Prophecies of Thomas S. Gibson
(Book Nine)

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July 5, 1998

(Prophecy, #171); Economic Collapse:

This is the circumstances to which this world is now heading. It will
lose control of its societies as it heads in to the greatest economic
collapse that will befall mankind.

This collapse shall come fairly quickly, and as it comes people will
stop obeying the law, because it is no longer convenient for them. As
they become economically deprived they shall turn to illegal activities
in greater and greater numbers, till authorities cannot control it in
any way.

August 12, 1998

(Prophecy, #172); America, and It's Leader:

For this you shall see before your very eyes, the Fall of America, and
The Fall of It's Leader. You shall see it, says the Lord.

Look and beware. For as the things I have commanded have come to pass,
so you shall see the word of God come to pass.

August 12, 1998

(Prophecy, #173); Crash of US:

There is time for christians to get their lives in order for the coming
crash of the United States. Do not weep for this nation, for it is sick.
It is filled with wickedness, and I am laying upon it a just and
deserved wrath. Do not weep for it, but look to yourselves. that you are
in touch with the Spirit of God, that you are serving the King of Kings,
and the Lord of Lords.

Do not turn aside, do not pretend that you are serving a God when your
heart is on the things of this earth. Serve Me, says the Lord. for there
is coming a time when judgment on this earth shall be so great that only
those who walk with Me can have any chance of survival. And they will
walk in power and strength, and I will be with them, and I
will strengthen them, and I will protect them.

But those who pretend, those who play the games, seek the things of the
world, seek to build up big names for themselves; they shall fall hard
at this time -- very hard.

And when the dust is completely settled, My people will stand.

August 20, 1998

(Prophecy, #174); Standing on the Rock Christ Jesus:

For you see in this time of great redemption by the Blood of the Lamb,
there is judgment, and shall be judgment.

But look to yourselves, not by your own fleshly eye, but by the
spiritual eye, to do this: spend time in My Word, and spend time in
prayer, and spend time allowing Me to take My Spirit and show you what
needs to be changed. As you spend this time with Me in prayer, in
fasting, and in time, in spiritual time, in strong spiritual time alone
with Me, says the Lord; as you do these things, you will see that I will
show you what needs to be done to grow closer to Me. And as grow closer
to Me, you'll grow stronger in Me. As you grow stronger, you'll see more
things that need to be changed. And as you change more things, you'll
grow much closer to Me. And on it goes, till I bring you into an era of
spiritual revelation you did not even know could exist on this planet.
Yet I shall do it. And many shall walk in it.

Understand this time, and be part of this time. For this is the end
times. And I am bringing about a move of My people by bringing them into
a close relationship with Me, that they will stand, that they will stand
and know that God is God, and He upholds them under all circumstances.

For great judgment is coming. And as it comes, you must be want to stand
on the Word. For if you put your faith in the things of man, you shall
fall. But if you stand on the Word of God, and on the righteousness that
He has provided to the Blood of Jesus, then you shall go on. And the
things of the world may fall around you, but you shall go on. It shall
not affect you. For you are standing on the Rock Christ Jesus, and not
on the world.

September 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #175); Be Apart from the World:

For in this time and in this age, I am renewing My church, and I am the
I Am, says the Lord. I shall not turn aside, neither left nor right,
from the path which I have set forth for My people to walk on.

They shall turn, some of them, left and right; and they shall not be
found in the way that I have called, but rather in the way of the world.

Listen and know that God has called many peoples to specific callings in
the word of God. Now listen and listen carefully!

There are those that are in that call who have answered it, who are
being drawn by the world into an area that I have not called them. They
are seeking the lusts of the flesh, the praise of men, and it is not of

You seek not the praise of men, you seek the praise of the Lord God. You
seek Me, says the Lord. You seek My will, and you seek My things. Do not
go after things which are not of Me.

You divorce yourself from the world, and you commit yourself to Me. Let
them care for themselves, and their evil lusts that they have. Don't be
drawn by the world. Don't be drawn by its system. AND DON'T TRY AND COPY

Be apart from the world, and be drawn together with Me, says the Lord.
And I am with you, even unto the ends of the world.

