Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Eight)

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March 14, 1998

(Prophecy, #154); JUDGMENT:

One word: JUDGMENT! To begin this year in seriousness and strength!

March 17, 1998

(Prophecy, #155); Economy and Technology:

There is prophecy of judgment, and this prophecy of judgment shall come
to pass.

First I shall bring about a strong judgment of the fall of this
nation's economy, and after this will come the judgment of the fall of
technology, says the Lord God.

March 17, 1998

(Prophecy, #156); No More "Good" Times:

For this word of prophetic judgment on these nations shall not only come
to pass in quick succession, but one judgment after another shall be
followed. It shall begin, and it shall not end until I shall return,
says the Lord. For this world, not only America, but this world has come
to a place of wrath and judgment, and it is time, and it is here.

For thus saith the Lord, this word shall not depart from my prophets.
They shall speak it forth from one end of this earth to the other until
the day that I come back. For we have begun a time of judgment, and it
shall never be brought back into a time like you have now known, a time
when things are "good", a time when there is no wrath and judgment upon
this earth.

For not only shall the wrath of God descend, but satan shall fight
against christians like never before, and you shall see a great
outpouring of persecutions from people you did not think it would come
from. Notice it, but take heart, I did not depart from you, neither from
this time nor anytime, for I will be with you, even to the ends of this

March 29, 1998

(Prophecy, #157); Time for Judgment:

Thus says the Lord, forever there has been a life in this universe, and
it is Me, says the Lord. There has always been a time for the judgment
of the wicked. You have now entered into the year of 98, and during this
year you will begin to see the wrath and judgment of God poured out
among mankind.

In the years to follow it shall become greater and greater. Some of it
will come very suddenly, and some of it not so suddenly.

Now all things that this earth trusts in will be trod under by the Lord
God of Heaven till there is only one thing to trust in, and that is the
true God of all.

The gods this world serves, (the money, the technology), everything that
they have lived for, built up and stood for, I shall trod down, says the
Lord. For the time has come for judgment to fall.

April 3, 1998

(Prophecy, #158); Going About Your Fathers' Business:

For thus says the Lord God, there is a falseness in the spirits of
the churches. For they are not the Spirit of Me, but the Spirits of
Heaven do not lie, but the spirits of hell do.

There are spirits of hell - demons - seeking to deceive the churches.
They have sent forth yes prophecies that will agree that you can love
the earth, the things of the earth, and the pride, the love of money,
and the evils of this earth. They have sent forth such words to deceive
even My people.

Now hear Me, says the Lord, there is a time which you must not be
deceived in, this is that time. There is a time you must not be deceived
in, this is that time. There is a time you must not be deceived in, this
is that time. You cannot go on and believe the falseness of the words
that have gone forth from some of My so-called prophets.

Some of them were, and turned to the evil because they wanted to be
tingled, they wanted a word when I would give no word, they wanted to be
looked up to, and raised up, and put on a pole, and looked up to, and
almost worshipped as a prophet before Me. AND I WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT

And yet many churches will do this. They'll applaud them, and they'll
bow down and say, "Yes, we have our prophet in our midst." And as long
as that prophet will say the right things, they will be glad of him.

But I do not prophecy this way, says the Lord. For My people and My
prophets will speak My Word. This is a time of wrath and judgment! Also
a time of salvation, and glorious times!

For those who would put aside the sins of the earth, those who would
put aside the lusts of the flesh, those who would put aside all things
to seek Me, says the Lord, they will be in the glorious times. For even
though the world shall come apart, even though there shall be false
prophecies, and even though there shall be evil round about them, even
persecution to death around them, yet I will raise them up, a standard
high unto the heavens, so that they will walk in My will, do what I
want, and satan, try as he will, will not stop them, because they are My
people, empowered by My Spirit, and beyond anything of your measure in
this time, they will do.

You are so close to the wrath of God falling on these nations of the
earth. You are so close to it, and yet, when it comes many shall say,
"Oh, must it be." But rather you shall say, "Yes, let it be. Let the
judgment of God come. Let it happen."

For it is at this time you shall see miracles. As persecution raises
itself up against My people, I shall raise up in great power. You shall
see the dead raised. You shall see the dead come back to life in front
of your eyes if you'll walk with me. This time is coming.

