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The Prophetic Word - T.S. Gibson
New website for prophecies from Thomas Gibson with recent words. We now have most of Thomas Gibson prophecies on this website.


The Rapture Pages
Excellent discussions of the pre-wrath rapture & other topics
by Sheila.

End Time Prophetic Vision: Bill Somers
Large number of prophecies and visions from numerous prophets, interesting articles.


Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide
Site has lots of prophecies from people groups around the world. Also, over 100 articles. They believe the time of great cleansing and earth changes is upon us. While not Christian, there is no reason to think that God wouldn't give accurate prophecies through native people groups too.

In His Truth
Numerous words of prophecy through Stephen Hanson.

.Armageddon Books
A great source for prophecy books at 10% off, videos, and numerous prophecy links.

A Brief Look at Tomorrow
Combines Bible prophecies and Nostradamus quatrains into a unique look at end-times events. Lots of articles, plus a forum.

Consuming Fire Prophetic Network by Chad Taylor
Many words of prophecy, stories, audio, links.
  Prophecies - Jouko Piho in Finland
A new prophecy website from Finland. Interesting prophecies about the future WW3, and specifically oriented towards Finland, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Prophecies, Visions, Occurrences, and Dreams
Raymond Aguilera's site with hundreds of prophecies.
  Visions and Prophecies From the Mountain
Many modern prophecies, divided into 6 books. It has been brought to my attention that some past prophecies from the author did not come to pass (just so you know).
Prophecy Central: Ron Graff
Prophecy puzzle, newsletter, interesting articles, lots of links.


He Is Near...
Has extensive links to news articles that may be related to prophecy, and many categories of prophecy related articles.

The Holy Ghost Fire Cyberspace Church
Words of prophecy, articles, online church, great looking site.


.His Own Page
Words of prophecy, visit the Treasure Chest.

The Watchman
A whole slew of great prophecy articles and essays by Greg Killian. No fear in delving into prophecy topics that others avoid. Messianic Jewish views.


Daniel's 70th Week
Many articles on prophecy subjects - relevant material.

New Zealand Revival Bulletin
Good graphics, many excellent prophecies & articles by a number of authors, & extensive links.
  The Saints Home Page
Pre-wrath articles, Day of the Lord, and many other topics.
Hand of Help Ministries
Dumitru Duduman's website containing his extensive prophecies and those of others. New book soon with all Dumitru's prophecies given before his passing.
  Prophecy in the News
J.R. Church's prophecy site with some articles. Info on his many books and other offerings.



Solomon's Temple (was Ezekiel's Vision same as)
Architect show's a different design of Solomon's Temple and that of the millennial Temple.


Bible Truth Ministry
Pre-wrath rapture proofs, Day of the Lord, general evangelism articles, and more by Evangelist Larry Wolfe.

Free online prophecy newsletter, & prophecy articles from numerous authors. Torah code archives (old stuff).


All the Good News of Bible Prophecy
Many prophecy articles, pre-millennial and pre-trib in viewpoint.

Prophecy 360
Articles, video teaching, and weekly podcasts of Pastor Samuel Lizarraga.


Lamb & Lion Ministries
Prophecy articles, many on very controversial subjects.

Temple Mount & Land of Israel Faithful Movement
Gershon Solomon heads this group dedicated to building a Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. newsletter.


Doomsgate 2002
Proposes that instead of 70 weeks=490 years, it's 622 years, by Mike Kelly.

Restoring the Vision
An interesting site with free online book. A different look at end-time events by Vern Kuenzi.


End Time Phenomena
Articles on prophecy, doctrinal considerations, mark of the beast, signs of the times. Also modern prophecies, message boards, and more.

Last Days Mystery
Videos, slide shows and articles on the end-times from a post-trib viewpoint by Richard Perry. Convinced end times started in 2001.


Rapture Research Website
Aaron Kluge has assembled pages of links to many sites on all the different rapture teachings.

Watchman Prophecy Alert News
Extensive articles on Christian life and prophecy, blog of current news, and sermon audios by Evangelist Dana G. Smith


International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
News & articles about Israel. Hard hitting editorials.

Abba's Watchman: End Times Prophecy
Extensive commentary on current events related to scriptural prophecies and some modern prophecies.
Stan Deyo's new website from Colorado. Bible prophecy, Hopi Indian prophecy, and more on strange events taking place. Says, "I'm not Nostradeyo."

His Name is Yahweh
A website showing evidence of the name of God removed from most Bibles; and scriptural evidence on why removing His name is not a good thing.

The End is Near!
Articles on prophecy & more. Investigates timing of the rapture and end times.
  Perry Stone Ministries
Articles, prophecies, and commentary in a large website. Perry is a well known Evangelist .

The Prophecy Club
Lots of DVDs/videos by many teachers, and you can listen to past radio shows online.


Logos Apostolic Church in U.K. Bible Studies
Lots of articles by Pastor Roy Page in England. He has a tradtional posttrib rapture view.

The Sacred Calendar
From Scotland, Jewish calendar, & articles .


Grizzly Adams Productions website
Produces many TV shows with a Christian or Bible basis.

Torah Educational Software
Largest distributor of Hebrew language and Torah software, in New York. Software for learning Hebrew, commentaries, Bible Scholar program & much more. (Orthodox Jewish)

Computronic--Bible Code Software
Israeli company who makes Keys to the Bible, Bible Codes 2000 Bible codes programs, and Super Milon/Jerusalem Dictionary program, plus many more.

  International Fellowship of Christians & Jews
Their ON WINGS OF EAGLES is fulfilling prophecy by bringing Jews from Russia etc, back to Israel. Promotes Jewish and Christian fellowship and coordinated actions.

Revelation Truth
Pastor Daniel Blair hosts this website which includes articles on christian living, sermons on various topics, and a chat forum. Traditional posttribulation view.

Grant Jeffrey's website
He's sold a lot of good prophecy books, and is a long time teacher on prophecy and apologetics.

Power of Prophecy: Ministry of Texe Marrs
Articles by Texe Marrs and radio show.

  The Open Scroll
Extensive articles and teaching. Has a unique theory on the rapture, Bob Schlenker.

Jack Van Impe Ministries
Articles, newsletters, & FAQs on prophecy.

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