Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Six)

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May 16, 1997

(Prophecy, #96); Healing Of Church:

There is a Spirit of the Lord here which desires the healing of My
Church. They have sought the things of the earth -- they should have
sought the things of heaven. But I will turn them, if they are willing,
back to Me, to the true and holy ways of God.

May 21, 1997

(Prophecy, #97); The Ways of Wisdom:

This is the way that the Lord has spoken, always to follow the words of
the Lord. Not only those that are convenient to do, but those that you
do not understand and those that are inconvenient to follow.

Those that are wise seek not to turn away from the words of the Lord.
Those that are not wise seek to follow their own ways turning from the
Lord in their doings and their ideas, plans, and works.

May 21, 1997

(Prophecy, #98); Coming Judgment:

The words of the Lord have not often been followed by those of the
church. The ways of God are not the ways of the world. But My people,
those who call themselves by My Name have turn their hearts to the ways
of the world.

Look at what is said of My so called people. They align themselves with
the world, and look like the world. They talk like the world. They act
like the world. They work at the things of the flesh. Always seeking a
new house, a new car, a new this, or a new that.

I have spoken: we are sojourning through a strange land that you are
not citizen to. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Look and know that the way of the Lord has to be spoken by the people of
the Lord. They have spoken the ways of the earth. Sin is at the door of
My House, the church. I have looked upon it and I have grieved in My
heart for the strong ways they have had toward the worldly system of
seeking the things of the earth. They have made it their sole occupation
to search out, and find the most comfortable life within this earth.

Therefore they shall be judged by the wrath, says the Lord. They have
sought the things of the earth. When I bring My wrath down, lets see if
they can survive without Me. They have survived without Me in this
earth, so lets see when the going gets rough, whether they can walk
without Me or not!

Now this may seem to be somewhat fierce from Me, saith the Lord, but it
is not. I have brought judgments in the past, and I will bring judgments
in the future. But those who will walk with Me, shall be blessed by a
protection from the wrath of Me. Those who will not seek Me will fall by
that judgment. Those who will repent can then find that wrath protection
from that time of repentance onward!

Know that this is a warning of the seriousness of being caught up in
the earthly, worldly, system that you are in. Remember, be in the world,

May 31, 1997

(Prophecy, #99); Judgment on the USA:

In the soon coming future, I will judge the U.S. in a severe way. They
have sought the things of the earth and they have fulfilled My wrath,
now about to come upon them!

June 1, 1997

(Prophecy, #100); Seek the Spirit of God:

For those of My Spirit, they seek the ways of God. Those who follow
after My Spirit, seek the ways of God.

But there are many who do not seek My Spirit, rather they seek
the manifestations of the Spirit and they get led away into the things
of signs and wonders, some from Me and some not.

Beware of those who do not seek truly the Spirit of God, but rather seek
the signs, the wonders, the miracles -- in a selfish way they seek them
and they are not truly seeking after My Word and My will.

June 14, 1997

(Prophecy, #101); The Call:

Here am I, says the Lord. How many christians are searching for Me? How

I say not many. Very few are really searching for the truth, for Me.
Very few are searching to serve Me. Very few are searching to do the
will that I have for their lives.

Look at My Word. Does it not say that those who will serve Me, I will in
no wise cast out? I will help them. I will meet their every need.

Why do christians search for the things of this earth? Do they really
think that this worldly system of the devil can help them? The reason
they do all of this, is that they believe in what their eyes see, not
what the word of God says.

Their eyes see -- they need to work at this worldly system to get ahead,
so that is what they do! How horrible! How wrong!! This is why there are
so few called and going to the harvest of souls! They have been called,
but most of them do not even hear the voice. They have all of this
life's cares in their ears, how then can they listen to the voice of
their God. How horrible! How terrible this is to those who are going to
the judgment of hell!

Those few who listen to the voice, calling them to their work -- many of
them do not even obey -- they have gone toward the world, even though
they heard the voice.

Out of those very, very few that obey the call they have on their lives,
most do it in the flesh, causing all kinds of trouble, because they
would not seek Me, their God, for how to follow what I have for them to

Oh, listen to the voice of God! Listen!! Do the work that I call you to
do. I know what you have need of. I know what you have need of. I know
what you have need of! I will see your needs met, BUT do what I call you
to do. Seek Me, and I will seek your needs, and even the very desires of
your heart!

June 20, 1997

(Prophecy, #102); Citizenship of Heaven:

For if the Lord came to you this night, would you be comfortable in
this? So I say, says the Lord, that I have been with you at every hour.
I am with you, My people, at every hour, every day, even throughout your
entire life. Do you find this comfortable?

There are so many of My people that do not live the way they know
they should. They seek the things of this life, not the things of this
life with Jesus. There is a very strong difference to the things of this
life with Jesus, from the things of this earth. I say, do not seek the
things of this earth, rather seek the things of this life that are for

As you do this you will find that this earthly life, with its pleasures,
will grow dim in your desire to have these things. Much rather you will
learn from Me, to seek the things of this heaven that you are part of.

