Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Seven)

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October 11, 1997

(Dream, #120); The Leaking Light:

I looked up and seen the light on the ceiling of my bedroom, and I could see
water dripping from it as if the roof was leaking. I then woke up.

Then I closed my eyes and seen it a second time. It was so real. I opened my
eyes and it was not there.

A third time I closed my eyes as I began to drift off to sleep. I could see
it again, the same thing: water dripping from the light as if the roof
was leaking. I opened my eyes and realized that God had showed me something.

And the Lord spoke and told me this:

This is My sweet, sweet Holy Spirit and yet people in My church think it
is a leak that must be stopped. They think that I must be held back. They
think they must quench My Spirit.

Oh, if you would open up and allow the flood gates of Heaven to flow,
you would be changed beyond anything you could imagine. You would be
changed. You would lose the power you have in the earth, and you would gain a
Heavenly power. You would have to die to self and be alive unto God.

October 22, 1997

(Prophecy, #121); The Time is Short:

For this word of the Lord is to make My people realize that the time is
short. The time is short. The time is short! There is yet a little while
and the beginning of the judgment on America will begin. So note that the
time is short.

October, 25, 1997

(Prophecy, #122); Wrath and Division:

For thus saith the Lord, the King of Kings.

Here is a time and a place for you to listen and prepare yourself for
what is to come. For the world is headed into a place of judgment and disaster.
No, not tomorrow or the next day, but it shall soon come. Little bit at a
time, then a little bit more, and a little bit more.

And as it steps forward, piece by piece, you shall begin to say, "No,
this is all of the disaster, all of the wrath, all of the judgment, that can
possibly come in this world." Yet more shall occur.

Indeed, as this world goes forward this time of wrath and judgment shall
not end. My people, who are called by My Name, who seek My face: they shall
walk through, not with the riches of this world -- no they shall not have
that -- they shall have the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, every need and
every desire met that is holy and righteous before Him.

For thus saith the Lord, I am that I am, and I cannot fail, I cannot
seek the will of man; I seek the will of God. Let the things of this earth fall.
They are not important to Me, says the Lord.

For rather in this time of judgment I will raise up a church, like you
have never seen a church in your life. I will raise up a church that stands
strong, that stands strong, not in the earth in the buildings and in the
places that man builds. But rather in this earth, I shall raise up a
church out in the open where all can see it. And they shall rise and they shall
say, "Yes, I am a christian. Yes, I serve the Lord. Yes, I serve Jesus. Yes,
I am the King of Kings servant. I will go where He says go, and I will do
what He says do. And I will have a church that is single-heartedly devoted to My
will and My cause.

And I will raise up in this time mountains, and people, and things that
you cannot begin to understand now. For you will not understand the great
changes that will occur in this earth. But as they occur, know this: that I will
not depart from you, no, not left nor right -- I am with you even unto the
ends of the earth, says the Lord. Never shall I betray My people. Rather as
these judgments go, and as this wrath comes on this earth -- let it be, let it
be -- do not seek to have it held back, do not seek to hold it back. For it
is in this time that My power shall go forth like never before. And it is in
this time that My peace shall come like never, never before.

And I shall go forth, says the Lord, and My people shall be strengthened
by My hand. And miracle upon miracle, which you have never even heard in
your lifetime, shall occur as a regular thing in this time and in this age.

For this is the time of the power of the living God, and you are to
[unfortunately some words here were lost].

There is one more thing, says the Lord. Those who have played the
religious game, shall not walk the religious walk. There will not be a time for
them to say, "I can make it through and look good to the earth."

There's time for My people, says the Lord, there's time for My people to
stand up and realize there is a separation between this earth and My
kingdom. You will not be able to walk, in those days, and say, "I am a
christian," and look like the world. Though you would not, you will have to choose!
There will be such a division, like there has never been a division between
those who follow Me, and those who do not.

October 26, 1997

(Prophecy, #123); Need for True Repentance:

Oh, these days, says the Lord, that will pass from Me! For I will bring
a wrath and judgment upon this nation of America. But it is not My will
that they be judged in this way. I desire, says the Lord, that they repent,
and turn everyone from their own way, fasting before Me a true repentance.

BUT THEY SHALL NOT!! Therefore, in this hour that I will bring, wrath
and judgment upon them for their evil, says the Lord.

November 6, 1997

(Prophecy, #124); Humility of Obedience:

Thus says the Lord, I seek a movement in My body, of holiness and power,
to turn from pride in the hearts, and look for a humble people who will
follow Me and go after My ways. I seek the humility of obedience to the Spirit
of the Lord.