Summer, 1985

(Vision, #176); Lloydminster Bombed:

It was many years ago when I had this vision, but at that time it was
very rare to for me to receive such a thing, and I was not writing them
down. The Lord has brought this upon my heart to write it down at this
time, and make it apart of the books.

To the best of my memory it was 1985, give or take a year. I was driving
a truck route from Wainwright to Lloydminster for Bison Freightline, and
was in Lloyd stopping at a stop sign. There was no one around just at
that moment on the streets.

As I look ahead I could see the buildings (apartments mostly, and a few
other houses and buildings) as anyone would see them. Then without any
warning I could also see with my spiritual eye (I really can't explain
how this works, but it does!). While I was  seeing with my spiritual
eye, I could still see with my physical eye what anyone would have seen.

These same buildings I was looking at I could see spiritually, but with
whole pieces missing, liked they were remains of a bombing. It really
looked like that, as you might see on a television news broadcast of
something overseas. It lasted only a few seconds; then it was over.

September 13, 1998

(Prophecy, #177); Preach the Gospel to All:

Going forth into the world to preach the gospel is My commandment, says
God. Going forth to receive the work which I have given you to preach
the gospel unto all, with signs following, with signs following.

So many of My people preach the gospel without signs following, because
they seek a worldly gospel. They seek a worldly gospel. They seek a
worldly gospel. They seek not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They
want to stay in the lusts of the world, the love of money, the love of
power. They want to stay in these things. They like them.

But I say, the things of this world shall fall. If you try to hang onto
them, you will fall with them.

Stand fast on the Word of God. Seek the things that come from heaven,
not from earth. And I shall raise you up.

But when the world falls, you'll just walk straight ahead, and you'll be
the one to help them, and to reveal to them this is the judgment of God
that has come. And you'll be the one to lead them to the gospel of Jesus

For you'll be the one that'll be My spokes person throughout the earth.
Because you stood, not on the things of the earth, but on the things of

September 26, 1998

(Prophecy, #178); Judgment of "The America Test":

Judgment has come, and so has testing!

I have brought about a test to the people of America. It is the video
tapes of their president whom they love!

If they would now repent and change their ways, and stand up against a
sinful, unrepentant president, they would then be spared much of the
coming judgment.

BUT NO!! They have turned toward their president, and said in their
hearts that they love him and his ways.

So be it. They have brought their own judgment upon their own heads!

October 17, 1998

(Prophecy, #179); The Reason for Condemnation:

There is a word that has gone forth from the very mouth of the Lord, and
it is this:

That My people who are called by My Name, they must repent, they must
seek their hearts and see if there is any wicked thing. And then they
must allow Me to seek their hearts to see if there is any wicked thing.

For their sin has dragged them down. They have lusted in their heart
after the goods of this earth. They have lusted in their heart for
strength and power of the flesh.

They have not sought the will of the Lord. They've not humbled
themselves. Therefore, there will be great disasters because of their

From the time of the beginning of Adam and Eve mankind has sought an
evil lust and desire to control things himself rather than to submit
unto the Holy Creator of all things.

Make no mistake those who seek selfishness reap the rewards of it. Many
will sow to the flesh, they'll reap the rewards of the flesh, AND THEY

For those who seek the things of the Lord, they shall be held up in a
strong way over the judgment that shall come. They shall not be anyone
of My people who seek the things of the Lord, a humility atmosphere,
that shall not be raised up and in protection against the things to

But those who seek to pretend to be holy, whose hearts are selfish,
whose hearts have lust of power and greed, I tell you, they will fall a
great fall.

Some say, what is to come should not be. But I say, what is to come MUST
BE, IT MUST BE, and must never be forsaken.

For this will sink into the hearts of man, THAT I WILL NOT BE MOCKED,
says the Lord! I will not be mocked. For they have mocked Me from the
churches. they are not even answerable to Me anymore. For they have
sought to make a circle. A circle where the people are answerable to the
pastors, and the pastor to the board, and the board is answerable to
those who elected them, the people. And they have made a circle.