And it is being held back, for the test of the earth. And I have tested
many in the earth. And they have tested to satan and evil and evil, even
in My churches they have tested evil. I have put them to the test and
they have sought the things of the earth. They look to the things of the
earth for an answer. They have not looked to Me.

And yet, there are those that have. Everywhere you look you will find, a
few here, and a few there, and sometimes many, that will seek Me beyond
anything else. They care not for the things of this earth, but they care
about the will of the Lamb. And for them I shall be powerful unto them.

When the world comes apart, and things are not going right, and people
are having a horrible time, they shall walk through this time, blessed
and prosperous, because I will meet their every need no matter what! Any
miracle it takes, I will do it, because they have a heart toward Me, so
I shall have a heart toward them.

But those who have walked in evil and in the sins, (that I have
commanded are sins in My Word), those, unless they repent, shall walk in
wrath and judgment, even though they are part of My church, for they
have departed from My Word! And they have said, "Lord, Lord," but I say,
"I do not know you." For they have sought the evil of this earth. They
have sought all forms of it. And I say, "No More!!" For I will purify My
Church. And those that come under wrath, come under wrath. And those
that come under blessing, come under blessing.

CHOOSE YOU YOUR SIDE!! For there is no difference between the world and
those in My churches who say, "Lord, Lord," and refuse to serve Me. They
are all sinners in like fashion. But those who will say, "Lord, Lord,"
and bow and humble themselves, and obey My Word, and seek My will, and
obey it above all things, not caring what people think, not caring about
the world around them, not caring about anything, save the will of the
Lord, those, those I shall raise up a power that shall not be reckoned
with in this earth. There'll be nothing that will equal it. They shall
be strong in all ways.

You shall not begin to understand this now, but when you see it come to
pass you will understand, this was prophecied, this is coming to pass.
And a great power shall come like never before.

Here this word, it is a warning to repent. It is a warning to seek
carefully, in pray before God, whether you stand correct, or are being
pulled by the lusts of this earth into sin, and you're calling it "the
will of God." Be careful what you call My will.

Seek: do you seek the things of this earth? Do you constantly seek to
be blessed by the things of this earth? Do you seek: just your needs
met, by the will of the Lord? Do you seek the things of God first? What
is a priority in your life? Are you being caught up in the new houses,
and the new cars, and the new this, and the new that, just to have
something new? Is that your goal? Or have you sought the will of the
Lord, and are going about your Fathers' business?

April 10, 1998

(Prophecy, #159); Persecution Like Never Before:

Thus says the Lord, hear the word, know the word. I am the word, says
the Lord, I am the word. Hear the word, know the word. Believe the
word, understand the word. Go with the word of the Living God.

Hear not the words of man, for they are strange unto Me, and they are
evil. For the word of God is the only true Holy Word. Here that word and
understand that word.
There is a time coming soon when you shall see prophecies that have
been told, and heard, and repeated, from time and times past; they shall
come upon you, and you shall see them come to pass. There shall be hard
times in this earth, great and hard times. For there shall be great
times in My Spirit as revival like never before breaks out, and I shall
move heaven and earth, and My people shall walk like they have never
walked, together, in the Spirit of God. There shall be miracles like
never before.

But at this time, there shall rise up a persecution like never before.
My prophets that have prophecied in My Name shall be persecuted. They
shall be persecuted, and they shall be put in jail, and they shall be
done to by the evil one, and they shall be treated harshly for My Names
sake. They shall be killed for My Names sake. They shall be turned
aside, not treated nicely, but thrown away, pushed aside, not dealt with
nicely by the world. But rather they shall be dealt with harshly by the

There is a great price to pay for the prophets that I have called! A
great price to pay! A great price to pay! And so it shall be in the days
to come.

There shall come a time when there is no word of the Living God to hold
back the work of the devil. For My people shall be persecuted, and
chased from one end of this earth to the other. And no, they shall not
be able to own houses, or places to do business in a normal way. There
shall be persecution like there has never been before. These days are

Let those who have trusted in My Name, have looked upon Me, have been
true to the word of God: they have nothing to fear. Those who repent and
turn to Me have nothing to fear. For I am with you even unto the end of
the world.

For until My coming there shall be great persecution. It is just
barely beginning in this earth. But it is coming, and as it comes, it
shall come slowly at times. Sometimes with a ferocity, and a quickness
in certain ways. And sometimes it will come slowly. It will not be all
at once.