November 13, 1997

(Prophecy, #125); Purifying the Church:

Thus says the Lord, beware and know that there are people in the midst
of revival that seek to pervert it. They are messengers, not of the Lord,
but of the devil himself. They seek to pervert My revivals. They seek to
pervert My Word. And they seek to pervert My power.

These people have sought, from the inside of My church, to destroy it
from within. But I, says the Lord, I am the One who shall go forth with My
mighty hand and they shall fall.

For I am going to weed out of My church those who are in evil, and those
who are not right with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I will turn
not My hand aside from against them until I have utterly destroyed them.

Look fast into what is to come. Soon, soon, soon, I will turn not aside
from putting My hand against those who have sought to pervert My revivals.
For I will purify My church, and I will raise up a church that is without spot
and it is without wrinkle.

November 16, 1997

(Prophecy, #126); Rising Above the judgments of this Earth:

Hear the Word of the Lord. Hear it, listen, learn, and follow what the
Lord reveals to His servants.

Coming is the time, near is the time, and soon shall be when the economy
shall completely collapse. It will not come totally at once. First
there'll be some problems, then there'll be a crash, and so forth.

But don't expect you to live through this without My power. It is
coming, because I have stated it, as I have willed it. Do not pray against it.
Pray for it. For those who base their finances on the kingdom of this world
-- they shall fall, and fall big time.

Many of My people: they have not sought the things of the spiritual
things, the things of the spiritual items that I can give, but they have rather
sought, rather they have much sought the will of man and they will fall
with it.

If they would seek the things of God, I would prepare a way where they
would go through this with every single need met, but they will not do that.
Their hearts are not turned toward Me, but rather they are turned toward the
finances of this world. It is because of that, that they will fall with
this crash.

So listen and obey. Learn the word of God. Learn it. Learn it. Learn to
obey the Word. Listen to it carefully.

Listen, there is a time coming when everything in this world will not
work the way it has. Everything!

Slowly, but surely every part of this earth will be judged by Me. And
those who have put their faith in the things of the earth will fall with the
things of the earth. But those who have put their faith in Me, says the Lord,
they will rise above it. They shall be a shelter in the time of storm -- even
for others. And they will walk, and they will not be bothered by it. So what
if there is rubble to the left and rubble to the right, they will walk on
the straight and narrow of the Word of the living God.

November 23, 1997

(Prophecy, #127); Serving the Lord in Truth:

For I am a King, says the Lord, and I seek for a servant to follow Me. I
am not a King, like some of the kings of the earth, which would force you
to worship Me. No, I seek for a people willing to worship Me, willing to
serve Me, willing to set aside their earthly cares, and seek, and bow the knee
to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I am a King beyond all Kings,
says the Lord. I am not to be taken lightly.

This is the word to My church, and hear it! Know that I have called you
to holiness and yet you are caught up in the cares of this world. You are
caught up in cars, and houses, and wars, and peace. All the cares that you try
to make this world run with.

Try to make it run with Me, says the Lord. Bow the knee to the King of
Kings, and listen to My commandments. Seek Me, and not the wisdom of this
earth! Seek Me, and not the wisdom of man! Seek Me, and not the wisdom that
comes from satan!

For you would be surprised, if I would reveal every single piece of
wisdom that you know -- and I revealed how much came from satan, you would be
SHOCKED at how much satanic things you have believed.

For there is much in the way of satan in this earth. He controls almost
everything in this earth, and he seeks to control it.

And I say to My church, and to My people. Listen, listen, and know the
word of the living God. Listen and know the word of the living God. Listen
and know.

There is no time for you to play earthly games! There is a time to stand
up to know that the word of the living God is real, to not compromise what
I have revealed in My Word.

Oh, spend your time in pray, spend your time in study of My word.
Witness to the people. They need to know what is going on. Yes, they will laugh at
you, so let them laugh!! There is coming a time when they shall see the
things you talk about come to pass. They'll see the earth getting into more
trouble! Then maybe they'll stop laughing - some will!

If you'll witness now in this time to a lost generation, then you will
reach a few - and then a few more, and then a few more. You see, it doesn't
come all at once, it comes step by step, a little bit hear, and a little bit there.

WAKE UP MY CHURCH, WAKE UP!! There is a need for you to stand strong.
Who cares if they laugh at you, they did at Me! Did I stop? I went on!