And no one is answerable to Me, anymore, says the Lord. AND I DESPISE

Hearken and heed the word of the Lord in this hour. I demand people
submit to the Spirit of the Living God. And how many of you have sought
Me with tears, with prayer, with a simplistic heart, that nothing in
this world matters, save the things of the Lord. How many? I tell you
very, very, very few of those that call themselves christian have really
sought the heart of the Lord to do His word.

They have only sought a format. A format that they could call themselves
christian. A format that they could go on with their lives, not disrupt
their nice comfortable lifestyle, for things like preaching the word,
witnessing, testifying, praying, interceding on behalf of people.

No, they've got no time for that. They've got time for their games.
They've got time for their houses, and their cars, and all the goods
that they wish to have. They have time for that. AND THEY HAVE LITTLE
TIME FOR ME!!! And they think there shall not be a condemnation!

October 18, 1998

(Prophecy, #180); Bringing Revival:

This is the word of the Lord. That there be a remnant of My people in
this hour that will stand and know the will of God. That this judgment
and wrath that comes will bring about a great revival, will bring about
a great repentance among My people that will turn them from the fleshly
desires unto that of the Spirit. That they will seek the things of the
Living God, not the things of this earth. And its that that I intend to
bring about.

I'll bring these revivals up, here and there, as people with a heart cry
for repentance go to prayer for this nation and this world which has
sought the things of the earth and not the things of God.

And as they seek more of a repentance among God's people and among the
world, I will bring it to pass. For it is this that brings true revival:
a prayer from the heart to do anything that is necessary to serve the
Lord, and to bring a revival to the nations.

That's how revival begins. It begins from the heart of My people who
will serve Me above all things.

October 24, 1998

(Prophecy, #181); The Loving God:

Thus says the Lord, here am I to help those who are My children. Here am
I to be with those who go after Me, and follow Me, and be obedient to
the Spirit of the Living God.

For thus says the Lord, I am a loving God, a caring God to all those who
will serve Me, to all those who will stand up for Me, to all those who
will take a stand for the hope, the Word of the Living God, and the ways
of the Living God.

October 24, 1998

(Prophecy, #182); Revival Soon:

For I am your God, and I am the One who decides what will be and what
will not, says the Lord God.

Do not be disheartened by judgments, coming wrath, and wrath that
already is. Rather look forward to the times of the Spirit. For I am
bringing a new revival to this land, this land of North America.

I am bringing a revival, says the Lord. There will be a strong revival,
but not like revivals that you have known in the past. This revival
shall occur NOT in the hierarchy of the churches, but rather it shall
occur in the streets, it shall occur in the lowly places, and it shall
occur wherever people gather.

For I will bring you a revival that will affect the young people. I will
bring you a revival that will affect all of the things that go on on the
street. You will not be able to walk down the streets of some cities
without knowing that there is revival in the land. It will be so

You will not be able to look at this and say, this is something that has
gone on in the past, for it will be something new and different, and it
shall be completely different, and completely different, and completely

For this revival that comes shall be a strong revival. There will be
more miracles and more moves of God, more of the hand of God than you
have ever seen in your life before. This shall come in the very near

Woe be tied to those who fight against this. For this is not something
that is going to occur in the hierarchy of the churches. It will not
occur there. It will not occur there. For it will occur in the streets.
It will occur in the schools. And it will occur in the workplace.

And many of the church shall fight against this revival. For they shall
see it not as a revival, but as a turning against the ordinances of the

No, says the Lord, it is a turning against the things of man, the things
FOUNDATION, and those things built on man shall fall, and those things
built on Me, says the Lord Jesus, shall stand.

Hear, and hear, and hear, and hear the Word of the Lord. This is the
hour and this is the time! Revival is coming! And it shall not be like
anything you have ever known before. It shall be like something that is
right out of the book of Acts. GO READ THAT BOOK!! And read it all!

