Web Portal for 3 Excellent and Interesting Websites

Prophecy Truths Website

Prophecy Truths is a large website with many unique articles and modern prophecies. Entirely biblically based, some articles challenge assumptions and provide compelling evidence. Sections include the rapture, the Bible code, when Jesus really was born (not Dec. 25), prophecies of a future war, what day of the week Jesus was crucified (not on a Friday), Israel's Feast Days as prophecy, the 3rd Temple, how close we are to prophetic end-time events, and even a mathematical solution for Pi in the Bible. Other recent articles are:

  • New vs. Old Covenant: Specifically, How Does Each Impact Man's Spirit, Soul And Body?
  • Divine Name of God (YHVH) in the New Testament (compelling evidence)
  • Sin Nature of Mankind: Real or Imputed--Creationism or Traducianism?
  • Nature of God article
  • Nature of Man article (with Part 2 on Counter-Arguments)

Codes in the Bible Website

Codes in the Bible is entirely dedicated to research of the Bible code. It is replete with Bible code matrices from researchers all over the world, hosted by Roy A. Reinhold who has appeared on 7 TV shows on the codes, and has intriguing articles explaining Bible code concepts and future developments. See why the skeptics are completely wrong and why they themselves have a biased agenda. All the material is free and far more than in any book on the Bible code. The site includes Message Boards with discussions on Bible codes and current events related to modern and biblical prophecies.

Bible Code Software Shopping

We offer the world's 2 best Bible Code software programs (ranked #1 and #2 in rigorous comparisons) and provide top-notch technical support to customers. Also offered is Jerusalem Dictionary, a deluxe Hebrew dictionary/thesaurus program useful in Bible codes research. We have 3 Bible Code-related books and a software program for a completely new research area of musically encoding in the Hebrew text of the Torah/Tanach. Our choice is to limit our offerings to only  a few items that are the best and at good prices.