So laugh not at them, for they are deceived. But if they laugh at you,
so let it be. Be a witness and a sign unto a lost generation: that there is an
answer and there is a reason for the way the earth is. It has come under
the judgment and the wrath of God, and it shall continue to do so. Things
will not get better, they will get worse.

But let it be. For I will not leave you, neither unto the end of the
earth, nor unto the end of your life. YOU CAN AND WILL SERVE THE LORD, if you
will submit to everything He wants. Put away the cares of this flesh. Put
them away. They're not important!

You think when you stand in the front of the throne of the living God,
that whether you had a new car or a new house is going to matter? You think
its going to matter? Do you think that is really going to make the difference?

NO!! Serving Me. Being a witness, standing out in front of the world and
saying, JESUS IS THE WAY! THAT!!!! will make a difference. THAT is what I am
looking for.

Do you think I look down from heaven at your goods that you have purposed in
your heart to buy, saying, oh yes, isn't that person good? No! I look down at
their hearts to see how dedicated are they to Me; how obedient are they to
what I have called them.

I have called everyone to something! If all it is, is to witness, and to
give, and to serve Me in whatever way they can in their local area, then
that's what I call them to!! Some are called to much higher grounds. Don't
listen to what high calling you are, or to what low calling you are. IT'S NOT
IMPORTANT!! A high calling, or a low calling. That is not even an issue. What
is the issue is this: that you would stand, and you would know that you are
obedient and faithful to Me - for THAT IS WHAT IS THE ISSUE!!

If you are faithful in what you are called, then you are faithful in ALL that
I have called you, and you are rewarded GREAT for your reward. Your reward on
this earth may not seem to be that much (although I will reward you here),
but your reward in heaven is so much greater!

Seek the things of the earth no more. Seek the heaven and its things, the
things of God that shall never be taken away from you, that treasure is for
ever and an eternity.

Don't live eternity in heaven knowing that you have lost some of what you
could have had. Live it knowing you have served the Lord in all He has called
you and He has rewarded you greatly, a faithful and true servant.

December 3, 1997

(Prophecy, #128); Receiving a Rebuke of the Lord:

Hear the word of the Lord. Know His Word, and understand His Word.

The flesh is the most deceptive of all things. It will look at something that
is slightly in error and call it of God. It will refuse to see the sin which
is in it. It will refuse to see what God is trying to reveal.

When you come under judgment, when you come under condemnation, do not, do
not, do not get upset. Rather receive and seek humbly the Lord. Seek His
ways. Seek His might. He is not against you, He is for you! He is very much
for you!

He seeks you not always in a pleasant way. When He seeks to rebuke you, when
He seeks to judge you, He does so, so you will repent.

Turn from the sin, and walk holy before Him. For then He can openly bless you
and turn you into a servant of the most High God.

December 3, 1997

(Prophecy, #129); A Clean Church:

My churches, says the Lord, My churches. Many of them are unclean. They must
either repent or they shall fall at My judgment - not the judgment day, but
rather at My judgment against the church in this hour. For I desire a clean
church -- one set aside from the world.

December 4, 1997

(Prophecy, #130); True Humility:

Oh that the Lord would be strong upon your heart in humility. Not a false
humility. No! But a true humility obedient to the things of the Lamb.

Search your heart. Don't let the sin of pride rise up in you. Be careful! It
is most deceptive. It seeks to destroy you. It is one of the most wicked and
successful tools of the devil himself. He seeks to use it whenever possible.
He knows how easily men of God will fall. He knows how easily you can be
deceived. He knows that. He seeks to do that.

Be careful of the sin of pride. Watch it. Look at yourself. Examine your
motives. Let the Lord examine your heart. Let Him show unto you the errors of
your ways.

One of the most holy prayers you can ever pray is "seek in my heart Lord,
show me any evil way. Show me. Correct me. Seek to turn me. Do anything you
have to God, but turn me back to you."

If you will accept this word and seek that in your heart, it will humble you
and bring you to a place of true obedience to the Lamb, the Lord Jesus, the
Son of Almighty God.

It will work. It is working in your life. Never before will it be stronger
than at this time. When you seek this, accept humility in its true form.

December 14, 1997

(Prophecy, #131); The Rise of Paganism:

For this word of the Lord is to warn My people to prepare in Canada and the
US for a rise of paganism like you have never seen before. Prepare for a rise
in paganism.