Understand that revivals in those days were not some calm little thing
occurring in some little corner of the city that people hardly ever
heard of!! You went out in the streets and asked them what was going on:

Some of the so-called revivals of the land: you would go out into the
churches, and you ask them and they'll know, but you go out into the
streets, and THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! For it hasn't even touched

This revival shall touch all!!

And while many shall fight against it, there will be many that go with
it, and then stand and serve the Lord.

But people will know about it! This will not occur in a corner! This
will occur openly! It will shake the entire nations, and it will shake
cities, and it will shake towns.

And it will turn people against each other. For satan shall fight this
with everything he has. But I say, says the Lord, I am the victor, I am
the victor.

You shall see revival like you have never seen revival before. This is a
time of revival. This is the time to bring yourself to the Spirit of the
Living God and commit yourself to do whatever I am doing.

For the churches are not the major of this revival -- not the churches
as you know them. The churches as you know them are the hierarchy of
many. It will shake many. And a few in the church shall begin to turn,
but most will not turn to Me in this revival. They will be in love with
their hierarchy, their buildings, their order, and their ways.

But read the Book of Acts, and know that this is the revival that shall
come. Thousands shall come at a single day to the knowledge of the
Lord. And it shall shake cities. It shall create uproars.

People will stand up for the Lord, and satan shall not be at ease! For
he shall fight this. And it shall create uproars. It shall not sit well
with many people. But it shall sit well with Me, for great is the coming

But beware in these days of revival. Beware in these days of revival.
There is a coming revival that shall never, never be foreseen by man.
This day of revival is almost at hand. This day of revival shall soon

Now I am laying the foundations of that revival even in this hour. The
judgments of God must come first. The many that preach: revival,
revival, revival, and oh, things will be different -- but I tell you
judgment must come first. For until people are brought down from the
lusts of the world by the judgments of God revival cannot be! For
their hearts are to the things of this earth.

So note the judgments that shall come. It shall pave the way for a great
revival that shall usher in millions of souls into the Kingdom of God.
This is My will, says the Lord. This is My will. Never doubt it! The
things of God shall never be the same. And churches that shall lean to
the understanding of the Lord, shall be shook and revived! And those
that lean to the understanding of man shall be stale, and I shall bring
them down, and I shall judge them, and I shall bring wrath upon them.

For in this day and age those that are of Me, says the Lord, shall
stand, and those that are not, shall fall!!

Hear the word, and know this word, beware that you do not stand against
your brothers in this time. For many shall go ahead and fight, brother
against brother, christian against christian, AND IT IS NOT MY WILL!!

For those that fight against their own brothers in Christ -- I shall
mark them for wrath! You want to know who is going to be true in this
revival, and who isn't? Look to those who do not fight against their own

There shall be a division in the church in this time. And in this
division you will be able to see those who walk with Me, and those who
do not. Those who walk with Me will not fight against their own
brothers. But rather they'll stand up and just preach the Word. They'll
stand up and they'll jut love the Word. They'll walk in the Word, and
the power of God shall be upon them, says the Lord God of all!!

October 25, 1998

(Prophecy, #183); The Ways of God:

For I am this type of God! That you who are far off from Me, I will
bring to Myself, and then to the place where you will make a decision
about My salvation!

Those who choose to serve Me will be blessed. Those who choose not to
serve Me shall be damned. That's the way it is! God is in control of
all. He decides all thing by His wisdom, not by man's.

Choose to study the Word and see what God is like, and you will know
that ways of God and what you should do!

October 25, 1998

(Prophecy, #184); Times of the Lord:

For there is a time in which I will show mercy. There is a time in which
I will show grace. There is a time in which I will show my longstanding,
as I await those who I have called to repent.

BUT, there is afterward a time of deep commitment on My part to judge
those who will dare to stand against the God of Heaven!!

October 25, 1998

(Prophecy, #185); Change in One Generation:

Mark My words, says the Lord of all, that all that you see with your eye
shall change in one generation! There shall not be a foundation for man
to fall on that he has built, for I shall destroy it all. And the only
thing left for those who want to stand on, will be Me!!!!