I say to you, says the Lord God of all, do you seek to be a part of
the citizenship of this life and its countries, or do you seek the
citizenship of the heavenly things?

July 1, 1997

Prophecy, #103); Judgment Upon Canada:

For this is the word of God: there shall come in the days ahead, a
strong word of judgment upon this land (Canada) that shall turn it again
toward the things of the Lord.

But first, there shall be judgment upon this land for its sin. They have
gone after the things of this earth, seeking to gain the whole worldly
goods that they can have. But I say, says the Lord, there shall come a
great wrathful time of God upon them, that they learn to repent and turn
from their wicked way.

Then and only then will I turn this land back into a blessing. Till
the repentance (a true repentance from the heart) comes, there will be a
will of God to curse this land with the following three things:

1. There will be a spirit of separation. Quebec shall be first, but
there shall come other separation movements to separate the land.

2. There will be an economic judgment upon it.

3. There will be spirits of separation from God, which come from the
devil, upon this land that will turn it toward godless things --- and
they will reap the rewards of what they sow!

July 3, 1997

(Prophecy, #104); Disobedience to God:

There are those who turn and say, "there is no God." A few turn and say,
"so what if there is a God?" Those who do know that there is a God are
the ones who will suffer the most for their disobedience to Me, says the
Lord of all.

July 4, 1997

(Prophecy, #105); New False Revival:

Thus says the Lord God, there is coming a world wide revival -- much
greater than you have seen.
And for many purposes it shall look like a revival sent from the word of
the Holy Ghost.

HOWEVER, thus says the Lord, it will be NOT of Me. It will be people who
seek the Word, but only in a selfish manner. It shall not be like the
Toronto Blessing -- it shall have different errors about it. It will not
be the same thing, but it shall come and it shall take over much of the
world as you know it. People will change and seek after this new

But rather than seek at the strange words and manifestations -- rather
seek peace or seek Me for I shall reveal truth and honesty and holiness
unto My people, who will not be deceived, says the Lord.

July 19, 1997

(Prophecy, #106); Removing Ministries:

As I am searching the world for those who would seek My will and not
their's, I am now going to remove many of those ministries who would
seek to boast over themselves, and not over Me, says the Most Holy God!!

August 8, 1997

(Prophecy, #107); The Prosperity of the Spirit:

For this is the ways of the Lord: that the people who call themselves by
My name, who call themselves by My name, do not turn away after the
things of this earth -- for they will pass away and be no more. All
things of this earth shall pass away!

Now for those who seek after these things (of the earth) they shall find
out that this earthly prosperity will pass and they will be left with
little to help them in the coming judgments of God.

So therefore, stand, and be counted worthy of the prosperity of God,
that is, the prosperity of the Spirit, which will protect them in the
days to come.

Note, says the Lord, that the prosperity of the Spirit is not the
prosperity of this earth!

August 3, 1997

(Prophecy; #108); A New Breed of Ministry:

There is a new breed of prophets and ministers coming, says the Lord.
And indeed they are here now -- however, there will be much more in the
coming days. There will be many more of them, a breed that I have raised

This breed is not of the world. They do not seek after a glorious
ministry with a big name, and money in their pockets, and a glorious
vision to the world, (that they will look good to the world). But rather
they are interested in being humble. They are interested in being
profitable to the master, Jesus. They are interested in being in the
work that God has called them to do.

This is the ministry that I am calling in this hour. Listen, and heed
it. Note it. You will see them, and they are part of My body. And the
ministers that you see so prominent; many of them have gone their own
way. Many of them are not walking in the ways that I have called them.
Many of them are turning aside after the things of the world, and indeed
I am giving them up -- some of them -- and others I am chastising,
trying to get them back into the will that I have called them to do.

August 3, 1997

(Prophecy, #109); The Humble Ministries:

Listen to the word of The King. I am here to direct your paths. I have
sent prophets, I have sent ministers unto you to show you the way. These
are not ministers that make a great show for outward appearance -- they
are of humble heart. They are seeking the will of the Lord. You will see
them, not standing in the high places of the world making a great show,
but you'll see them in the low places of the earth serving Me with their
heart, with their whole heart, and this is the ministries that you are
to listen to, these are the ministries that you are to hearken unto to,
for they are the ones who listen closely to the Spirit of the living

August 7, 1997

(Prophecy, #110); The Whole Walk:

Ok, so now you have learned to walk according to the word of God. Now,
will you seek all the will of His walk for you? Or do you still resist
some of the call of God on your life? I am the Lord, says God. I have
called every one of you to a specific call. It may be great, or it may
be small. Some I have called to be so small in their work for Me that no
one will ever notice, EXCEPT ME!! I always notice whether you do what I
have called you to do!