For the will of God is that you would turn to the One and only true God of
heaven and earth, who created all things. However, many shall not turn to
that -- they will turn to paganism: to the god of heaven, to the god of
jupiter, to the god of the sun, to the god of the earth. They will turn to
various gods and the arise of paganism like you have never dreamed of, shall come.

And they shall equally differ among themselves, but they shall turn against
you. They shall say christianity is evil. They shall say christianity is sin.
They shall say christianity is dangerous.

It is at this time that you shall see a persecution rise up against My church
like has never risen up against My church. You shall see it rise, you shall
see it rise, you shall see it rise, in your lifetime, very soon!

So don't be disturbed by these things, for these things must be. But rather
stand fast in My word. Go to those who are scared to stand up and be called
by My name now, for in those days they will be produced into the open so that
everyone can see them. And they will have to make a stand for Me, or turn against Me.

Always make a stand for Me, never turn against Me, for I will reveal in these
hours to come the greatness of the power of My Spirit. For as persecution
shall rise against this church, so shall My Power rise within the church. And
My Power shall carry you though all these things. No, not in your own power, but in My Power.

Like never before you shall rise and stand and serve the Living God. There
will not be a day of an occasional miracle, rather there will be a day where
miracles are the norm, many of them to a given day. So says the Lord your God.

December 27, 1996

(Prophecy, #132); The judgment of the US:

This is the word of the Living God to the nation of the United States of America.

Listen to Me. Have you reaped holiness in all the sin you have sown? No! You
have reaped sin and evil upon yourselves for the sin which you have sown. For
what you sow you shall reap! Therefore you shall reap judgment and evil upon your nation.

Pray for it, that some would be saved. Pray for it that through the judgment
of God, some would be saved. Pray that the people who realize what is about
to occur will turn and tell their neighbor, tell their friends, tell the
people that there is a great judgment of God coming. And when they do so,
they may be laughed at, they may be scoffed at, but when it comes the people
will remember, and some will be saved through that witness.

That is the word of prophecy in this hour, to tell the people, to let them
know, this judgment is coming, it is from God. And when it comes, know it,
for it was prophesied by the prophets of the Lord.

Here the word and know that God is seeking to shake up the people to a great
repentance. For nothing to this day has brought a true repentance in the
United States. But I will bring it, says the Lord, by judgment, for so is the
way they have chosen. They will not receive it in another way, therefore they
will have to receive it by judgment, and I will judge them until their
repentance, says the Lord God.

December 31, 1997

(Prophecy, #133); 1998:

For thus says the Lord, the King of all Kings. Beware of what is about to
come. You say '98 will be a year like '97, I say, no, it will not!

'97 was a year which I brought forth My Word more than I have in the past.
This year shall be different. '98 will bring forth a change in the world, a
more stronger stance, by the world, against My people. There will be more
instances of outright prejudice from authorities against My people. But more
than this, there will be a strong, strong, strong move amongst My people to
serve Me like they have never served Me before.

They will turn from living for the flesh, and for the needs of the flesh, and
start living for the things of the word of the living God. And as they do
this, they will rise up, strong in the power of the Spirit, and I will be
with them, and I will be with them, and I will be with them.

Never forget this, in all the words that you have heard from many prophets,
that have gone forth about '98, I WILL BE WITH YOU! This shall never be
turned aside from: I will be with you. Do not forget it, note it carefully in
your spirit, that you understand the world will begin to fall away from its
own designs, which it cannot keep.

It will fall in the following specific ways. Number One. The BEGINNINGS of an
economic crash shall be there. You will not see the entire crash, don't look
for that in '98, though you will see the beginning of it. You will see it,
and you will be part of it. But if you have put your faith in Me, and not in
the things of this earth, it will not harm you. Oh yes, you'll have less
money, but I will meet your needs, says the Lord.

So many of My people have lived for the things of the earth. And as they
begin, in the coming years, to fall away, and as the things of the earth fall
away, so they too will begin to fall away, thinking, well, there's nothing
left, it is all gone. They will be like the world, there will be no
difference between them and the world, because they have put themselves in
trust of the things of the earth. And as they begin to fall, they shall begin to fall.

So comes the time when I shall stand, says the Lord, and I shall stand in a
great way with My people. And as the world falls away, those who have put
their faith in Me, and not in the things of this earth, they will rise up in
strength, spiritual strength, their needs will be met, their health will be met.

You look and say, how can I afford a doctor, in those days you won't need
one. I am the healer, says the Lord. Have you not understood this from the
beginnings of the gospel, I am the healer. Understand this, note it! I meet
every single need of My people if they will dedicate themselves to Me
and NOT to the world.