You'll see suddenness in this way: there will come a persecution against
you, almost out of nowhere. Suddenly they shall be rising up and saying,
"who is this person, and what have they said. They are telling lies and
deceiving. It is them that are causing so much trouble."
And like Nazi Germany who persecuted the Jews for no real reason at all,
so this shall be in this day, they shall rise against My christians, and
they shall persecute them for no real reason at all.

Make no mistake, I am with you unto the end of the world. I am with you
unto the end of the world.

Be not dismayed at this word. For if you will put your faith in the
power of God, I'll bring you through. Like Daniel was brought to the
lions den, I will bring you through. But if you put your faith in the
things of men, you will fall and fall hard. But if you repent then, I
will raise you back up again.

So put your faith in Me. Keep putting it in the word of the Living God.
I'll be with you. And like Daniel sat in the midst of the lions, so that
you shall sit in the midst of persecution AND NOT BE HARMED!

For this is the will of the Lord, that they will rise up against you and
be unable to harm you for the power of God that shall be upon you! And
it shall be a sign unto them, and unto the world, THAT GREAT IS THE GOD
OF ISRAEL, great is the God of the universe, great is the God of ALL
CREATION! Nothing shall be harmed that He says is protected.

The power of God shall reign over all. You have no concept of the
miracles, the powers that shall be attained in the Spirit at that time.

But put your faith in Me and you shall walk in it, says the Lord, you
shall walk in it.

April 10, 1998

(Prophecy, #160); God the Protector:

Who shall be the protector of you, says the Lord? Who shall be the

I am, if you choose My ways. There are those who will tell you, you are
fools to believe the word of God.
There's such a strong movement of the devil. Such a strong movement
to belittle anything that is remotely of Me. And they shall belittle

But take the time to stand up and defend My word. For there are times
to come, which they shall remember what you say now. Oh, they shall
laugh at you, and they shall curse you, and they shall make fun of you.

But in times to come, when the judgment falls, they'll remember what
you said. They'll remember the hard times that you said would come, that
you said the prophets prophecied, that you said the prophets were about
to bring forth into this world by the word of the Living God.

For have you not understood this: there are prophets prophecy -- they
speak the word of God; when God speaks through them, it shall come to
pass. You read of Elijah, when he said it wasn't to rain, it didn't
rain; when he said it was to rain, well it rained. So it shall be with
the prophets to come, and even that are here now. When they say
something shall occur, it shall happen!

And oh, they shall rise up and say, "Fools and idiots." But after it
happens, they will remember who prophecied what, who defended what, who
is standing for the word of God.

And oh, the richest people in the world shall persecute you, and the
judgment shall come upon the world. But there are those that will
quietly listen to everything you say -- they may be the one that laughed
the loudest at you, call you the greatest names of all blasphemes, but
they'll remember what you said. So hear them and know that they have
been won to salvation, not at the time that they repented, but years
before when you would stand for the word of God, no matter what.

Some of you are afraid of persecution, afraid to stand up and say, "Here
am I, a christian. I believe the word, I believe the prophets, I believe
God." Stand up, let them laugh, and there'll be a reward unto you when
those people repent later on, says the Lord God.

April 10, 1998

(Prophecy, #161); Persecution in United States:

This time is coming when the good people of God shall have to run and
hide from the authorities that shall seek them to persecute them, to
jail them, and to harm them.

For there is coming a time when persecution shall hit even United
States country, and they shall come after My people in great numbers,
because they can't touch Me for My judgment upon them, but they will
seek those who are of Me, to persecute them.

Stand fast in this time, for I am with you, even to the ends of this

April 28, 1998

(Prophecy, #162); This Country of Canada:

This country of Canada is not so holy as some might have thought. For it
has sifted out the things of God, kept the things of satan within
itself. It has kept the evil and taken out the good. It has left God and
turned to the devil.

I say to this country, it shall come under greater judgment than that of
the U.S. for its sin before Me, because it has so greatly turned against
the things of the Lord, so greatly turned against the things of heaven,
that it can no longer stand before Me without coming under great wrath
and great judgment.