October 27, 1998

(Vision, #186); The Edge of the Cliff:

This morning, shortly after waking up, as I was still lying in bed, I
closed my eyes, and seen before me in my spirit with my spiritual eye,
myself standing on the edge of a cliff. The front of my shoes were
actually poking over the edge. The cliff dropped straight down out of

As I stood there I knew I was to walk forward. And I, very carefully,
nervously, stepped out, and I stayed on a level plane with the ground.
Still nervous, I walked out and began to realize that I was walking on a
spiritual level, not on the physical ground.

Someone then came and took my hand, and said, "come this way, I'll show
you." He lead me straight out. I personally believe it was the Lord.

As I walked, I began to realize that there were paths left and right to
the path I was walking on. I wondered if we were on the right path. The
Lord said, "this one, straight ahead, for it is the narrow, straight
path." As I looked again at these paths that we were passing, I noticed
that they were wider and angled downward, while the one we were walking
on lead straight ahead and level.

Then this word came to me.

Now this is the word of the Lord. This is a sign unto My people. The
world stands on the edge of a cliff. They step off, they will fall. And
the world shall step off, and they began to lose all the things that
they built up. Things of man that they have fallen in love with. The
money system is a great love which that have fallen in love with.
And many of My christians, says the Lord, have fallen in love with the
money system.

But, if you will not walk with the world, but with Me, says the Lord, I
will guide you straight out on a spiritual level. You shall not fall.
You shall not falter. You stay on the straight and narrow, and go the
way the Lord will show you. He will meet your needs in this hour. No
other way can be found that is pleasing unto God.

October 31, 1998

(Prophecy, #187); Reaching Out:

For look not unto the church to find the organizational system that I
have planned -- look unto the book of Acts. For you'll see a church, in
the book of Acts, and throughout many of the books of the Bible, how I
have designed it to run, designed it to run.

And you'll see the church system crumble and fall, says the Lord,
crumble and fall. It shall not stand what is to come. I shall bring a
wind into the church that shall change the direction of the people from
an organization of man unto an organization of the Lord. Nothing, but
nothing, but nothing, but nothing shall stop it! It shall move ahead.

Those that line up with Me, shall stand with Me. Those that line up with
the world shall stand with the world. There will be no in between.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden for I shall give you
rest. This is the commandments of the Lord.

And I shall create a church that shall reach out to the unsaved. It
shall not be built in a building which rarely reaches out to anyone
outside, who evangelizes its own self, who hold special meetings and
bring in other churches, BUT THEY DON'T BRING IN THE SINNERS!!

I shall bring in a church to this world that shall reach out and touch
the unsaved! It shall bring revival. It shall bring new birth. It shall
bring ALL the glory of God back where it belongs among My people.

For My people have sought the things of God by way of the ways of man.
It cannot happen this way! You must leave the things of man behind, turn
unto the things of the Lord, and go forward with the Lord and the ways
that I have outlined in My scripture.

Look not unto the things of man and the ways of the church. For the
church has learned it from the ways of man. There is no difference
between the world and the church in many ways. They have so aligned
themselves with the world that it is difficult to see a difference.

But what I shall bring about, says the Lord, shall be a strong revival,
but through a new move of God to destroy the works of man among My

November 14, 1998

(Prophecy, #188); The Fall of a Nation:

For thus says the Lord, when a nation falls, it falls for sin.

There has not been a civilization that has fallen, that has not fallen
because I commanded it, says the Lord.

This time, at exactly this time, you are on the verge of the falling of
a nation -- so- called, the greatest nation in the world. The United
States of America has stepped so steep into sin that it shall fall, and
fall hard! Make no mistake, this word shall come to pass in the very
soon-coming time.

Thus says the Lord, nobody who follows the Spirit of God closely, nobody
who follows the Spirit of God closely, will deny this. For nations rise,
and nations fall based on their walk with God.

November 14, 1998

(Prophecy, #189); Pride!:

Beware of those who push ministries into the limelight. Sometimes it is
of Me, saith the Lord, sometimes it is not!