January 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #134); Terrorists:

Terrorists will turn to the United States in greater numbers than ever

January 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #135); Coming Out From Among Them:

Thus says the Lord, here Me, know Me. Be quiet in your spirit and listen to
Me, says the Lord.

For as I have put My Holy Spirit within you, so will I use that to direct
you. In the coming years and the times to come, you'll have to listen to My
Spirit, obey it, listen to it.

Be quiet before Me and I shall show you what to do. For in the coming days
that is what will set you apart from those who walk in not in the Spirit, but
rather in the flesh, and call themselves by My name. Because you will put Me
first in your life, you'll spend time, quiet time, in pray before Me, and I
shall teach you things, and I shall show you what to do in your lives.

And so you shall be called out from among them, and you shall be like unto
the Spirit of the living God, for you shall listen to the word in you, and
you shall walk and you shall talk as I direct you, and should be a shining
light unto the world, and they shall know that you are not one of them, for
you shall be different, says the Lord.

January 5, 1998

(Prophecy, #136); Judgments and Revivals:

Now, says the Lord, as you look forward to a new year with new dreams and new
hopes, listen, make sure your heart is directed to the things of God, not to
your own personal agenda. For I have an agenda too. And it is the most
important agenda you can ever have.

Listen to it. I direct My people. And I am calling My people to preach My
Word. We are getting close to the beginnings of serious, serious judgment
coming upon the United States of America.

As it comes, it will come in waves. There'll be first some, and then there
will be more. And each wave will be more deadly than the last wave. Each wave
will push the judgment a little bit farther.

Do not be dismayed at this. For it is this judgment, and these coming
judgments, that shall bring about a repentance in many peoples hearts, a
humility to humble themselves -- serve their creator.

Do not despise such judgments. Look forward to them. For if you would serve
Me, you could be the greatest tool in the coming revival that will spring
forth from the wrath and the judgment that shall come on the United States,
and on much of the rest of the world, says the Lord God.

January 10, 1998

(Prophecy, #137); Storms to Come:

For thus saith the Lord, hear this strong word of the Lord in the reality
that you need to understand.

You are beginning to enter the age where storms shall take a stronger toll on
your life ways, more than they have ever before. As you enter this age, do
not fear this. Do not fear what you see on the news.

Note, I am with My people, even unto the ends of the world. Note the word of
which I am saying, I am with you even unto the ends of this age.

You shall see a great number of more vicious storms than there have ever been
seen before. Note this, and store it up in your heart. This is part of the
end times. But My people are protected if they walk in My ways, and will walk
with Me to the end of the age.

You shall note this: these things shall not go away, but rather are a sign of
things yet to come. For in years to come there shall be even greater storms,
more vicious, and more stronger than what you see now, or what you shall see
in the next two years. There shall be greater storms than ever before. This
is yet more of the end times.

Do not be disheartened, and do not be dismayed for these things must be, says the Lord.

January 11, 1998

(Prophecy, #138); The Ways of Righteousness:

Thus saith the Lord, hear Me, hear Me, hear Me. For My people are lost
without a direction. For they follow after one word, and then after another.
They seek not Me, nor do they seek My Holy Spirit.

For rather they seek a leader, a flesh leader. They follow after one, and
then they follow after another. And they are lead left and they are lead
right from the path of true righteousness.

Do not be lead aside by the word of men. Study the Word. Show yourself
approved unto the Lord. Study the Word. Know the truth that you not be lead
aside from the ways of righteousness to the errs of men.

January 19, 1998

(Prophecy, #139); A People not Dedicated to the Earth:

For this word is strong in My Spirit this day, says the Lord. There is coming
a time when you will not begin to say words against My people without
judgment coming upon you. There is coming this time.

For I am raising up a people not dedicated to the things of this earth, but
dedicated to the things of the Word, dedicated to the things of the Spirit,
dedicated to the things of My might, says the Lord. And these people shall be
strong. My Spirit shall be strong upon them, and My power shall be strong
with them, and great things shall be done through them.

Hear this word. Know this word. Beware it is coming forth soon, says the Lord.

January 21, 1998

(Prophecy, #140); The Big Crash:

For thus says the Lord, you shall see in the next few months a big crash on
the stock market, and then you shall see it again, and then more of the same.
For crash after crash shall occur and it shall come down to the level I have declared.

