nothing in this world is of any importance, except what you have been
told to do by the Lord, and your obedience to it!

May 4, 1997

(Prophecy, #92); The Earthly Hold:

The will of the Lord is for those who will listen to the word of the
Lord -- to listen closely.

Do not compromise the word of the Lord! It is for you to obey
completely. Too many have turned their hearts to their own ideas, from
the service that they once had to the Lord. I have heard their hearts.
They have looked upon the fleshly things of this earth. They have turned
to look on the things of the earth. They see a place filled with glitter
and gold. They look at it so long that they must have that in their

But what have I said? I have said, saith the Lord, that you are
sojourning in a land that is strange, in a land that is not a way for
you to follow, but rather it is for you to be in it, BUT NOT OF IT!!!

Now LISTEN!! I am the Lord that speaks to you. Come out and be you
separate! Do not follow after the earthly ways. Turn to the ways that I
have spoken to you. Look at the words of My Bible. Look at it -- they
who offered their lives for Me. They have been rewarded above any other
service. Look at the early church. Did not they seek to offer their
lives for Me? Did they not? Do not I require this in this life of some
of My people? Do not I seek to learn not, but teach the ways of God
truly, because I am the Lord? Why do you seek to tell Me what to do? You
say, when do I do that? I say, says the Lord God of all, that you do
that when you resist Me, My will, and seek your own.

Turn now and follow after the ways of your God. Look at the sacrifice
they were willing to pay in scriptures.

Look at what they are doing now, building huge cathedrals to praise
their accomplishments!! Who am I saying this about? I am saying this
about those who are serving their own goals of this life, not doing what
I have called them to do. Such shall not receive a reward for what they
call great accomplishments. They have done their own doing to their evil

May 5, 1997

(Prophecy, #93); True Obedience:

For the will of the Lord is this: that you obey at every command the
things that God has given as commandments to you. For when the Lord God
of all gives you something to do, it is for your best interests to do
it. Many of you have been resisting the words of the Lord. There will
come a time when much judgment will come upon the house of God, for
their disobedience to Me, says the Lord.

Now listen! Know that the words of God are to be obeyed. Look at what
God has shown you to do. Do it. It is for your protection from the
coming disasters, as well as to forward My Kingdom on this earth.

May 7, 1997

(Prophecy, #94); Soon Coming Judgment:

The one that calls all things that are into being says, "you that are
holy, committed to the Lord, say unto the world, 'the time is now short,
soon there will be judgment coming on all the earth.'"

Warn them. Let them know that this is near the end. Soon they will see
this (judgment) occur. Those that will be saved, will be saved because
those who follow the will of the Lord have told them these things

May 7, 1997

(Prophecy, #95); House of God Judgment:

Judgment shall soon come on the house of God.

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