April 28, 1998

(Prophecy, #163); This Nation of the U. S.:

This nation of the U.S. shall come under great wrath, great judgment in
the days to come. Make no mistake, there is coming a time when I shall
pour out judgment on it in a very great way.

Now you see a little judgment, an increase in tornadoes, an increase
in disasters. But no, this is not really the full judgment. This is but
a very small beginning of what is to come. I shall pour wrath on that

For while many declared God and Jesus and raise up that banner high,
many, yet many, have come to understand in their heart -- they use this
as a banner, not to serve God, but to make themselves look good. I am
not fooled by such hypocrisy. I know the hearts, and I know what's real,
and I know what's not.

Judgment has come to this nation of the United States. It shall not
leave till I bring that nation to its very knees, economically,
politically, and as a world power I shall bring it to its knees, says
the Lord God.

May 9, 1998

(Prophecy, #164); Just entering into Wrath:

For this will of the Lord: that they be judgment and wrath come upon
this earth, is not to be dismissed lightly. Heed it and note it. For
you're just entering in to a time of wrath of this earth. Just entering
in. Do not despise it. Do not turn away from it.

Do not believe in a false report. For there are many false reports that
shall come and go. They shall say that these times shall not be. Oh, it
shall not be that bad. Oh, there won't be this kind of a problem. And
oh, this isn't true. And you shall hear them, from one end of the church
to the other. This is a false report, they'll say.

But I tell you this is a true prophecy. This is the word of the Lord.
Never again, never again, never again, in the history of mankind, will
the wrath and judgment, like is about to come.

For this is the end times, says the Lord. This wrath and this judgment
shall lead into the very coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. You're just
entering into this time. And as you enter in, beware of the way to walk.
For any way outside of the will of the Lord, will not be successful.
If you will walk in My ways, put yourself in My hands, says the Lord,
and let Me walk will you, guide you and protect you, you will be the
most blessed of this earth, you will be the most blessed of your nation.
And those who walk with Me, shall be blessed going in, and shall be
blessed going out.

May 15, 1998

(Prophecy, #165); Serving God:

Listen to the word which I say, says the Lord.

There is but one God, and this God, I am. There is but one God, and He
has control over all things. No judgment shall occur on those who seek
My will, serve Me, and desire Me to be Lord in their lives.

Over those who use My name, over those who depend on the world for
their prosperity, depend on the world for their plans, depend on the
world for all their things, but use My name, on them the judgment fall.
For they have not put Me Lord of their lives. They have just used My
name. They are looking for a short cut to heaven. They don't want to
give up the things of the earth to serve Me. What if I called them into
the ministry? What if I called them to someplace they didn't want to go?
What if I called them into some foreign country? What if?

But I say, says the Lord, I am with you to the ends of the earth. I am
with you no matter where I send you. For I am not with you if you rebel
against Me. For if you want to be left out alone, don't turn down where
I send you, but rather go where I send you, and I will be with you,
meeting your every need no matter what the circumstances around you. I
am a great God. Nothing I can hold back from you who serve Me in all
ways, says the Lord.

May 17, 1998

(Vision, #166); The Popping Light Bulb:

Late in the evening when I had gone to bed, just as I closed my eyes,
but was still awake, I saw a bright flash, and the sound of a popping
light bulb (as when it bursts).

The Lord then said, "That's how quickly the economy will fall."

May 24, 1998

(Prophecy, #167); Judgment here now:

For this word of the Lord is for all those who will seek and serve Me,
says the Lord.

Make no mistake about it. It is here: the judgments of the Lord. It is
here to stay until My return, says the Lord.

For this word is not to be taken lightly. It is the word of God. It
shall happen!

May 31, 1998

(Prophecy, #168); The Call of a Prophet:

There is a calling of My prophets to stand up and be righteous, and
not embellish the word, and not stretch it, and not exaggerate it.

For so many of My prophets have tried to make a name for themselves.
They have tried to make a name using My name. They have tried to call
themselves a prophet, and stand up, and make people look toward them.

No, says the Lord, not to be. A prophet of Mine who is truly a
prophet, walking in ALL that I call him to be, or her to be, is
this: humble before Me, seeking Me carefully in all of the strength of
the power of which he walks in, listening to My word, hearkening unto
it, speaking carefully as I call him.