August 29, 1997

(Prophecy, #111); The Deliverance:

So says the word of the Lord of all. Say to the earth, that is, say to
the people of this world, I have the answer, it is Jesus of Nazareth. He
is the one who can save. Let them know that the world is on a path of
destruction. It will end in all of the wrath of God coming upon it. BUT
there is an answer to this. This Jesus: His blood shed to the redemption
of sin to all who would listen, obey, repent, confess, that He is Lord
of all, and then they would be delivered from this sinful, earthly ways.
Let it be known throughout the whole earth that Jesus is Lord of all!!

August 30, 1997

(Prophecy, #112); Hearing the Word of the Lord:

For this is the will of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Listen
to His Spirit. Listen to His words. Listen to His might. This is a time
of standing true for the King of Kings. Listen and know the word of the

In the years and days to come, much trouble will be received upon this
world. HOWEVER, we and not of this world. We may be in it, but you are
not to be part of this earth's system.

Now know this, that the word of the Lord has not been brought forth for
you to take light of, but to make strong recommendations upon your life.
You should live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Living

September 12, 1997

(Prophecy, #113); The Spirit of Truth:

This is the word of the Lord in this hour.

Remember the falseness of the word of the devil, for is he a
deceiver. Remember and listen to the Spirit of Truth. Remember the
Spirit of Truth. That's the Holy Spirit that abides within you. Remember
it. Remember it. He will guide you into all truth. He will show you the
lies and deception of satan, even where you cannot see it in the flesh,
He will show it to you.

Be sensitive to the Spirit. Guide your life by the Spirit of God. Let
Him guide you. Let Him guide you. Let Him guide you, and you will not
fall into the deception of the wicked one.

September 14, 1997

(Prophecy, #114); Technology:

There is coming a day when the technology of this world shall fail.
Those who put their trust in it, shall fail with it. Note that! Put your
trust in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He it is, that shall
never fail.

September 15, 1997

(Prophecy, #115); Habitually Listening to the Spirit of God:

For I am the King, says the Lord, and I am above all. Do not listen
to falseness. You will find it everywhere and in disguise as truth.

Listen to this word. Listen carefully to this word. There is a
falseness disguised as truth.

Satan goes about seeking to look as a spirit of light. He is a false
spirit. You shall know the false by the word of God, and by the Spirit
of God. If you will be led by the Spirit of God in everything you do,
you will be at a place in your life where satan cannot move you.

Yet if you go by your own understanding, satan shall fool you, and
satan shall utterly destroy you in everything you do, because he will be
able to deceive you at will. Your own understanding cannot reach the
depths of the understanding of God.
But if you will listen to the Spirit of God in everything you do --
become habitually listening to the Spirit at all times -- then you will
listen and know the truth, and you will receive and realize error. Even
though you do not know what is wrong with it, you will know something is
wrong with it, and you will know enough to stay away from it.

So heed this word. Walk in the ways of the Spirit of the living God.

September 22, 1997

(Prophecy, #116); A Difference In You:

This is the word of the living God. Seek not the ways of man.

When men come upon a place, or a thing, or a person that is strange, one
of two reactions will occur. They will either fear it, or ridicule it.

They seek things that fit within their thinking of sinful ways. When
they come across you, a servant of the most Holy God, they will see you
as different, whether you are different or not on the outward

There's a spirit in the world, and a Spirit of Me -- the Holy Spirit.
They will see a difference in you, and they will either fear you or
ridicule you. Think it not strange that you do not partake with them,
even friendly conversations, without them wondering, why are you so
different, why are you so strange?

For they'll see things different in you, sometimes in the outward
appearance, sometimes in the flesh, but also in the Spirit.

September 22, 1997

(Prophecy, #117); The Three Signs:

This word of the Lord is for all those who have desired to know the
times and seasons. There will come a three fold sign of the end times.
This will be, no matter what else may happen. I, the Lord have spoken.

1. The Fall of an American President

2. The collapse of the American economy

3. The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to
begin World War III

This word shall occur as spoken, says the Lord. Look not to the earth
for your ways, but look to Me, says the Lord of all things.

September 22, 1997

(Prophecy, #118); Obeying the Word:

Prepare, prepare, prepare ye the way of the Lord, for many of you have
come to hear the word of the Lord. But seek the Spirit of God who is
upon you and within you. Here Him. There shall be a direction in each of
your lives to know what God has called for you.

Many of you have been told things to do, or to prepare; certain
things as I have told you, and yet you have been lax in accomplishing

Here this word. For God knows the times and seasons. You think I speak
things because they are convenient for you to hear. I speak things
because they are truth. I speak things because they are righteous, and
they are needful for you to listen, learn, and obey.

October 2, 1997

(Prophecy, #119); Preparation Time:

Thus says the Lord God of all the universe.

Coming are the days in which men shall cry out, "Save me." But I will
not save them, because they sought the gods of this earth, and not the
true most Holy God of all.

Following these days shall be great wrath upon the land. Then, and only
then, shall you see the coming of the son of man.

For these are the days (now) that are the preparation of the times to
come. Those who will follow what I have told them to do, shall walk
through this time of evil upon the earth. They shall not know the evil,
though it be on this side, on that side, and indeed all around. They
shall not be touched by it, because they have sought the true most Holy
God of all.

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