You see, many times satan pushes a ministry into the limelight because
he knows he can bring pride about in the leadership of that ministry.
BEWARE OF THIS TACTIC!! For if satan pushes you into the limelight, you
are soon going to fall, unless you repent, AND REPENT QUICK!

There is a time when I will allow the spotlight upon a ministry. But it
is not often, and it is not frequent. I want My ministers to bow their
heads, humble themselves, and obey the Spirit of the Living God.

No more is asked, and no more should be allowed. For any more brings
about pride as you try to push ministries into becoming popular. And
once they do that, it becomes their ministry, and not Mine, says the

November 14, 1998

(Prophecy, #190); The Economic Fall:

There is a time coming when the United States shall fall a greater fall
than what you shall soon see. What you shall soon see, is the economic
fall. But there is much more coming than just that fall.

Many things shall come to pass. And each one will take the United States
down another notch -- more and more. And as these things come to pass,
remember, the nation that sins before Me, says the Lord, is a nation
that shall fall.

A nation that repents before Me, says the Lord, is a nation I will

November 15, 1998

(Prophecy, #191); Hidden Sin:

There are those that believe the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
will wink quietly at their sin.

Listen, says the Lord. When you stand before Me on the wrath day, (and I
mean the judgment day -- and I shall bring wrath down on every single
person who is not written in the Lambs Book of Life), you will find out,
I have seen everything.

If you are walking in hidden sin, note, it is not hidden from Me, says
the Lord. I SEE IT ALL!!

December 2, 1998

(Prophecy, #192); The Greatest Economic Collapse:

Now thus says the Lord to those who believe they are headed for the

Beware. Have you listened to My word? Have I not prepared My people?
Have I not told them of things to come? Yet you stand on the verge of
the greatest destruction of the economy of this earth.

This world shall not see an economy like it has now, ever again. I shall
bring it down, and I shall keep it there. For they shall try and raise
it up, but I shall not allow it.

Trust Me, says the Lord. When the great crash occurs, it shall come

Have I not for years sent prophets, prophecying that you are to pay off
your debts and not borrow? Have I not done so for years? Yet My people
claim to believe this, yet they turn around and borrow, and borrow, and
borrow. They dig themselves a hole of debt, and yet they claim to
believe My prophets.

Here Me. Those who walk with Me follow My word, and My direction -- I
will prepare a way for them. No matter how it is done I will do it.

But those who seek to fill their hearts with the things of this earth,
so that they may have money and goods to make themselves proud and
boastful in their hearts, those people shall fall. I shall bring them
down, says the Lord, and I shall bring them down  hard!

You hear the word. You stand on the verge of the greatest economic
collapse in the history of mankind.

December 17, 1998

(Prophecy, #193); Wars to Come:

Thus saith the Lord, some have looked to wars in the east and have said,
"there is trouble brewing."

But I say, says the Lord, there shall be much more than this going on in
the years to come. Much more than one little war with one little nation
by the United States. I say, says the Lord, there'll be many more wars,
and many nations involved.

But you are not to look and fear these things, for the Lord is your God,
the Lord is with you, even unto the ends of the earth.

December 19, 1998

(Prophecy, #194); Division of Church and World:

For this is the saying that the Lord gives, that all My people shall be
protected from the coming storm.

Yes, there is a coming storm. It shall be severe. It shall take out all
the former standard ways of the world, except My people, and there shall
be a strong movement to stand against the rising church. The church that
I am raising up shall be one of strength and power, like as the book of
Acts, but more so.

There will stand, at this time, a strong and complete division between
the church and the world. There will no longer be a division that is
blurred, but rather one that is obvious even to the casual observer!

December 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #195); Do not Fear the Time:

This hour, this day of the Lord, be pleased to note, God is in control.
He always has been, and He always will be.

There'll never be a time, never will be a time, never will be a time
that God is not in control. In the coming months, days, years, you'll
see much disaster in the United States.

Do not fear it, as most will greatly fear it. For My hand of protection
is upon My people. And I shall protect them with My power. The day of
miracles is not over, it's just about to begin! And I shall protect them
above all things, for they are My children, and I am their God!