For the time of the spending of big money over the earth has come to an end.
I have been fed up with the total consumption of this earth with power and
money even to the extent that My people are put to shame in the same sin!

January 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #141); Bill Clinton's Fall:

Thus says the Lord, Bill Clinton shall fall before the end of this year!

January 30, 1998

(Prophecy, #142); Turning Fully unto the Word of God:

For this is the word of the Lord.

Hear Me in this hour know that those who put themselves aside for the things
of the world, for the things of the flesh, for the will of man, and turn
themselves fully and wholly unto the word of the Living God, unto the
ways of the Living God, unto the might of the Living God: those I will bless,
those I will lead, those I will guide through all the troubles that are to come.

Turn not aside left nor right after the things of this world for they are a
snare unto you, and they are so easily caught up in.

Hear the Word, know the Word. Hear the Word, know the Word. Hear the Word,
know the Word of the Living God.

February 7, 1998

(Prophecy, #143); Preparation for what is to Come:

There is a voice that speaks to the world to its detriment, a voice that
speaks to the world to deceive, and a voice that speaks to the world to
depart from the common sense of the Spirit of the Living God. That voice has
deceived the world into thinking it can solve its own problems, into thinking
it can solve its own finances.

I say unto you, says the Lord, there is no other voice to listen to than the
voice of the Spirit of the Living God. Hear no other voice.

Hear the word and know the word, for this is the word. There is a judgment
coming upon the church, there is a judgment that is coming on the world. And
both shall occur as I have stated it.

Make no mistake, few, very few are prepared for the judgment that is to come.
Few, very few are prepare for the depression that is to take place in the
very near future. Hear the word, know the word. Be part of the answer, not
the problem. The answer is to listen to the Spirit of the Word, the Spirit of
the Lord, the Spirit of the Father. Listen and know what He tells you to do,
and do it. And allow Him to prepare you for what is to come. So says the will
of the Lord.

February 8, 1998

(Prophecy, #144); Preparation:

For thus saith the Lord, there is a rejoicing, now, in the Spirit, says the
Lord. For My people are beginning to prepare themselves, to prepare
themselves for what I am saying is to come.

No, not all are doing so, but some are. More and more are. People are
witnessing and telling others there is coming a time of hardship, there is
coming a time when things will not be right on the earth the way we have
known them in the past.

And as they begin to do this, and as they begin to tell, more and more shall
prepare and heed the Spirit of God. And I shall prepare them, not only
physically, but spiritually, for what is to come.

For there is a great spiritual war to take place. For satan shall fight like
never before against My people, and My people shall learn to be victorious
against all things of the evil one, says the Lord.

February 15. 1998

(Prophecy, #145); Dying to Self:

For My people depart from Me because of a lack of dedication to the things of
the Spirit of the Living God.

When they see the works and the ways of the world, they look at it and they
say, what's wrong with it. They have been so polluted by the world that they
do not understand that they have lost by being sold out to the world, and not
to Me, says the Lord.

Hear Me. It is simple. Die unto self. Die to self, and I will raise you up
with a love of caring for the things of the Lord.

February 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #146); Do not serve the god of this world:

Hear this word of the Lord, hear it clearly, know it, and understand it.

God's best is that His people totally turn from the things of the world unto
the things of Him. God's best is that you do not serve the god of this world,
not even in little ways.

Let Him reveal in your hearts the things you must change. Let Him reveal it.
As He reveals it, repent and turn, for this is the will of the Lord.

And as you do this, you will find the strength of the Holy Spirit in your
life so increasing and so powerful, because the things that have held back
the Spirit of God are being removed.

And as you let the Lord show you what needs to be turned away from, and as
you turn away from it, you have removed the binding of the Spirit of God
in your life.

So listen to the word and know, hear is the commandment of the Lord: quench
not My Spirit, says the Holy One of God.

February, 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #147); The False Prophet:

Hear, hear, hear the word of the Living God. Know this and understand this.
Be part of the true work of God, for there is much false throughout My
church, says the Lord, and also throughout My prophetic work.

For there are many prophets gone out in My Name that I did not call. There
are many prophets gone out in My Name that I did not send. There are many
prophets gone out in My Name that I have nothing to do with, says the Lord.

Hear Me and know Me. I am the true Prophet, and I send out true prophets. Be
clear and be steadfast in the work of in the word of the Lord. Look at them
and understand them. Those who walk with a humble heart, quiet before Me,
speaking carefully the word, these are My prophets.

Know this, understand this, there are so many of the false, that sometimes it
is hard to find the true.