For beware of the prophet that goes out on his own accord to do his
own thing. For, while great are the rewards of a prophet, great are the
judgments of a prophet when they fall wrong to the errors of satan, to
walk in pride, to walk in evil, to walk in sin, not to speak the word
that I gave them, but to speak their own -- then they stand in danger of
a great wrath.

Here Me, and here Me carefully. For there is a time coming, very soon,
when the prophets work will rise stronger in the body of Christ, but so
will satan as he raises up false prophets, from true prophets, who will
walk in pride to seek their own glory. And I will drop those true
prophets. I will not deal with them anymore.

And I will turn against them, and turn to a prophet that will humble
himself, seek the word, and seek knowledge of the things of the Lord,
and in true humble spirit, and in humility before Me, he will stay
before Me in truth and honor.

June 15, 1998

(Prophecy, #169); Special Time of Decision:

These days that you are now in, these days that you are now in, these
days that you are now in, are the beginnings of the wrath of God coming
on this earth.

Never mistake the times that you have been in, which have been so good
in terms of the world around you -- they are at an end. The time is
short till things start to turn away from the worldliness that has been
so successful.

You'll begin to see the things of this world crumble, some fast, some
slow, and some not at all for a while, but they will. It is at this time
you must make a commitment to the God of all God's, to the King of all
Kings, the Lord of all Lords, to the ruler of the universe. You must
make a commitment not to live according to the things of this earth. For
the things of this earth shall pass, and the things of heaven shall
never fail. Put your faith, your rewards, your treasure, your time to
the things of heaven. They shall never fail. They shall never fail.

Remember this: the time is at hand to make a decision of what you
consider the most important. To turn from the world and unto the Lord is
the most important decision you can ever make.

To stand fast with the world and pretend all is well will destroy much
of your prosperity in the future. For you'll have put your treasure in
the things of earth, (and not in heaven), and they shall pass, and they
shall cease, and they shall come to an end.

There is a time to stand up for the word of God, that is always the time
to stand up for the word of God. But now is the time that you must make
a special decision: to make sure you are not being pulled by the world,
you're not being pulled by the world, you're not being pulled by the
world, to put your money into their investments, to put your money into
things of this earth, because they say you shall reap the reward.

While I say, says the Lord, you shall reap damnation if you put your
money into the things of this earth. For they shall come to an end, and
I shall bring it to an end.

Time is now short, and I shall bring fast upon this earth, judgment,
first one thing, and then another. Those who have put their trust in Me,
they shall walk with Me. Those who put their trust in Me, they shall be
with Me. And those who have put their trust in Me, they shall be

But those who have put their trust in this earth, they shall reap
the damnation, because they have failed to yield to the God of the
universe, but rather they have yielded and served the god of this earth,
and all its pleasures, and all its sin.

For do you not see, and do you not understand. There is never a time
that you should trust this earth. But you should always trust in the
Lord God of all. But this is a special time, that if you trust in this
earth you will lose all.


June 25, 1998

(Prophecy, #170); WAR ON YOUR KNEES:

This word is a warning to those who do not care for the Kingdom of our
Lord. It is now, at the time when you shall see great wrath and judgment
coming upon all the earth. It is now here, at the door. In just a short
time you shall see it begin. From that time on it shall never turn
around. It shall get greater, more strong, more severe, than ever

Never again will I bring wrath on this nation, and on this world like
about to do. Canada, US, and much or the world will suffer severe
hardship because of their sin, and their rebellion against God.

Never again shall this be, except this time. But this time will last
from now till My coming, says the Lord.

So hearken and heed the word of God. I will protect you and heed you. I
will not be dismayed at those who turn around and say, "I give up
everything in this earth that God has given me, to go further and serve
the Lord in the most hard places to reach.

Those people will be blessed, and I will meet their needs like you have
never seen before.

As this comes, great miracles, like never before, will come. As they
step out in faith, I will move with them.

But those who turn against Me, they will suffer hard. Those people who
have lead a sheltered life trying to protect themselves FROM MY WORK
WHICH I HAVE CALLED THEM TO DO, try to pretend they don't have to do it,
they will suffer, because My wrath will be upon them, says the Lord.

Hearken and heed the call of God. Heed and know the Spirit is moving to
end this age. And in the moving it toward the end of this age, you will
fight a war against spiritual forces. YOU WILL DO IT ON YOUR KNEES, AND

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