December 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #196); Woe to the United States:

This year, says the Lord, for the United States, is the worst year for
disaster that they shall ever have in their history from the beginning
until now. The year of '99, that is just about upon you, this year, is
the year of disasters.

They have loved the president who lived in sin! They have loved the
president for his sin!! And they have loved the president because of his

For I have tested My people in the U.S., and they have stood against
this. But the American people have stood for the lies, deception, and
sin of a president, because they loved that sin. They desire it. It's in
their heart.

Therefore, the wrath and judgment that shall appear in the United States
in the year of '99, shall be greater than anything else, than anyone
could have ever imagined.

Woe to the United States for its sin! Woe to them!! Woe to them!!!

December 23, 1998

(Prophecy, #197); Many Shall Die:

This word of the Lord is only to those who will receive it as that, the
word of the Lord.

Here Me, says the Lord, hear Me. Pray for the nation of America. Pray
for the nation of America. Pray for the nation of America. Seek it in
prayer. Seek it for the souls that shall be lost, for many shall die,
many shall die, many shall die.

December 24, 1998

(Prophecy, #198); Preparation for the Times to Come:

For this word is given to all that obey the Lord, that all may
understand and be at peace: the God of all is taking care of His Own!

Listen to the word. Do not be upset at the times, for they must be.
There is a long series of events that must take place in the near
future, and a long series of events after that, that will take place in
their appointed times. These events are total and partial disasters to
various areas of the world.

In the days to come, you will see destruction and damage to the U.S.
like has never been seen before. It is judgment coming upon them,
because of their disbelief in the God of all things. He it is that is in
control. Never before has there been a time like this: when judgment
will start in earnest and things in the world will change
very dramatically! Never before!!

Now listen to the commands of the Father. It is time you started to
listen to the Spirit of the Lord. I have spoken to many of mine to tell
them of things they ought to do, in their specific case, and most have
not! So listen and know, that God is preparing a way for you through
these commands that I have given to some. If you do not follow them,
you are not totally under the protection of the Lord.

It is time for many to repent and go back and listen, follow, obey the
Lord in His commands to specific people and specific things.

December 29, 1998

(Prophecy, #199); Cloaked in Humility:

Lord Jesus, the power of your Spirit is above all else. There is
nothing, nothing that can stand against You, but My people, says the
Lord. My people have walked away from Me.

They have walked away from the Spirit of the Living God. They've turned
to the works of the flesh. They've turned to pride. They've turned to
the power of church wealth. They have turned to the things of the world,
which comes from the pit of hell.

How many shall turn again, and come back to humility and obedience of
the things of God? How many, says the Lord, how many?

I am seeking those who would humble themselves, obey the Spirit, and
follow the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.

There are so many that I could use, but so few who are willing to die,
totally die to themselves, and live for Me.

Pride is a serious sin. It has destroyed more ministries than most
people realize. And yet, I can protect them from pride, cloak them in
humility. But they look around and they see sin, and they see the world,
and they see the world wallowing in pride, AND  THEY LONG TO BE LIKE
IT!! And they turn from humility to pride. And while I may still use
them, I have lost the power they could have walked in.

Why do you think so many ministries fall? It starts first with the love
of money, and the love of pride. When those two things get into you, you
have been destroyed from within. For satan has sought to destroy you
that way. It is the easiest way to destroy a ministry.

I stand here, says the Lord, AND I WARN MY CHURCH, BEWARE OF

Oh, turn from your ways, cry unto Me, and I will lift you up out of the
miry clay, and I will set you on a path, cloaked in humility, straight
and narrow, obedient unto the things that I have given to My church to

December 31, 1998

(Prophecy, #200); Submit to the Lord in All Things:

Thus says the Lord, God has always been in control. He has never failed
at any time. But there are those who say He has. Why? Because things go
wrong in their life!

Therefore here and know the will of God: to submit to the Lord in all
ways and heed the Word in all ways, and the Lord shall always be with

So says the Lord God of heaven.

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