February 24, 1998

(Prophecy, #148); The True Church:

Listen, says the Lord God, I have had My Spirit upon My people to bring them
out, not from the things of the Lord, but to bring them out from the things
of the world, unto the things of the Lord. For My people have sought, rather,
the things of the world. They have brought it into the church. They have
brought it into My place, and they have profaned My place with pride. They
have profaned My place with joy of this world, which is the lust after the
things of the flesh. They have profaned My place with many things of the
world. They have not sought the things of Me.

I am bringing out a new people. A people that will be dedicated unto the
things of the flesh no more, but rather unto the things of the Spirit. And
they are not interested in the ways of the church, or the ways of the world,
which are the same ways. Do not be like the ways the church has become, but
seek the Spirit of the Lord to go forth into building a true church, the body
of Christ, strong and Holy, one in unity by the Spirit of the Lord, not the
unity which man seeks, which is the unity of the flesh.

But as they obey and listen to the things of the Lord, and as they do the
things of the Lord, they will be one, because they will be obeying -- all of
them -- the things of the Lord.

March 1, 1998

(Prophecy, #149); The Coming Judgment Times:

For this is the will, says the Lord, for My people, that they be not defined
by the ways of the world, not defined by the ways of the flesh, and not
defined by the ways that this earth thinks.

There is coming a time when the needs in this world will not be met by the
ways of the world. There are coming bad times.

But those who put their faith in Me, those who put there trust in Me, those
who walk after My ways, says the Lord, they will have their needs met, no,
not by worldly ways, but by My ways, for I am all powerful, able to do all
things. And those who walk with Me will always be with Me, and I will provide
in every way for them, no matter what the cause, or what the situation, I
will provide, says the Lord.

Do not be disheartened by what happens in this earth in the coming years. Do
not be disheartened. There are coming rough times. So be it. Let it be. It
must be. It cannot be taken away.

Do not pray against it, but pray for it. For it is in these rough times there
shall come a great revival far beyond anything you can imagine, there shall
come a great revival. And though satan will fight it with everything he has,
it will not be stopped, it will not be held back, for I will have a great
revival in this earth, says the Lord. And it will take judgment and the wrath
of God to wake people up and bring it to pass.

So let it be. Trust in the King of Kings, not in the world of worlds. For
only the King has the answer, and the world has only its own ways, which
will fall and fail.

There is this, says the Lord, that you understand that you can't walk with
one foot in the world, and one foot with Me. You must choose which path to
walk on. You must choose which path to walk on. You must not be turned aside
after the ways of the world. You must choose the ways of God. You must make a
final decision. Go with Me, says the Lord, or go with the world.

Too long My people have tried to play with the world, I will not allow it any

Great are the times to come in the spiritual realm. Many a prophet has wished
he could live in this time. Yet My people are scared of this time. Why are
they scared? I said I will take care of you. I am good for My word, says the
Lord. I am good. I will not be disheartened by your attitude against Me. I
stand fast on My promise. I will make everything work toward your end, and I
mean toward your end. Every need you have will be met. But the lust you have
for new cars and new houses, I will not meet that, says the Lord, it is not of Me.

When all this here comes, remember it has been prophesied to My prophets.
Prophets upon prophets have desired to see it, because the power of the Lord
will flow so strongly.

So set aside the things of the earth. Stand fast in the things of God, and
know that never, never, never will the earth be shaken like its going to be
shaken. Never will the earth be shaken like its going to be shaken. Never
will the earth be shaken like its going to be shaken. Never will the earth be
shaken like its going to be shaken.

Here Me, says the Lord, the end is near. The end is near. But it is not as
close as you think, but it is coming, says the Lord. And never again will I
bring judgment like I will bring on this earth. But it will come, a little at
a time, then more, then more, then more, till it finally finishes with My
return, says the Lord.

So stand fast in My word and know that the Lord is on your side, and I am
with you even unto the ends of the earth.

March 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #150); Persecutions:

For I am, says the Lord, a servant to those who will serve Me. I will serve
them as they serve Me. I seek to serve My people. I desire their best.

When I ask them to give up the things of the flesh, I do not do so because I
am against them. I do so because it is their best interests to give up the
things of the flesh, to turn to the things of the Spirit, to turn to the
things of power that rise above the things of this earth.

It is in their best interest to lose interest in the things of this earth
which will not protect them, and to rise unto those things of God which will
bring them through the coming trials, and tribulations, and persecutions, and
troubles, that I shall bring upon this earth.

Yes, I shall bring them, says the Lord. For I desire to let satan run to and
fro through the earth to do these things, because My children have fallen
prey to devils' very clever ways.

They have sought the things of the earth. My children have sought the things
of the earth. They have forgotten the things of God, and have sought the
things of the earth.

But when they have to rely on the Kingdom of God, on the Spirit of the Lord,
and the protection of the Most High, then and only then, will they give up
the things of the earth and turn to the things of God.

And I will raise up and church, and I will raise up a people, and I will
raise up a voice in this earth that shall reign powerfully strong in My

For you see, there are those who will stand only for Jesus when the times are
good, but their hearts are corrupted with the things of the earth.

But those that stand for the things of God when times are bad, their hearts
are pure before Me. Because they do not care about the earth, and the things
of the earth. They care about the things of heaven. They'll stand and declare
My Name no matter what! Them I will be with, I will empower, and I will use
them to bring about a massive strong word of the Lord, and a move of God in
this age, says the Lord.

March 3, 1998

(Prophecy, #151); Removing Sin From My Church:

These days are final days which are to be, says the Lord. These days are the
final days which are to be. Look forward to the coming changes, judgments,
and wrath of God.

For as the wrath descends, those of My people, who will not stand fast in My
word, but look at the flesh, worry, be shaken, will themselves be shaken by
the Spirit of God, to wake up and learn to stand, not on their own two feet,
but with Jesus. For I will lift you up, I will lift you up, I will lift you
up, says the Lord, I will lift you up.

Never has there been a time in the earth, such as is to come, and such as is
beginning at this time.

Change not from the ways of the Lord. Stand fast in the word. Many of you
will lose things of this earth, but do not be disheartened, for the things of
this earth are so temporal.

If you could see it from My viewpoint, you would understand that nothing in
this earth COUNTS AT ALL, except what you do for the Lord. What I call you to
do, that do, and be obedient. For the King of Kings is here.

You are just entering the time of the wrath of God. Just beginning to enter
into this. In years to come you shall enter strongly into this. Look forward
to it, for the Spirit and the power of God on you shall be stronger than its
ever been in your entire life, and than its ever been since sin has come into

Satan will fight like never before and I will strengthen My people like never
before. Stand fast. Know the Word. Do not be deceived, for many, many false
prophets have gone out into this earth to deceive many. Many false preachers
have gone out, preaching to tickle the ears the the churched of My people.

Hear not the word of those who walk to tickle your ears. For when you come to
the Spirit of God, He will be honest. If you need to repent, you will know,
for He will convict you of your sin.

And as you repent and turn away from your sin, a great joy and a great power
shall be upon you to protect you, to guide you, to lead you, to bless you.

Hear the word in this hour. Gone are the days in the past when I will allow
My church to be flesh filled, and like the earth. I will remove them from

March 9, 1998

(Prophecy, #152); Seeking to Serve:

For I am coming, says the Lord. But many of you, rather than seek to serve
Me, seek to look for Me.

Why? Why do you seek to look for Me? I did not say that you should seek to
look for Me, but seek to know and believe that I am coming, and to look
forward to My coming, and you shall see Me come.

But, in the meantime, be busy serving, says the Lord, seeking what you can do
for Me, seeking to be a witness, seeking to be a power in your community,
seeking to be a witness, seeking, seeking to serve.

For in this you shall find the blessings of heaven open up and pour upon you,
says the Lord.

March 13, 1998

(Prophecy, #153); Build only on the Rock Jesus:

For here this word. What are you building upon?

For you say, I am building upon the Rock, Jesus, and that is good. Be careful
where you build, says the Lord. For if you build on this flesh, and on this
world, and on its systems, you will come crashing down.

For yet a short time, and I shall bring it down, piece by piece. And I shall
not pull the pieces from the top, as you might think. I will pull it down
piece by piece -- but no, says the Lord, I will pull the pieces from the bottom.

And as I pull the pieces from the bottom, the top will come crashing down. It
will not come down in easy ways, but with a thud and a crash and a suddenness
that will shake most people. There are a few prophets it will not shake, for
they know and expect it to occur.

Listen and heed the word of the Lord. Build only on the Rock Jesus. Some have
built on My Rock, says the Lord, but you have also built on the quicksand of
this world.

What will remain of what you have built? How much is on the Rock, and how
much is on quicksand, says the Lord? For soon you shall find out. Soon you
shall find out.

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